How To Hang Curtains In A Rental Apartment – Quick & Easy Installation

When you rent an apartment, oftentimes the windows come without curtains. Also, installing curtains in an apartment you are renting comes with certain issues.

Since you need drapes for privacy reasons, you would have to damage your rental’s walls in order to install all of the curtain-related equipment. So how can you avoid that without having to pay for any damages to your walls?

how to hang curtains in a rental apartment

10 Easy Ways to Hang Curtains In Your New Rental Apartment

In this article, you will learn how you can hang up your curtains in your rental apartment without worrying about damaging anything. Continue reading to find out more.

1. Utilize The Current Rod

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If your curtains are compatible with the curtain rods that came with your rental apartment, then there shouldn’t be any issue. However, this happens rarely. Despite your apartment having curtain rods, there are chances that it might not be compatible with your curtains. If you don’t want to attach new curtain rods, then you can try the following methods.

#1 You can alter your curtains in a way that they fit the curtain rods in your apartment. This might include stitching on extra fabric, adding more curtain rings, or making changes according to the accessories that are compatible with it.

#2 A way you can utilize the current curtain rod is by purchasing extra-long curtains and then hanging them over the rod. Start by measuring the length of a window in your apartment and buy curtains that are double in length. Next, you can take each curtain drop and drape it over both sides of the rod. This will allow you to open and close the curtains whenever you need to. However, you would have to adjust the curtains every now and then after ever use.

#3 You can drape these curtains in a way that looks attractive. This is a temporary method you can use if you don’t plan on living for a long time in your new rental apartment. You can adjust them according to your needs, whether you want to let in some sunlight or need more privacy.

2. A Strong Magnet

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Another method you can try is to use a strong magnet. This works if you want to use a curtain rod that you are fond of or like the look of. Of course, this will only work on metal curtain rods.

Using a heavy-duty magnet will provide the necessary support that’s needed. These magnets can be attached to the wall by using the strongest Command brand hooks, which you can purchase from a store or online. With these hooks, you don’t have to worry about creating any holes in the wall or any sticky residue. Once you have installed the hooks, wait for 24 hours before placing any weight on the Command hook and the magnet.

The next step is to attach your rail to the magnets and then hang your curtains normally. An alternative method to this is to get a magnetic curtain rod, which comes with built-in magnets that can be attached to metallic surfaces. These can be found in DIY stores.

It should be noted that this method is not suitable for heavy curtains as they will most probably fall down. This method is more suited for lightweight or sheer curtains.

3. A Curtain Frame

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Another way you can hang apartment curtains is with the help of a curtain frame. This method is easier than it sounds. Event planners often use this method to beautifully dress windows without any issue.

With a curtain frame, it is free-standing and can be custom-made. It is placed directly in front of a window. There is the curtain rail situated at the top plus the supporting rods that are on the sides, which keep it standing upright. These supporting rods are made from different materials like wood, metal, and so on, which can be purchased cheaply.

First, you would have to measure the dimensions of your window and then build the frame from there. Design your frame and use materials that are similar to your windows’. After your personalized frame is ready, you can easily hang your drapes on your rail and place it in front of the window in your apartment.

4. A Spring Tension Rod

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This is a very versatile material since it can easily fit within any space that requires a suspension rod. You can find these materials at big box stores and DIY stores at affordable prices. They are available at different price ranges and sizes. Check the latest pricing on Amazon.

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With a spring tension rod, you can easily hang your curtains in your rental apartment since they will fit any size of the window. Plus, you don’t have to drill any holes into the wall. These rods are available in simple designs and can be used to hang light fabric drapes as they can’t really support heavy objects.

Moreover, this method works with curtains that need rings to hang them. You will have to place the rings on the tension rod prior to install them in your windows.

5. Clip-On Brackets

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A lot of the rental apartments come with brackets above their windows. On the other hand, they might hold bland-looking blinds in front of the windows. The majority of the people don’t want these standard vertical blinds since they are of poor quality as well. Hence, another method is to use clip-on brackets, since you can easily clip them on the top side of the blinds in order to hang both your curtains and the rod.NONO Bracket Mini - Inside Mounted Blinds Curtain Rod Bracket Attachment for Mini Blinds (Brown)

These clip-on brackets don’t need any tools and offer the same use as regular brackets that are drilled into the walls. Whenever you move out of your rental, you can simply just take off the clip-on brackets and there will be no damage to the wall.

6. The Roller Shade

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There are rental apartments that come with cheap roller shades for privacy purposes and blocking out sunlight. They aren’t attractive-looking, hence people want to personalize their apartment with the curtains they want.

