How to Stop French Doors Blowing In The Wind

French doors are the ultimate choice for most people to accentuate the look of the house and make your house just the perfect annunciation of the fairytale that you always had. The French doors are not only beautiful but also a perfect touch of elegance can be easily added to these doors. Also, a great source of natural lighting can enter your house with these French doors without any doubt.

For anyone looking for the ultimate perfect and classic-looking doors, these French doors have to be the perfect optimal choice that one comes up for.

But do you know what the problem is? The French doors installed in your house towards the exterior make the entrance even more elegant and appealing. Then, you would know how difficult it is to keep these doors closed and stop them from blowing in the wind.

The robust gust of wind can easily open the door, and that is not it. You will find the French doors blowing in the wind very easily. But do you have any idea how to the French doors from blowing in the wind?

How to Stop French Doors Blowing In The Wind

How to Stop French Doors Blowing In The Wind?

We do have a few solutions that you can use without compromising on the aesthetics of the door and still keep the house looking elegant and classy.

Some of the simple ways include changing the glass of the French door, or you can also change the hardware to ensure that the doors do not break and cause any safety breach.

Let’s talk about a few of the foolproof ways that you can use to stop the French doors from blowing in the wind. It might require some professional help, by saving the door from breaking and blowing into the wind is always better.

1. Locking System

The perfect and easiest option is to use the locking system that will lock the door in place. Usually, for French doors, it is best to use that three-point locking system that works for almost all the doors and will ensure that the door stays in place.

The normal locks only hold the two doors in place, but the 3 point locking system does not only hold the doors in place but there is a steel rod also available that secures the doors properly.

2. You can also use the quality mortise lock

A mortise lock is not a common option, but it works in most ways. The mortise lock mechanism works in a way that it uses the opposite door as the pocket for the locking mechanism. It is a lot more reliable and durable to use.

However, people avoid using this one because of the cost and installation issues. You will require a professional locksmith to install this mortise lock for your door. Also, the look of this lock is comparatively traditional, which not a lot of people want.

3. Changing the Hinges can be good

Some of the reasons why your door is blowing open in the wind are because of the loose Hinges. This can happen when the hens have been in use for a very long time.

Therefore it is important that you change the Hinges rather than change the lock. When the door is installed towards the interior of the house, you might not need to have the lock for security, but you might need to change the Hinges to ensure that it is not blowing open.

The Sum of doors cannot be removed easily, which is the reason why you will require professional help with these Hinges. Usually, all the Hinges work in the same manner, but in some cases, the quality and the functioning are comparatively better than the old and loose Hinges.

4. Close one door permanently

When both of the dolls are functional, and you are using both that were at the same time, it is a lot more likely to blow in the wind. When you are closing one of the doors permanently, the force of the wind will be a lot less, and it will ensure that both the doors stay in place.

Not only will it enhance security and safety, but it will also make sure that the wind does not break the glass of the door.

5. Doorstops can be used as well

A doorstop can be a good option for sure, and it can also provide you with an easy fix. But this one is not the best option if you think of a long-term solution.

Most professionals do not recommend the doorstop method to keep Windows from blowing in the wind.

The thing about the doorstop is that when your door is closed, these door stops can be a tripping hazard at night or even in broad daylight.

6. Change the Glass of the French Door

Since you know that the French doors blue easily in the wind, the best bet is to have the glass changed. You can install impact-resistant glass into the doors so that it does not break the door.

People often choose impact resistance glass because not only is it comparatively heavier but also safe and secure to use.

This can be comparatively expensive but perfect for keeping the aesthetics of the French door intact and also securing the door properly.


The simplest and the easiest fix is to change the Hinges of the door to stay in place. You can also change the lock. Changing the lock and the Hinges are professionally recommended options.

These are also comparatively budget-friendly and will not cost you a lot of money. However, if you are open to spending more money, you can always get impact-resistant glass installed on the doors.

So now you no longer have to worry about your doors blowing open due to wind. The security breach is no longer an issue if you are getting the new locks and Hinges. So what are you waiting for? Ensure that the doors are safe and secure and do not blow due to wind.

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