How to Hang Curtains Without Drilling (9 Helpful Methods)

Decorating needs care and a well-thought-out plan, especially if you are renting the place. Given that kind of situation, you don’t want to damage anything, including making holes. Yes, there are ways to hang curtains without drilling, mostly involving DIYs and easy-to-use products. Without further ado, here are 9 options for you to consider:

How to Hang Curtains Without Drilling (9 Helpful Methods)

9 Ways to Hang Curtains Without Drilling Holes

1. Command Hooks

Command hooks work well to hang stuff. Some brands made command hooks to sustain and hang curtains specifically. They have a rounded bottom hook, which will fit curtain rods or dowels with no problems. If you bought extra, you could even use it to hang pictures and coats.

The way command hooks work is they stick themselves onto the wall. So, when you decide to move out, you can just pull it out. Here is a video about using command hooks for curtains.

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2. Magnetic Curtain Rod

Do you happen to have a metal-framed window? You’re in luck because this method will work perfectly for you. You can stick a magnetic curtain rod and forget about the need for drilling. When the time to move comes, you can simply pop it off and pack it away.

Another recommended alternative is magnetic curtains. This DIY activity needs a bit of work. Grab your desired fabric and measure your window, cut the fabric, sew magnets on the top side of your fabric, and lastly, fold and sew the rest. Once your curtain is done, you can hang it on the metal frame.

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3. Tension Rod

It is probably the most common way to avoid any wall damage. With the tension rod, you can easily hang curtains without drilling. This rod requires a little bit of measuring and can be adjusted to your liking, whether you want it to hang from the top of the middle of the window.

This option works best with light or translucent curtains for small windows. It cannot handle heavyweights, and you may need to purchase tiebacks to make the curtains stay put when you open them. Nevertheless, it is still a valid option that many people use.

4. Stick-On Rod

Seen curtains that looked like traditional ones, but minus the drilling? Chances are, they are using a stick-on rod. The stick-on curtain rod is a win-win solution for hanging curtains. No drillings, but the aesthetics remain. This alternative can also let you hang the curtain rod as high as you want it to be.

5. S-Hooks

For those who are looking for solutions regarding their outdoor curtains, S-hooks are highly recommended. Many gorgeous airy curtains are usually hung to S-hooks. It works because one side of the hook hangs on ceiling panes and the other end is fitted into a custom pipe rod. Use a lightweight fabric for the curtain, and it will create an elegant and professional look.

6. Twist & Fit

The Twist & Fit is a well-known product for those who want curtains with no drilling. It looks similar to a tension rod that we discussed before; the difference is that it has a decorative end attached to a curtain rod to make a double curtain.

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7. Kwik-Hang

Kwik-Hang is a product that can help you eliminate the pain of drilling and accurate measurements. This revolutionary design can hold quite a weight, up to 20 pounds. Suitable for heavy curtains.

However, the Kwik-Hang can only be used on windows that have frames. Aside from that, no other cons are mentioned. You can easily get an aligned curtain with minimal effort.

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8. Suspend from Your Ceiling

This option is only available for those who have access to their beam or ceiling. You can consider hanging the curtain rod there. Keep in mind to use lightweight materials! One certain particular style that you can try with this method is the Macrame Curtains. Read this article to know how to hang curtains from the ceiling without drilling.

9. Nails or Tacks

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If all else fails, one solution is to use nails or tacks. Now, this method doesn’t need drilling, and it needs hammering. As long as you don’t mind leaving small holes in your wall or frames, this is for you.

Carefully hang the curtains onto the frame, and nail it starting from the corner. No worries, it can still be functional with the help of tiebacks. Use the tiebacks to hold the curtain open by tying it on either side of the frame.


After reading this article, you may have some ideas in mind that you would want to try. Whether you want a traditional, functional, or decorative curtain, the choice is yours to make!

Stick-on rods, tension rods, the option relies based on your window. The bottom line is, you can hang curtains without drilling. Have fun decorating!

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