You can utilize the roller shade to hang your curtains. First, you would have to completely roll up the shade so that it turns into a horizontal tube above your window. You would have to secure the bottom edge of the roller blind since it will be poking out. You will have to properly attach it to the rolled-up shade so that it becomes a solid tube. If possible, you can make this process easier by unscrewing the bracket and completely removing the blind.

Next, you can use rubber bands, Blue Tack, or some double-sided tape to craft a solid tube. Don’t use staplers since this is going to form holes within the fabric, which might get you in trouble with the landlord. Plus, if you are using curtain rings, they can be placed over the makeshift tube to hang the curtains. Alternatively, if you cannot attach the curtains onto your makeshift tube, then you can drape them over this tube and attach it back into the bracket.

7. Command Brand Jumbo Hooks

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These hooks can be attached to different surfaces, like smooth walls, using a sticky and strong strip. They can hold heavy-weight items that are up to 7.5 lbs, which makes it very useful for hanging a curtain rod and drapes. Plus, these hooks come in a package of four, hence you have additional hooks if you need more.

Moreover, these hooks are available in different colors, hence you can find one that matches your curtain rod. It should be noted that these hooks might not stick properly onto textured walls, hence you will have to try a different method to secure your curtain rod.

After you have obtained your Command brand hooks, use the sticky strip and attach it to the wall first, then attach the hook next. You will have to wait for 24 hours in order to allow both the strip and hook to properly stick to the wall. Next, you will have to place the curtain and onto the hook and then hang your curtains.

When you remove the sticky strips and hooks, you will see that there is a mark and some sticky residue. Do not fret, as this can easily be removed using eucalyptus oil with a soft cloth.

8. Utilize The Ceiling

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You can suspend your curtain rod from the ceiling of your apartment. This method is great if you are unable to utilize the surrounding walls or the window to temporarily hang your curtain rod. Moreover, if you have a small window or low ceiling, then ceiling-to-floor curtains add the illusion of height.

You can use a couple of mop and broom hooks to suspend a curtain rod from your ceiling. These hooks can be adhered to any surface similar to Command brand hooks. However, just like the Command brand hooks, they won’t stick well to textured surfaces.

Moreover, these hooks are not pricey and easily available at big box stores, dollar stores, and DIY stores. Plus, these hooks are stylish-looking, which makes them perfect for hanging curtains. You can get these hooks in two versions: open or closed. With closed hooks, they work better in preventing the curtain rod from sliding out. After the hooks have been adhered to the ceiling, the curtain rod can be slid through the loop and you can hang your curtains.

9. Coat Hooks

These hooks are a temporary solution when it comes to hanging curtains and works well if you are renting an apartment. They come with low risk and can be attached to anything. They are available at big box stores and DIY stores. However, your curtains will require rings or hooks as well so that it’s easier to slide them onto your coat hooks.

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You can attach your coat hooks to an upper window ledge or an existing curtain rod, which will allow you to easily open and close your drapes. Also, these hooks might shift a bit, hence will require rearranging every now and then.

10. Double-Sided Tape

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This method is only usable if you don’t plan on living in your apartment for a long time and aren’t looking for a long-term solution to your curtain-hanging issue. Not to mention, this method is quite cheap and affordable.

You can use Bostik Blu-Tack or double-sided tape in order to hang your curtains. Blu-Tack can be used again when needed on different surfaces. Plus, it is easy to remove, hence making it perfect for a rental.

Moreover, you can also use Velcro on the wall and Command brand hook strips for the drapes. Also, attaching double-sided tape or Blu-Tack to the curtains will take only a couple of minutes and they can easily be secured over the window.

Prior to starting, you have to think about the positioning of your curtains and how closed or open you want them to be. With this method, you won’t be able to open or close your curtains whenever you want to. If you are looking for privacy, then keeping them closed is the way to go, but this won’t allow any natural light to come in. Alternatively, keeping them open will allow more light to come in, but you will have to sacrifice your privacy.

Also, if you don’t have any curtains, you can use other fabrics for this method. For example, you can use a large bath towel or table cloth. Granted, this does not look elegant or attractive at all. However, if you are there for a short time and need privacy, then this works well.


In the end, hanging curtains in an apartment without damaging the walls doesn’t have to be a complicated process. As you can see, it can be done using various methods. For an extremely affordable option, you can use Velcro, double-sided tape, or Blu-Tack to hang your curtains, including using other fabrics as curtains.

On the other hand, you can also use the existing curtain rod, clip-on brackets, a spring tension rod, heavy-duty magnets, or Command brand hooks in order to hang your curtains. Suspending a rod from the ceiling and using coat hooks will work just as well.

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