How to Clean a Microwave

How to clean a microwave in the right way is perhaps the most frequently asked question. Although it is practical to use, most people have difficulty removing various stains on these objects safely without damaging them.

1. How to Clean Microwave Stains with Daily Ingredients

how to clean microwave

The mixture of food and drying residue of heating is indeed a difficult problem to solve. Fortunately, there are some easy and practical steps to clean the microwave until it looks like new again. Here are some of them.

How to Clean Microwave with Lemon


Lemon is indeed a versatile ingredient. It is not only good for health and beauty but also helps clean dirt and scale on various kinds of equipment. Then, do you know how to clean a microwave with it?

First, cut a lemon in half, and then squeeze the water into a microwaveable container. After that, cook the juice and the rest for about 3 minutes in the appliance. Let the acid spread throughout.

After 3 minutes, you can use a cloth to clean the previously stubborn dirt. Not only does it clean properly, the lemon scent that spreads in the microwave will also provide its freshness.

How to Clean a Microwave with Vinegar

how to clean microwave

Apart from lemon, another ingredient that is also quite effective for cleaning the microwave is vinegar. The method used is the same as lemon, namely by boiling it in the tool. Let it boil, then let stand a few moments.

Once the temperature in the microwave has dropped a little, start wiping the inside with a soft cloth. Then do you know how to clean microwave with apple cider vinegar? Is it similar to the regular one? Yep, you can apply the same method to any of this liquid.

How to Clean Microwave with Baking Soda

baking soda for microwave cleaning

Baking soda is an easy ingredient at a low price. It contains mild alkaline that is effective in cleaning various stains, dirt, and crusts. One thing to remember is not forgetting the gloves during the process.

Move the plate and rotary ring to the microwave. Take some baking soda and pour it over the surface.After some minutes, use a damp cloth to clean the dirty parts. Repeat several times if necessary.

How to Clean a Microwave with an Orange

clean microwave with orange


Apart from lemons, you can also use oranges to clean the microwave. Usually, the part used as a cleanser is the skin, because it contains oil that can clean stubborn crusts and dirt.

Only by rubbing it, orange peel can help eradicate annoying dirt that sticks to the stainless material. You also use it on other objects such as refrigerator doors, stoves, and others. Then do you knowhow to clean a microwave with an orange?

First, put the orange peels in a microwaveable container filled with water. Operate the appliance for about 60 seconds until the water boils with the oranges. The citrus scent spread through the machine, along with the acid stick to the inner walls.

As with lemon, the next step is to wipe the inside of the microwave clean. If the results are not satisfactory, you can repeat them several times. Do this regularly so that your tools are always clean from germs and dirt.

How to Clean a Microwave without Vinegar or Lemon


For some people, using natural ingredients might be a little troublesome and unsatisfactory result. Fortunately, there are many special microwave cleaners available on the market. Usually, there are specific instructions on how to use it.

However, you also have to pay attention to cleaning microwave with chemicals-free products so as not to have a negative impact. Make sure you choose a fume-free product to avoid the appearance of unhealthy particles and unpleasant odors in the appliance.

2. Another Microwave Cleaning Hacks

white microwave

Besides using the cleaners above, there are other tips you can do to care for your favorite microwave. These are how to help your equipment stay in good condition despite frequent use.

Use the Paper Towel

how to clean microwave

Add some paper towels and heat it in the microwave directly for about 5 minutes, and then let it sit for a while. Afterward, start wiping the inside of the microwave with the cold cloth. It will be easier to remove dirt.

Use the Old Toothbrush

old toothbrush

If you need to scrub the microwave, try using an old toothbrush that has become damaged. In addition to cleaning more effectively, this method will help reduce scratches on your equipment.

Better to Prevent

two white ceramic plates near microwave on counter to

The safest way is to prevent getting dirty from the start. If the cooked food has the potential to explode or spill, then use a cover above. Besides, make sure you set the appliance to a low temperature to avoid heat spikes.

That wraps the discussion of how to clean a microwave. Now you know that some easy things can provide great help for kitchen problem. However, apart from the methods above, there may be other recommendations to do. You can still find other easy references for caring for one kitchen appliance.

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