How to Enclose a Porch Cheaply – 8 Simple Methods

Whenever you understand the way to inexpensively enclose a porch, you can sit and chill out on the porch and have extra privacy.

Your family tree as well as your visitors are additionally going to have a more comfy time visiting with you on your enclosed porch. This provides an extra special relaxed experience whilst your visitors are shielded from the insects and weather.

It is sometimes a bit complicated to enclose a porch whenever you do not wish to have to deal with a massive project.

We are going to explain the ways to enclose your porch easily and cheaply in this article, so read on.

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how to enclose a porch cheaply

How to Enclose A Porch

People love to relax and spend some leisure time on a porch or a patio.

They’re made to provide an additional area to hold family get-togethers or have guests come to your house to relax outside. Folks like to also use them to eat, hold parties, play, etc.

Porches are additional places that are exposed to a lot of sun and insects, which can cause some to get uncomfortable. That’s the reason enclosing them is the answer to your problem to fix those issues.

It can additionally assist you in making your outside experience better so you can be comfier for less money. Here’s the process for enclosing your porch cheaply:

8 Methods of Enclosing Your Porch Cheaply

how to enclose a porch cheaply

You are able to pick one of the subsequent techniques to use along with the directions for completing it. Choose the best one for your needs.

Technique 1: Use Outside Curtain Panels

Exclusive Home Cabana Solid Indoor/Outdoor Light Filtering Grommet Top Curtain Panel, 54"x84", Taupe, Set of 2

Yes, Sir, there is a method of enclosing the porch that is as simple as putting up some curtains.

These outside curtains are created to use outside since they are water-resistant as well as made of heavyweight material so they can stand up to breezes.

And similar to curtains, you’ve got a lot of choices for the color, pattern, etc., to add some flair to your enclosed porch.

You need to utilize curtain rods that are also weather-resistant for hanging up the curtains if your porch has a roof. If there isn’t a roof, you need to put in an awning.  rods to hang them up if you’ve got a roof over your porch.

Be sure to use an iron to get out any wrinkles in the curtains prior to hanging them up.

Technique 2: Installing some Bamboo Shades

Radiance Cord Free, Roll-up Reed Shade, Cocoa, 48" W x 72" L

Bamboo shades can also be used for enclosing a patio. It’s a quite simple technique for enclosing a porch.

All that’s needed is to buy some bamboo shades and then hook them up side by side beginning from your porch roof until you have totally covered the area.

After that, pull down your blinds so they cover all your sides and then the porch will be private.

This technique can work well if you want your porch to be enclosed in an economic fashion.

Technique 3: Putting in a Synthetic Green Private Fence

DearHouse 118x39.4in Artificial Ivy Privacy Fence Wall Screen, Artificial Hedges Fence and Faux Ivy Vine Leaf Decoration for Outdoor Garden Decor

It is possible to enclose a porch via a privacy fence you construct using a fake ivy hedge.

There are advantages to this type of earthy feel since being able to see greenery boosts peoples’ moods. Plus it is ideal for folks not wanting to have to care for real plants.

But if you do have a green thumb, then take a look at the following recommendation.

Technique 4: Putting in Evergreen Plants

Brighter Blooms - Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae Tree - Privacy Trees, 1-2 Feet - Cannot Ship to AZ

Planting greenery around your porch will additionally assist you in enclosing it and then you’ll gain extra privacy to the outdoor area.

This technique also helps you get some fresh air as well as a view of some greenery. Folks that love greenery should adore this technique.

If you want this technique to work, you’ll have to hook up some netting at the top of your porch and stretch it down to the floor.

Create a trench around your porch, then plant some greenery. Add the right compost, topsoil, and some mulch so they grow up strong.

If you choose young plants, it may be a while before they get big enough to enclose the area, but eventually, it is going to provide a calming view as well as you get the feel of an enclosed porch.

Or you could buy bigger plants so they cover the area faster, but of course, that costs more.

Technique 5: Putting in wooden screens

RHF 6 Panel Room Divider Room Dividers and Folding Privacy Screens, Wood Privacy Screen Room Dividers, 5.6 Ft Tall Room Divider Wall, Space Seperater,Freestanding (6 Panel, Brown)

Putting in wooden screens will additionally assist you in keeping your porch area free of insects, as well as being cozy.

You will have to purchase your wooden screens, as well as frames to hold them, at a hardware store or somewhere online that will fit the area of the porch. Be sure to measure it prior to going to buy the screens since they are available in several sizes. Then you also must put together a plan for attaching them to the porch.

Ensure you’ve also got a door with hinges for your doorway, you may have to remove the hinges to be able to install the screens, then place them back after you are done.

Technique 6: Putting in Mass-produced Canvas and some Metal Frames

Tangkula 10 X 10FT Outdoor Pergola, Patio Furniture Shade Structure, Outdoor Steel Pergola Gazebo with Retractable Canopy Shades, Rustproof Metal Pergola for Patio, Backyard, Garden (Beige)

This one is an inexpensive technique to put on a roof as well as a porch enclosure.

You must hook the metal frames as well as hook the canvas to these frames to get the porch all enclosed.

This technique is best if you have an uncovered porch that doesn’t have a roof.

To complete this technique, you must hook your metal frames to your porch.

Metal frames and canvas can be purchased at a local hardware store or online. Sometimes you can buy frames that already have included canvas.

Put your canvas onto the frame’s top so that it covers it completely. Be sure the sides will move if you need to do so at a later date.

Be sure you make a doorway in your canvas and frame so it’s easier to get in and out of the porch.

Technique 7: Putting in Fiberglass Screening

DocaScreen Fiberglass Screen Roll - 48 inch x 100 feet - for Window, Door or Patio Screening and Replacement, Charcoal

Fiberglass screening can also be used for enclosing a porch. To do it, you must attach some metal frames (like in the previous technique), then hook the fiberglass screening to it.

You must attach hinges to one side so you have a doorway.

This is a cheap and easy method that doesn’t take a lot of time.

Technique 8: Putting in  Storm Doors

LARSON MFG CO RSC 029831U Storm-Doors, 32&quot x 81&quot

If you’ve only got a couple of small doors on the porch, try this simple technique.

Storm doors are inexpensive compared to buying glass windows, and sometimes they also include glass windows. So, putting some it is usually fairly simple and low cost.

Just measure the doorway and divide its length into the size of the storm door sections. Then, hook the wooden frame to the porch top so it covers the whole area.

Then, you must hook your storm doors to that frame, then put on some hinges so you can ensure there is a proper door.


The above are easy techniques to assist you in enclosing a porch cheaply as well as creating a private and cozy area you can relax in.

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