How to Remove a Stripped Allen Screw from a Faucet (Complete Guide)

To neatly hold the parts of a faucet in place, we usually use Allen screws. Then anytime that when we end up with stripped faucet screws and we are unable to use normal screwdrivers to take off the screws.

Therefore, which method best demonstrates how to take off a stripped Allen screw from the faucet? Keep on reading to discover the answers in this simple DIY guide.

For you to successfully effect some repairs on a faucet, you should get rid faucet’s screws. A simple method of doing this is to get a screwdriver with a Torx head.

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Get your hammer to push the screwdriver’s head inside. The Torx head screwdriver will be used to ensure that the stripped Allen screw is properly gripped.

You should be able to drill. Keep on reading to discover the details.

Removing a stripped Allen Screw from Faucet

If you need to know how to take off a stripped Allen screw from a faucet, follow these steps.

1. Get together all the needed tools to extract the stripped screw away from your faucet

You will be needing several important tools, to help you get rid of the stripped screw. If you are a DIYer, then these tools may be already in your home tool cabinet.

The tools you need

  • Hammer
  • The adjustable wrench/locking pliers
  • The power drill tool
  • Screw extractors
  • Metallic drill bit

The above-mentioned tools all have their various uses when getting rid of the stripped screw

2. Looking for a suitable screw extractor size

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Firstly, you should get the ideal screw size for your screw extractor which will match you’re the screw head you plan on removing. Typically, we have various screw extractor sizes in the set for screw extractors.

These extractors are in various sizes and come in a set for screw extractors. This means it is easy to choose the machine you need. Your screw extractor set can easily be found around nearby stores or online.

3. Get the proper power drill tool and metallic drill bit sizes

After getting the right screw extractor size, you must now look for a suitable metallic drill bit size. Now you will have to get your power drill.

It is essential to use the best drill that makes you comfortable. Now, insert the metallic drill bit inside the power tool drill.

Grip the metallic drill bit by its screw head. Ensure that you put the metallic drill bit in the central location of the head of your screw.

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4. Get the drill to make a pit onto the screw

Activate your power drill tool and drill up approximately 6.5 mm of the pit. Soon as you create a hole inside the screw, pull the metallic drill bit off the screw by reversing the motion.

This is an important step since you should ensure that you bore the accurate hole size by using the drilling tool.

Otherwise, if you have the wrong matching screw extractor as well as the wrong hole size, your screw extractor will find it difficult to get into the open hole.

5. Get your screw extractor to go deep down the hole for the screw

Now get your screw extractor, and insert this into the hole which you created earlier. Get a hammer for this to ensure that your screw extractors are properly inserted into the prepared hole.

When there is a slightly bigger screw extractor size, you will need to take off your screw extractor to deepen the size of the hole. Ensure that your screw extractor is tightly placed on the hole of your screw.

6. Take off the stripped Allen screw by using your adjustable wrench

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This is the last step. You shall be needing the adjustable wrench. Put the adjustable wrench on the crown of your screw extractor. Before taking off the wrench, ensure that it has been tightened to stop it from getting displaced.

Then, you will have to turn the wrench to move in the anti-clockwise direction. The moment that you begin to rotate the adjustable tool wrench, then the stripped screw will begin to gradually come off the faucet.

The moment that you are done reading this comprehensive guide, you should know how to get rid of the stripped screw in the home instead of using a professional.

To ensure that you are successful here, you shall be needing the proper tools. People with the correct tools will find this technique simple.

How to Remove a Stripped Set Screw?

For you to remove a stripped set screw, you should put some rubber band on the stripped screw. This will be used for creating a suitable grip. You should then put a screwdriver on your rubber band. You should then turn it anti-clockwise to get the screw off.

Your screw extractor can also be used for this.ArtisanShow 5PCS Double Side Damaged Screw Extractor Drill Bits Broken Screw Bolt Remover Set and Universal Socket Grip Ratchet Wrench Portable Power Drill Adapter Repair Tools Gift for Machinist

You will need the choose the proper size for your screw extractor. Next, you will need to put the correct size of your screw extractor while you remove a stripped set screw.

How to Remove a Rusted Screw with No Head

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If you plan to take off any rusted screw, then you should get this rusted screw loosened with heating. To stop it from getting caught in fire, get a rag soaked in the degreaser. Wipe this on the rusted metallic screws. Get a hairdryer tool and use this tool to apply sufficient heat to the screws.

Get a hairdryer and apply enough heat on the screws then wait for the screws to begin smoking. Immediately the smoke begins to come out, try to get the area soaked in cold water.

A wet rag or a garden hose can be used for this. The reason you should first heat the screw before letting it cool down is for it to first expand before it can contract.

This should be done a minimum of three times, based on the level of rust in the screw. The screw should be sufficiently loose to be removed with the hands.

How you can remove a damaged/broken screw?

The first thing to do here is to get the screw extractor.

Then with the use of the power drill tool, make a hole around the screw. Select a metallic drill bit with a relatively smaller size in comparison with the screw’s head.

Your screw extractor with the help of a drill should be pushed inside the screwed hole. Next, you will have to get the adjustable wrench to turn the extractor in the counter-clockwise direction.


These are the different types of information needed in getting rid of the stripped and the broken screw. If you use suitable tools, you can successfully remove the screws. You should emphasize choosing suitably sized screw extractors.

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