6 Ways To Light A Living Room With No Overhead Lighting

You move into a new place and are ecstatic to be there, but you overlooked one small detail in your excitement: there’s no overhead lighting. Not a problem.

Here is a rundown of ways to get a fair amount of light in a room so you can forget all about those missing overhead lamps.

How to Light Living Room With No Overhead Lighting

How to Light Living Room With No Overhead Lighting

1. Floor Lamps & Mirrors


Mirrors are reflective, we all know that, but did you know they can reflect small amounts of light and make it seem brighter? They can, and this is the first step to give a nice amount of light to a room since it is possibly one of the cheapest options.

For this, you don’t need a particularly large mirror but where you place it matters. If you put a mirror in the corner of a room with a floor lamp, you’ll only get a fraction of the range of light while increasing the intensity.

A corner is perfect for creating a cozy reading nook, but if you’re looking for something more mellow, try putting the mirror and the lamp in the center of the room.

This will allow the light to bounce off the mirror and spread where it pleases around the room without the barriers of impassable objects. It also looks super classy and gives a softer ambiance than corner lighting.

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2. Small Lamps or Sconces


Small lamps are good for hitting certain areas with varying degrees of intensity and putting these around specific areas of a room gives it a nice romantic look. It may not be practical for a big family or a large room, but to offset that you can always go with wall sconces.

Sconces are wall-specific lights that focus light upwards rather than down or outwards. The light reflects off nearby objects to give low-intensity lighting around a room.

They’re great if you don’t like high-intensity or bright light. They are great for calling attention to a particular part of the house or painting.

3. Decorative Floor Lamps


Floor lamps may be a bit pricey depending on where you shop but they are the go-to when replacing or missing overhead lighting.

Average height floor lamps typically stand at around five to six feet tall so they are perfect for getting lots of light at different angles. Floor lamps come in a variety of different styles and can brighten up the banalest of decors, literally.

4. Arc Floor Lamps


Arc floor lamps are perfect if you have lots of space since they provide nice domes of light that carry all around the room.

However, if you’re lacking in space it would be best to go with something smaller as arc lamps are quite large and take up a fair amount of space. They typically stand at 6 feet and can go up to around 8 feet tall.

5. Battery Powered Lights


If you’re a bit sensitive to the cost of the electric bill each time payday comes around, then battery-powered lights are the next best step.

They come in many different styles from wall-mountable to freestanding lamps and one of the benefits of battery-powered lights is they don’t need wiring, so they are perfect for those lacking in DIY skills.

The only downside to battery-powered lights is they tend not to be very bright or they need the batteries replacing through constant use.

However, they are perfect for small rooms because the wall-mountable version saves floor and table space, and the low wattage will do just fine in a smaller room whereas larger rooms may need more than a few to create adequate light.

6. String Lights


String lights are pretty but somewhat impractical for some. They are not strip lighting that has an adhesive backing but instead require putting hooks into the ceiling and hanging lights from them.

However, if you’re renting, you might want to check with your landlord first whether they allow this or not. On the upside, it creates a nice atmosphere and will dazzle your neighbors when they come around but upkeep can be a small issue when it comes time to replace a blown bulb.

Hopefully, the above, ideas will help you solve your overhead lamp problems and make you feel at home in no time.

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