20 Best Small Living Room Decor Ideas On A Budget (with Photos)

You can save a fortune to make a wonderful space by using some living room decorations on a budget.

Thus, for a small living room, the decoration should not be the main attraction of the space. It is better to keep your decorative pieces in a minimal portion.

Furthermore, there are some ways to fill up the space without even making it is full. One of them is playing with colors and patterns, for example.

Therefore, you may check out these cozy living room ideas on a budget that would be a perfect inspiration for your small living room.

20 Best Small Living Room Decor Ideas On A Budget (with Photos)

1. Patterned Wall Art

Patterned Wall Art

Indeed, a simple monochromatic pattern can add interest to an empty wall. Hence, just attach a floating shelf and lean some framed pattern to the wall.

2. Orange & White Wall

Orange & White Wall - Living Room Decor Ideas on A Budget

Contrast color can also be one of the cheap decorating ideas for the living room. Thus, you do not need to add any more decor.

Then, just mix and match with color. However, there is always a chance to add the houseplants and those unique pendants.

3. Bicycle as Decor

Bicycle as Decor - Living Room Decor

Obviously, it is a big focal point of this living room. Likewise, the bicycle is a unique choice of decor for any room. Further, it certainly shows the personal style of the owner.

4. Wall-Painted Artwork

Wall-Painted Artwork - Living Room Decor Ideas

Take a look at this colorful living room. Also, the yellow sofa makes the space so energetic.

Meanwhile, the artwork on the wall also steals attention. It shows you how to decorate your living room on a low budget with colors.

5. Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern - Living Room Decorating Ideas

Despite the colorful mid-century furniture set in this living room, there is a bunch of framed pictures on the background wall.

Moreover, it is a simple addition that will not absorb the whole attention.

6. Geometric Wall Art

Geometric Wall Art - Living Room Ideas On A Budget

This geometric art is certainly a great choice of living room decorations on a budget. Besides, it would add a splash of color to your empty wall.

7. Minimal Decor for Living Room

Minimal Decor for Living Room

Keeping the decor minimal is one way to deal with a small living room. As you can see, the wall is already filled with functional elements in this space.

Thereupon, only one painting is needed to decor the room.

8. Floor to Ceiling Curtain

 Floor to Ceiling Curtain - Small Living Room Decor Ideas on A Budget

Install a long curtain that hangs from the ceiling to the floor. Hence, it would be a nice touch for your small living room.

Meanwhile, right above the TV set, there is a floating cabinet. Additionally, it would keep the room away from clutter.

9. High Ceiling Living Room

High Ceiling Living Room

When the ceiling is high, hanging decor items would be the best piece to have, for instance. As you see, this small living room has two big light pendants and it fills up the air.

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10. Pictures on Green Wall

Pictures on Green Wall - Small Living Room Decor

Alternatively, painting the wall green in any room would feel different. It also adds an element of nature to the living room.

Moreover, decorate it with white-colored pictures for contrast.

11. Tropical Sitting Area

Tropical Sitting Area - Living Room

This one is not an actual living room. It is more like a sitting area to enjoy a bright afternoon while reading a book.

Furthermore, the green paints and plants certainly make great accents to this greyish space.

12. Living Room Without Window

Living Room Without Window

This living room is more like a studio because there is no window. Thus, in order to fill up the vertical space, the shelf is the key.

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13. Living Room in The Attic

Living Room in The Attic

It seems like the sloped ceiling is the main attraction of this room. Likewise, the setup is very simple and the combination of earthy colors is fabulous.

14. Potted Pines

Potted Pines - Living Room Decor Ideas

Indeed, any houseplant can work well with a small living room. So, this specific type is something to consider, right?

15. Geometric Light Pendants

Geometric Light Pendants - Living Room Decor Ideas

As you can see, right above the coffee table, there is a big hanging pendant. Thus, it offers a unique touch for a living room.

Besides, it gets the balance right from patterned elements around the space.

16. Living Room with Fireplace

iving Room with Fireplace

A fireplace is a classic element of a living room. If you have one, it can still be the focal point of the space. Moreover, right above it, place a decorative picture if necessary.

17. Bright Colored Scene

Bright Colored Scene

Check out this colorful living room. The paneling background that goes with the blue sofa is just wonderful. Also, the colored pillows make everything comes together.

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18. Iconic Decor on Wall

Iconic Decor on Wall - Living Room Wall Decor

A touch of traditional in this bold-colored living room is out of this world. Further, it certainly gives an impressive scene to the indoors.

19. Vintage Living Room

Vintage Living Room Decor

This living room is full of color, thanks to the plaid patterned fabric on the carpet, pillows, and sofa. Therefore, it is a perfect choice to fill up the space in style.

20. Free-Standing Lamp

 Free-Standing Lamp

It is a stunning set of designs in this living room. The Scandinavian style is just very attractive. Moreover, that free-standing lamp is the one that attracts your attention, right?


To conclude, those ideas of living room decorations on a budget would save your money for sure. If you’re looking for more information on living room and home decor, check out these posts:

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