What Curtains Go with Green Walls? [Types & Colors]

Grass or moss color is a fresh hue that people can use as the main painting for their interior. Since the tone is bold, it is important to consider curtains that go with green walls.

Curtains or blinds are an important element of the house. These pretty pieces function as decoration.

Also, these items will set the tone for the whole room. They also function to filter natural lights that can sometimes bedazzle.

With the various options of colors and types, it can be quite confusing. Here are some recommendations for curtains that go with green walls.

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White Curtain That Goes With Green Walls?

A timeless and classic color that will never go wrong, even combined with other hues is white. This tone becomes a great option for people who prefer something light and cozy.

To make sure that it doesn’t get too boring, here are some options for design and how to hang them:

Wispy White Sheer

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The first option for curtains that go with green walls is wispy white sheer. This shade is a great option because it upgrades the look without filling up the room.

If you do not want the room to look too plain, add some metallic elements such as lamps and tables.

Green plants can also freshen the whole place. However, just ensure that the plantations do not take up too much space.

White Curtains with Patterns

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One of the curtains for a green room that is also simple is patterned white. It is almost like a wispy sheer; however, the interesting patterns can elevate the aesthetic of the room.

The patterns on the curtain can be a simple decoration to the room but not make it too crowded. Moreover, it can still make the place look warm and bright.

Tab Top Sheers

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If you are wondering about curtains for green walls for a country-style home, the answer is white tab top sheers.

In this model, there are no tabs, because it is substituted with the exposed loops on the above fabric.

Interestingly, this kind of sheer cannot easily shift. However, you can still tie the sheers to the side and get some shining from the sun without ruining the curtain.

Bottom Piled

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The next model of curtains for a green room is the bottom piled. Like its name, the focus of this design is to let the bottom part of the fabric stack up. Further, it can enhance an elegant look.

Cotton Curtain with Green Wall

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One of the living room curtains for a green wall is certainly white cotton. This fabric is a great option because it can create both a modern and natural atmosphere inside the house.

If you decide to choose this design, try adding some natural wood elements to the room.

Green Curtain with Green Walls

Well, why not try the same color but with different tones? This way, both can stand out differently.

Plaid Kelly Green Curtain

Plaid Kelly Green CurtainsPin

For a touch of classical design, try using the plaid Kelly-green curtain in the living room. They are a unique model of curtains that can match the wooden flooring.

The key to using these green curtains is to make sure that the height from the floor to the ceiling is quite high. Therefore, it can make your window look tall.

Dark Green Hunter

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Well, try out the dark hunter. Overall, this hue is like the green forest color, however, it is a bit darker and has a slight gray tint in it.

If you decide to use this design, try combining the walls with white too. This will freshen the look of the room and feel more like living in nature.

Emerald Green

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The next option for green curtains is emerald. This type of hue is also dark; however, the tone is lighter than the hunter.

Even though it is a dark color, you can use this hue to design a cute room. To elevate the design, ensure to use of high-quality fabrics such as velvet or cotton.

Other Color Options

If you want to create a bold living room, then why not try using contrast hues for the curtains? Sometimes two contrasting colors can blend in together and create a new design.


Yakamok Room Darkening Gray Blackout Curtains Thermal Insulated Grommet Curtain Panels for Bedroom, 52W x 84L, Grey, 2 Panels, 2 Tie Backs IncludedPin

Let us start with something safe like silt gray. For a second, this color looks a bit like brown. Otherwise, it will go well with a green wall.

Ruby Red

ECLIPSE Kendall Modern Blackout Thermal Rod Pocket Window Curtain for Bedroom or Living Room (1 Panel), 42" x 84", RubyPin

Red is one of the curtains for lemon green walls. The combination of these two colors will surely make your room pop out and look unique.

However, if you want something softer, you can create an oriental-themed room with ruby red and green emerald.

Mustard Yellow

SINGINGLORY Yellow Blackout Curtains for Bedroom Living Room, 42 x 84 Inches Long Curtains Panels Set of 2 Linen Textured Thermal Insulated Grommet Window Curtains (42x84 Inch, Mustard Yellow)Pin

What curtains go with green walls and can still look unique? Try using mustard yellow other than the shining tones.

Even though these two are very contrast, they blend very nicely and even create a soft hue. Just do not overuse other bold tones in the same room.

Above all, choosing curtains for the house can be tricky. Therefore, before choosing the color and design, determine the room design.

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