What Curtains Go with Beige Walls? (13 Best Ideas & Pictures)

Considering what curtains go with beige walls should not be a hard task to do. This color is neutral and simple, so it is quite easy to match with any kind of design and style.

This option is great because it can make the room feel calm and relaxing. However, you can also make it look pop out more by choosing the right curtains.

Here are some designs and colors that go with beige walls that are worth trying.

What curtains that go with beige walls? Check these 13 ideas and pictures


One of the best colors that go with beige walls is surely white. It does not only fit in any design but also makes the area look cleaner, bigger, and brighter.

Just make sure to choose the right design of the curtain to get a simple yet glamorous interior.

1. The Airy Sheer Curtains

What Curtains Go with Beige Walls?

The first option for curtains that go with beige walls is the airy sheer. It is light, simple, clean, and stunning.

Besides, it gives an airy aesthetic breeze into the room. However, thin materials might not give much privacy to space.

2. Pearl Sheen

What Curtains Go with Beige Walls?

One of the curtains for the beige living room is pearl sheen. With its shining color, it will make the room look glamorous and expensive.

The pearl sheen is also perfect for homeowners who want to make their room look taller. Just place the curtain above the window or right under the ceiling.

Brown and Beige

Beige is one of the shades that come from brown, which makes them quite similar but not the same.

However, combining these two colors would be excellent and stunning. Moreover, they create a seamless appearance.

3. Tie-Back Panels

What Curtains Go with Beige Walls?

Those who like classical looks should try the tie-back panel. This design works well as a curtain on a window and a decoration to the room.

To get this look, just tie the curtains to the side. Using the same fabric and shade for the rope will be the best.

4. Floor-Length Beige Curtains

The next inspiration for curtains that go with beige walls is the elegant floor-length design. For this model, you can use the same color as the paintings or darken the shade a bit.

5. Same Color Curtains

curtain color for beige walls

Why not use the same curtain color for beige walls? If you are using a light color tone, then blending them will make the room look soft and relaxing.

To avoid a dull room, put some soft colors inside. Trying to add some small plants or accessories to make things pretty.

6. Curtain Track

curtain color for beige walls

The curtain track is not always delightful for the interior room. That is why, in this option, it is hidden usually in the ceiling.

With the unobtrusive look, it would create a seamless and even more elegant space.

7. The Luxury Puddling Curtains

curtain color for beige walls

The next answer for what curtains go with beige walls is the puddling design. To get this effect you need at least 6 inches more fabric than the normal length. This way, it can pool over the floor.

8. Tab Top Panels

curtain color for beige walls

Like tiebacks, the tab top panels also allow us to keep it neat and tied up. This style is considered as a decorative accent instead of a functional item.

What makes it different is the fabric loops on the top that you will use to slide the curtain rod.

9. Apron Length

If you are wondering what curtains go with beige walls, then try apron lengthThis style precisely does not let it touch the ground.

It usually gives a few inches from the floor, where it could avoid getting it dirty and dusty.

10. Pinch Pleat Top

There are many techniques on how to install the curtains. One of the examples is the pinch pleat top.

With this styling, on the top, the fabric is pinched together. As for the rest of the part, it will follow the creasing shape.


Another curtain color for beige walls is pink. This is a great option for those who want a popping room but with soft colors.

11. Two Tones

Two Tones Pink Curtain for beige wall

The beige walls would combine perfectly and nicely with a bright pink curtain. Accompany it with a panel that comes in the same color of the backdrop as the medium.

Furthermore, the room could be cheerful but still calming at the same time.

Cream and Light Yellow

When putting cream, light yellow, and beige aside they might look alike, since the tones are the same. However, every color is different, so it will make a great combination.

12. Floral Design

Floral Design curtains

If you are still considering curtains that go with beige walls, then try the floral design. This style will be great for people who love vintage and girly interiors.

Dark Gray and Black

A bold color such as dark gray or black is also a great option.

It defines the room but is still warm. Also, it shows the contrast between the backdrop and the window.

13. Dark Colors

 dark color curtains

Another contrast color that can go well with beige walls is black and grey. Using these hues can frame the room and make it look more alive.

In conclusion, the ideas on what curtains go with beige walls are various and exciting. Whatever option you choose from the inspiration above, it would look great.

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