How to Cool A Room With No Windows [13 Effective Ways]

Whenever a room without windows becomes very hot, there has to be a way of cooling it down in order to ensure you are comfortable. Through windows, air can come into your room. However, the problem is that such isn’t the case for a room without windows.

During the summer months, your space can become uncomfortable due to the heat. However, all of these can change if you can find a way of having it cooled down. The good part is that there are many methods you can adopt to make this happen today.

This post will be revealing these ideas below.

13 Powerful Ways For Cooling A Room Without Windows

1. Ceiling fan installation

How to cool a room with no windows

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways of making air circulate in a room that doesn’t have windows. As it is moving air in such room, heat will be reduced to its barest minimum. Whenever you tend to be inside a room that is hot, your body will contain stagnant heat. Through the use of a ceiling fan, the heat will be jostled thereby making your body feeling cooler.

One of the benefits of installing a ceiling fan is that the room will become more comfortable for you to stay in. Apart from being effective when it comes to air circulation around your home, it can be easily installed.

2. Installation of through-the-wall AC

How to Cool A Room With No Windows - through the wall air conditioner

This form of AC tends to work in a similar manner to a window unit. The only difference is that it has been manufactured to vent through your wall rather than a window. In order for it to be vented as expected, ensure that the wall doesn’t lead to any interior part of your building.

As compared to central air conditioners, units like these are more effective in saving energy. The best part is that even without windows in your room, they can make such space to be cool. As a matter of fact, these are a better option when it comes to cooling a room without windows. The room temperature will be cooler than the one with windows.

3. Setting up a Portable Evaporative Cooler

These are highly energy-efficient despite being very affordable. When it comes to making a room cooler, they can be very effective. In dry climates, this will be perfect. It works in a simple way. For instance, the warm air is taken and run through its wet cooler pads. After that, it will start blowing cooler air via a vent. In simple terms, it takes the hot air in your room and turns it into something cool. In case you want it to become a cool air mist, just add ice or water.

With the use of a box fan as well as ice, it is possible to have a homemade version created. Just have a bowl filled with ice and get it placed in front of your fan. You will be amazed at how this can cool the air in your room.

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4. Using two fans

Two fans can be very effective when it comes to circulating and removing hot air. Based on findings from studies, it has been discovered that hot air can rise. However, when your room doesn’t have windows, the air will become still.

The trick here is to have one fan blowing towards your ceiling. The other should be blowing towards the doorway. Through this, the hot air will be removed from your room thereby helping to ensure it becomes cool.

Furthermore, box fans or free-standing fans can be as effective as ceiling fans in a room without windows. As the air is circulating, there won’t be stagnant air in your room. This produces some cooling effects.

5. Turning off your lights and appliances

The majority of your appliances can produce heat while working. As a device is using more energy, that is how it will be producing more heat. In case you are living in a room without windows, it is recommended to have lights and appliances turned off once they aren’t being used.

Leaving them on can be very tempting. However, the implication is that it can make your space to be hot. Unless these appliances are being used, they should be turned off.

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6. Closing your doors

Whenever your doors are closed, spaces are being isolated. If your room doesn’t have windows, ensure your doors remain closed. Also, lights should be turned off. Once your door is left open, it becomes warmer due to the light that will be coming from outside. Ensure that your door is kept closed until when you are inside the room.

7. Extending your HVAC system

If you’ve got a central AC, adding your windowless room to such a system will not be a bad idea. Although vents and ducts may be required, the process is easy when your house has been set up already. Being able to extend your HVAC system simply implies that you have succeeded in making your room cooler even without windows.

8. Installation of ductless air conditioner

With a ductless air conditioner, you will enjoy all the benefits of having cool air. The best part is that there won’t be any need for duct. An indoor piece and outer door piece will need to be installed. These can be connected using a refrigerant tube as well as electrical wiring.

The indoor unit can be mounted on your wall. However, such a connection will be complete by having to go through your walls. This is the only way it can get connected to the outdoor unit.

9. Purchase a portable AC

This option isn’t that effective since the portable AC still needs to get vented to the outdoors. However, it can still help to a great extent. A place where the hot air will be sent to is needed.

If there is a wall in such a windowless room that goes outside, you can make use of a hose in having it installed to the outside. With this, such portable AC will work perfectly.

10. Lowering your body temperature

It is possible to lower your body temperature using several means. This will ensure your room is cool even without windows being installed. For instance, these could be through drinking cool drinks and wearing light-colored clothing.

Also, you can take a shower. This will help in lowing your body temperature thereby making your room feel cooler.

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11. Covering your furniture using clean sheets

It is possible to cover your couch using cotton sheets that are clean. When sheets are stored inside a closet that is cool, such can make your room cooler.

In case the room has a bed, ensure it is dressed every day. Also, avoid using fleece or flannel. Instead, make use of cotton sheets that are clean to make the room cooler.

12. Turning on your bathroom fan

This is recommended when your room that is windowless is adjoined to a bathroom. Open the door of your bathroom and have its fan turned on. This is going to help in ensuring that hot air is pulled out from the room. Using this technique, be rest assured that there will be better circulation of air in your room.

13. Planting bushes outside your home

This may sound weird but it has a way of making your room cooler. The bushes should be planted along the outside of your room’s wall. Through this, the sun will not be able to penetrate the walls. It means the room is protected from heat. So long as your exterior doesn’t absorb too much heat, you can always expect the room to be cool.

Cooling a room without windows – Is this really possible?

how to cool a room with no windows

Cooling a room without windows is possible. It only depends on understanding how this can be done. For instance, without an AC installed, it is possible to adopt other strategies.

There are some benefits you can experience in a windowless room though. For instance, the sun will not penetrate into the room. In case you don’t know, the sunray can make a room very hot. Therefore, when there is no window, it can become cooler.

There are different types of AC (air conditioning) systems you can choose to install. It all depends on the size of your budget and the amount of work which you would like to be done. In case the other parts of your house have HVAC, connecting your windowless room to such a system won’t be a bad idea.

Also, there are portable AC and ductless options to explore. Fans can prove to be useful in various ways. One thing to always remember is that cooling your room involves having air circulated and removing the hot air which is close to your ceiling. It is possible to bring the air down using fans after which it will be gotten rid of from the room.

Drinking cold drinks and taking a shower can prove helpful too. Once you finish taking a hot shower, the air will become cooler inside your room.

Also, ensure that lights and appliances have been turned off especially whenever they aren’t being used. This is because they will produce more heat thereby making your room to be very warm. One thing you can do to avoid this problem is using LED bulbs. These produce less heat as compared to other bulbs.

The lights should only be turned on whenever they are needed. Also, ensure your doors are always closed. This will prevent sunlight from penetrating into your room and making it warm. Doors should only be opened when you are around. Methods like these will help to ensure your room remains cool even without windows being installed.

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