How to Turn Your Shed Into A Playhouse

If you have a shed that isn’t being used, you can turn it into a shed playhouse without much effort. This is a great way to keep your children occupied and make use of unused space. Here’s what you need to know.

Safety First

If your shed, like many, is wired for the electricity you will want to make sure it is up to code while covering all outlets with an outlet plate. You also want to make sure there are no exposed wires. Inspect the shed for any other dangerous elements that may be present. Popped floorboards, exposed nails, and splintering wood can all be dangerous for your kids. Fix these items before you move forward.

Kid-Friendly Flooring

Keep in mind that kids play on the floor, and are rough and messy. Finding flooring that is easy to maintain and safe for children doesn’t have to be difficult. Carpet tiles work very well for children’s spaces since they can be replaced very simply. Laminate flooring and vinyl flooring will work well too since they can be cleaned easily. You can find special rubber tiles that look like puzzle pieces as well. These are soft so you don’t have to worry about injuries as much, and also clean with little effort.

Separating the Space

You may want to consider adding a few half walls or partitions. This makes an easy way to give the appearance of separate rooms for the kids. This is also a great way to keep toys contained. They can be placed in one area and pulled out as the kids play.

Wall Coverings

Chances are the shed has bare walls. This can be unsightly for a playhouse, and in some cases dangerous. You can add paneling to the walls to make it look nicer and become safer for your kids to be around. You don’t have to go as far as adding drywall, paneling is usually much cheaper and easier to put up.


Just adding a few pieces of kid-friendly inexpensive furniture can make all the difference in a playroom. Look into small foam chairs or bean bags. You can also get some plastic tables and chairs. Adding some plastic storage bins that are easy for children to reach is a great way to store things like coloring books and other miscellaneous small items.

Curtains and Window Coverings

If your shed has windows you can add a touch of privacy by adding some brightly colored window furnishings. This will also give your child the feel of their own house and make it more inviting for them to play in.

Door Handles

If you have small children, you may want to consider adding some door handles closer to their height. This way you don’t have to go open the door and let them in anytime they want to play. This will also give them more of a “big kid” feeling since you are giving them the illusion of more independence.


Other than painting the interior, you may want to freshen up the exterior to make it more inviting. Consider using bright colors, or ask your children for input. You can come up with a good compromise usually by discussing the design options with your children. It also makes them feel like a bigger part of the design and will make it more their own.

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