How to Hang A Heavy Mirror Without Nails (7 Effective Ways)

Mirrors are not just a need of homes, but they are there to add aesthetic presence, visual enlargement, and practical implications. Whether bathrooms, hallways, or bedrooms, mirrors are used everywhere. Interior designers suggest having mirrors in dressing rooms, between two windows, fireplace, dark walls, bathrooms, hallways, etc.

For whatever reason, you intend to install mirrors in your home; the only hurdle most of the time is using nails to destroy the look of your walls. You might not be an expert at drilling walls or just don’t want to spoil your walls. Therefore, alternatives are necessary.

Luckily, there are several alternatives you can use depending on the type of mirrors you’re looking to hang in your house. This is a complete guide on different ways to hang a heavy mirror without nails. Besides, there is also a bonus of mirror alternatives you can go for to enhance the overall aesthetic look of your home interiors.

So let’s get into it.

How to Hang A Heavy Mirror Without Nails

Things To Consider When Looking To Hang A Mirror

Mirror mounting is not as simple as it sounds. It’s even more daunting when you’re not an expert and looking to do everything by yourself. Before you actually hang a mirror on the wall, some questions and considerations go into the process. Some critical questions to answer are:

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What is the type of wall you’re going to hang a mirror on?

It can be drywall, paneling, brick wall, plaster, or any other type. Depending on the type of wall, you should choose the method of hanging mirrors. For instance, nails are not a great choice for drywalls. Self-adhesive mirrors might not go with the brick walls.

How you hang a mirror depends on the weight of the mirror!

Therefore, weighing your mirror is also necessary before you visit the market to purchase hanging tools. An easy way of weighing your mirror is to weigh yourself on a weight scale with and without a mirror. Subtract the second one from the first number, and you will get a good approximation of your mirror’s weight.

Fastening Hardware Pre-Installed On Mirror

If you notice, your mirror would already have some kind of fastening hardware to hang it. Most mirror manufacturers use D-rings or picture walls. However, the heavier mirrors might not come with any fastening hardware. If your mirror doesn’t have it already, you might need to fix it by yourself.

Why Not Nails?

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Nails have been a common method of hanging pictures, keys, wall clocks, and mirrors in our homes. Then why have we shifted to alternatives other than nails?

The simple answer is that nails are not safe to be hammered into the wall. There is always a risk involved that you might end up hitting a water pipeline leaving you helpless. When talking about heavy mirrors, the following are the reasons why not to use nails:

  • Nails are not made to bear heavier weights. Therefore, you cannot hang mirrors heavier than 10 pounds with the help of nails. Using small nails is ideal for hanging wall clocks or small picture frames that are not much heavier.
  • Drilling bigger nails in the walls is not at all safe. You are always at a risk of damaging the plaster or, in worst cases, the inner fittings.
  • Nails are not aesthetically appealing. Therefore, if you’re getting better alternatives, why not go for them?
  • Nails are not a great choice for drywalls and metal framing.
  • Extreme temperatures can result in nails popping out on drywalls. You shouldn’t be surprised to see your mirror into pieces someday.

Alternatives: 7 Ways To Hang A Heavy Mirror Without Nails

Let’s get into different methods of hanging heavy mirrors without nails. Each of these methods might be for a specific type of wall or a weight range of the mirror. We have also added some alternatives of nails for lightweight mirrors as well. So let’s explore it down.

1. Drywall Hooks

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Drywall hooks are a practical and easy-to-use solution for all homeowners who don’t want to damage their drywalls with drilling. As the name suggests, the drywall hook is a hook with muscle that goes into drywall and is capable of holding weight up to 150 pounds. Sounds amazing, right?

The sturdy steel is used in these hooks that penetrate well in the drywall by bracing to the other side of the wall using its muscle. There are no anchors, no hammers, and no screwdrivers to get started with these drywall hooks.

You might want to check the drywall hooks by OOK Store on Amazon. Alternatively, you can also check out the mirror hanging drywall hooks by PinCute Store that can hold up to 100 pounds of weight.

Drywall Hooks; How To Hang Mirror Without Nails?

Hooks can be best used for walls with no studs for hanging heavy objects and mirrors. Here are simple steps to hang the mirror without nails using drywall hooks.

  • Step 1: Mark The Wall  
  1. Place the mirror at the required height and mark the top of the mirror.
  2. For a mirror with D-rings, measure the distance between rings. Mark the points on the wall according to the top mark.
  3. For a mirror with picture wire, place a piece of wood under the wire. Lift the wood piece toward the top of the mirror, pull the wire. Measure the distance from the top of the mirror to the wire. Mark the point on the wall.
  4. The next thing to do is use the piece of wood and mark the points on the wall according to the edges of the wooden piece.

You can use one hook to hang a mirror in case of picture wire. However, using two hooks improves sturdiness and safety.

  • Step 2: Hook Insertion Into Wall

Insert the pointy end of the hook into the wall where you had marked the points already. Insert it by pushing the hook upward in a direction to create J-shape leg support. Keep pushing the hook until the small hook stays outside the wall. Read the packaging instructions to install hooks if you’re not sure how to insert the hooks.

