23 Best Farmhouse Window Treatment Ideas for Your Home

Bringing a cozy rustic feel to your home is, indeed, really easy. Thus, create this vibe by applying farmhouse window treatment ideas in every space in your house.

Without further ado, take a look at these ideas below, and make yours right away!

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Farmhouse Window Treatment Ideas

1. Warm Burlap Curtains

Warm Burlap Curtains - Farmhouse Window Treatment IdeasPin
Source: theshingledhouse.com

Choosing the perfect material for window coverings is very important. For instance, it is because the incoming light sometimes is too dazzling to the eyes.

But do not worry, burlap curtains can minimize the incoming light well.

Besides, they make your room warmer and more relaxed. Further, the side hooks will give you a more casual look than the normal one.

2. Fabric Curtains with Tassels

Fabric Curtains with TasselsPin
Source: beckhamandbelle.com

Suppose you prefer more accents on your curtains. So, you can try to trim your burlap curtain with tassels.

3. Barn Board Valance with Sayings

Barn Board Valance with Sayings - - Farmhouse Window Treatment IdeasPin
Source: athomeonthebay.com

There are times when you are bored with a fabric valance. Therefore, try replacing it with a lettered board instead. Indeed, this style will make your kitchen look unique and warm.

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4. Beige Fringed Valance

Beige Fringed ValancePin
Source: zynna.in

Beige and white are certainly the best combinations to create a farmhouse vibe in your home. Instead of making a straight valance, try hanging it in a fringed style, for example.

Additionally, it can be sure that this décor will give an adorable and elegant look to your room.

5. Farmhouse Style Window Treatments with Hanging Sills

Farmhouse Style Window Treatments with Hanging SillsPin
Source: projekt-home.blogspot.com

Indeed, it is all about trimming your windows with a décor that suits your taste.

Besides, it includes choosing the hanging window sills instead of the usual valence. Furthermore, this decoration looks interesting, right?

6. White Sliding Barn Door

White Sliding Barn Door - Farmhouse Window Treatment IdeasPin
Source:  jaimecostiglio.com

Alternatively, you might opt for a sliding barn door to bring a rustic vibe to your home. Then, consider giving it a white color to make your room look clean.

7. Farmhouse Window Frame Décor Ideas with Metal Awning

Farmhouse Window Frame Décor Ideas with Metal AwningPin
Source: haydenscharrer.com

Who would have thought that you could also build an awning inside the house? Hence, this is one of the most inspiring ideas to try.

8. Shabby Chic Burlap Curtain

Shabby Chic Burlap CurtainPin
Source: opulentcottage.typepad.com

Without charging a lot of money, you can also sew your curtains from burlap and gingham that you have at home.

Therefore, put them all together. Then, give it a little sewing technique. After that, your farmhouse window covering is already up.

9. Farmhouse Window Treatments with Coffee Bean Sacks

Farmhouse Window Treatments with Coffee Bean SacksPin
Source: funkyjunkinteriors.net

Interestingly, bringing the cozy atmosphere of a coffee shop into your kitchen will evoke a great feeling.

Otherwise, you only need to spend $7.00 on some coffee bean sacks and everything is clear!

10. White Sheers with Bamboo Shade

White Sheers with Bamboo Shade - Farmhouse Window Treatment IdeasPin
Source: ninahendrick.com

Layering is certainly vital in creating adorable window treatment for your home. Thereupon, try to combine white sheer and bamboo shade to get the perfect one.

11. High Hung Drop Cloth

High Hung Drop Cloth - Farmhouse WIndows TreatmentsPin
Source: beautyforasheshome.com

Indeed, hanging the drop cloth curtain high is necessary. Hence, it is to make your window look large.

12. Vintage Window Shutters

Vintage Window Shutters - Farmhouse Window Treatment IdeasPin
Source: vintagenewsjunkie.com

If you plan to block all the light entering your kitchen, choosing a window shutter made of wooden pallets will be the best solution, for instance.

13. Modern Farmhouse Shade

Modern Farmhouse ShadePin
Source: homebunch.com

Are you looking for a modern style? Thus, try to replace your bamboo shade with gathered fabric like above.

14. French Flair Burlap Valance

French Flair Burlap ValancePin
Source: etsy.com

Instead of applying plain burlap, you can also choose one with the lettering, then hang it in a French style.

15. All White Drop Cloth Curtain

All White Drop Cloth CurtainPin
Source: lizmarieblog.com

Choosing white drop cloth curtains is certainly never wrong in creating a farmhouse vibe in your home. Further, it will make your gathering space brighter than ever.

16. Flower Patterned Gray Mini Curtain

 Flower Patterned Gray Mini CurtainPin
Source: simplestylings.com

Indeed, hanging curtains on your entire window is certainly not a must. However, feel free to turn it in half by using a mini-sized patterned curtain like the one above.

17. Double Sliding Window Shutters

Double Sliding Window ShuttersPin
Source: ellaclaireinspired.com

Not only for the kitchen but sliding window shutters from barn doors are also suitable to bring a rustic charm to your children’s room, for instance.

18. Strip Roller Window Shade

Strip Roller Window ShadePin
Source: thepaintedhive.net

Are you looking for other modern curtains? The one with stripe and button accents like above will give you the answer.

19. Rolled Burlap Shade

Rolled Burlap ShadePin
Source: etsy.com

Another modern farmhouse style also came with burlap curtains rolled up by bow ties.

20. Classic Broken White Lacy Curtain

Classic Broken White Lacy Curtain - Farmhouse Window Treatment IdeasPin
Source: ana-rosa.tumblr.com

Many farmhouse window treatments go with white fabric curtains. For example, the one above is the classic style with lace.

21. White Sheer with Reclaimed Wood Hook

 White Sheer with Reclaimed Wood HookPin
Source: oliveandlove.blogspot.com

Again, no need to spend more budget to get relaxing farmhouse charms. Therefore, quickly go with lace sheer hanging on a reclaimed wood hanger.

22. Gingham Shade

Gingham Shade - Farmhouse Window TreatmentsPin
Source: thediymommy.com

Additionally, you can apply a plaid pattern window shade in your white room to get a warm impression.

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23. Beige Curtain for Dining Room

Farmhouse Beige Curtain for Dining RoomPin
Source: by-harrington.myshopify.com

Last but not least, beige curtains are also perfect to create an old-fashioned charm for your dining room.

In conclusion, those are the best farmhouse window treatment ideas that you can follow. Have you found one that suits your taste?

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