  • Step 3: Hang The Mirror

It’s done, and you just need to hang the mirror on the hooks you’ve installed into the wall. Carefully balance the mirror on the hooks so that it will not fall.

2. Heavy Duty Adhesive Tape

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Heavy-duty tapes can be used for hanging mirrors that are heavier to be handled with normal adhesives. This method is best for people who don’t want any scars on their walls. With this method, you don’t need any screwdrivers or hammers to install mirrors. Using heavy-duty adhesive tape will not require any pre-installed D-rings or picture wires. However, make sure that you choose the best tapes available in the market.

You can check out Scotch-Mount Extreme Double-Sided tape that can hold up to 30 pounds of weight. You can use this adhesive tape for indoor and outdoor applications alike.

Here are simple steps to hang the mirror without nails using heavy-duty adhesive tape:

  • Clean The Surface

For a clean installation of heavy-duty tape, the wall must be cleaned well before mounting the mirror. Otherwise, the adhesive tape will not bind well, and the risk of breaking the mirror is high.

  • Apply Tape On The Mirror

Unroll the tape and cut the sections to apply on the back of the mirror. Make sure that tape is applied on all four edges of the mirror. Make enough large pieces of taking according to the mirror size.

  • Hang The Mirror

Once applied, remove the other side of the tape backing and carefully hang the mirror on the wall. Don’t move the mirror until you’re sure that it has stuck to the wall.

3. French Cleats

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The third option for people looking to have the nail-less hanging of the mirror, French cleats are a good option. It’s the most secure method of hanging heavy objects. French cleats are not only a feasible method for mirrors but they are often used for holding cabinets and other objects.

A good quality French cleat can hold up to 200 pounds of weight. However, French cleats can’t be used until some hardware is installed on the back of the mirror. You can try different options from Amazon, but Hangman Z-Hanger Heavy Duty Mirror Cleat will be worth trying.

Here is how to hang the heavy mirrors without nails using French cleats:

  • Step 1: Attach The Top Cleat To The Mirror

Look for the instructions on the package and attach the top cleat to the back of the mirror. You can use a screwdriver to firmly fix it on the mirror with screws that come with the cleats.

  • Step 2: Install Bottom Cleat To The Wall

Repeat the procedure with the wall to attach the bottom cleat to the wall. However, you will need a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall to hang the mirror. Once located, mark the point with a pencil, bring the cleat to that point, and fix it with screws using a screwdriver.

  • Step 3: Hang The Mirror

Hang the mirror by affixing the top cleat into the bottom cleat. Carefully lift the mirror and lower it until fixed in the bottom cleat.

4. Anchors

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Anchors are also an option for heavy-duty mirrors to be hung indoors or outdoors. If you don’t want to damage your plaster walls, paneling, drywall, etc., plastic anchors can be easily screwed into the wall. However, the plastic anchors are not a fit option for heavier mirrors. In that case, you can go for metal toggle bolts that are similar in functionality but more secure option.

There are several options on Amazon that you might want to check out for anchors or toggle bolts. Why toggle bolts and anchors are being discussed in the same category is because the installation process is quite similar to each other.

Check out The Hillman Group Toggle Bolt or Swpeet Toggle Bolt and Wing Cut. For plastic anchors, you can check out The Hillman Group 370342 Blue Conical Plastic Anchor.

Anchors; How To Hang Mirror Without Nails?

Follow the following steps to hang the mirror without nails using anchors and toggle bolts:

Step 1: Mark The Points On Wall

  1. Place the mirror at the required height and mark the top of the mirror.
  2. For a mirror with D-rings, measure the distance between rings. Mark the points on the wall according to the top mark.
  3. For a mirror with picture wire, place a piece of wood under the wire. Lift the wood piece toward the top of the mirror, pull the wire until taut. Measure the distance from the top of the mirror to the wire. Mark the point on the wall.
  4. The next thing to do is use the piece of wood and mark the points on the wall according to the edges of the wooden piece.

Step 2: Drill The Holes

Use the drill machine to make holes for installing the anchors. If you’re not sure about the size of the hole, read the packaging for accurate information.

Step 3: Install The Anchors And Hang The Mirror

Install the anchors into the holes. Once installed, you can securely insert the screws into the anchors for hanging the mirrors. Leave around ½ inch of the screws outside to hang the mirror. Lift the mirror and hang the mirror according to the pre-installed hardware behind the mirror.

5. Clamps For Brick Walls

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Clamps are a great option for hanging mirrors onto the brick walls. It’s an easy-to-do method and secures as well. You have to purchase some clamps and screw them into the wall. Bring the mirror with D-rings or picture wire and secure it onto the wall. However, clamps are not for heavy-duty mirrors. Therefore, you must make sure that the mirror size is picked accordingly.

7. Adhesive Mirrors

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Adhesive mirrors are a great option from an aesthetic point of view, and they can work as a good alternative to regular mirrors. The adhesive mirrors have a sticky back that directly sticks to the wall. However, make sure that the wall is cleaned well before installation. You can check several options and designs on Amazon. 

Wrap Up

We have shared different options and alternatives for hanging heavy mirrors on the wall without employing nails. We hope that the alternatives will help you to hang mirrors effortlessly. Best of luck with the hassle-free hanging of the mirror. 

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