17 Easy DIY TV Stand Ideas & Plans to Enhance Your Home Decor

Are you someone who wants to build a tv stand? Have you been thinking about DIY TV stand ideas? If you said yes to both these questions then keep scrolling down because we have just the solution you have been looking for.

If you enjoy watching TV, chances are that you are most likely also worried about keeping it in a particular position in your living room. So, what do you think you need to do for your TV to be a focal point? Most people would usually think of DIY TV stand ideas.

With DIY TV stand ideas, you can go overboard. Yes, you read that correctly. There is no reason why you should limit your imagination. So, get creative and start on how to build a TV stand as you want.

DIY TV Stand Ideas & Plans to Enhance Your Home Decor

17 Unique & Incredible DIY TV Stand Ideas for Your Weekend Project

Here is a list of DIY TV stand ideas that you can use to revamp your space in your house:

1. Sliding barn door

diy tv stand ideas

One of the most liked DIY TV stand ideas is to use a farmhouse barn door TV console. These look cool when you put it together and it also has sliding barn doors. You can easily try it out for yourself without any hassle.

The best thing about DIY TV stand ideas with the help of getting a sliding barn door is that it helps you give quick access to the different devices that you can connect to your TV by putting them in the TV console. These barn sliding doors also help in hiding the various wires and give you ample space. So, you do not have to worry about the wires of the TV or the game that you have connected to it.

2. Two-toned TV console

DIY TV Stands
4 Door Media Console by Shanty 2 Chic

If you are someone who wants to add a more vibrant touch to your space then you should consider doing a two-toned DIY TV stand for your lounge. The two-toned TV console will help give your home a contrast and a chic look.

The best part about the two-toned TV console is that it can easily be built with the help of easy-to-follow steps and 3D rendering whenever need be.

3. Concrete top TV console

DIY TV Stand Ideas
Rustic TV Stand with Concrete Top by Houseful of Handmade

If you are someone who is looking into experimenting with TV console materials then you should consider getting a concrete top. The concrete top will give your TV console a more rustic look and give it an industrial feel.

The best part about having a concrete top TV console is that it comes with a lot of compartments where you can place your game consoles and other things like books, etc.

4. Open TV console storage

Farmhouse TV Console Sideboard - DIY TV Stands
Farmhouse TV Console Sideboard by Remodelaholic

The open TV console comes with x detail that has a conventional farmhouse touch to it. If you are into classic furniture, you will surely love this one.

The best part about the open TV console is that it comes with a planked back and you can give it a two-toned finish if need be.

5. The dressing turned TV console

Turn a dresser into a TV stand
Turn a dresser into a TV stand by Our Handcrafted Life

If you want to use an old piece of furniture that is laying around, you might as well consider using a dressing table and turn it into a TV console. Do not wait up! You would be surprised to find out how beautiful the final result turns out and all that you can do with that old dresser which you thought was good for nothing.

6. Custom TV console storage

Media Cabinet - DIY TV Stands
Media Cabinet by The Inspired Workshop

If one thing that you can experiment with DIY is that you can customize the TV console as much as you want. This means you can give it more storage space according to your needs and requirements without having to worry too much. With a customized storage TV console, you can give extra space for your DVD or Xbox. You can even make more space for books to keep. Also, there is no one stopping you from giving some space to decoration pieces if you want.

7. Floating TV stand

Floating TV console - DIY TV Stands
Floating TV console by Woodshop Diaries

Are you someone who wants to upgrade your TV console by uplifting it a bit? Do you want to get rid of dirt getting stuck under the TV console? If you said yes to both these questions then you should consider getting a floating TV console made. The floating TV console is ideal for helping you easily clean the place and also saving up space.

8. Sliding barn door with a modernized feel

Barn Door TV Console
Barn Door TV Console by Handmade Haven

If you are someone who wants a sliding barn door TV console but not with the traditional farmhouse feel then you can always give it a more modern touch. You can either keep the barn doors together or keep them separated, whatever you prefer. Try following the DIY TV stand ideas for this one and get the TV stand of your dreams.

9. Knock off TV console

DIY TV Stands
Anthropologie Samuel knock-off by Crafted by the Hunts

If you are looking to save on some money then this DIY TV stand idea is the one that you should opt for. The knock-off TV console will give your space all the modern touch that it lacks by uplifting over the mood of your house. This one is a complete money saver, trust us!

10. Sleek TV console

Modern Console Cabinet
Modern Console Cabinet by Woodshop Diaries

If you want a savior in the form of a TV console then you should go with this DIY TV stand idea. This will be a sleek and modern touch to your space. The idea is to have a floating top but with as many storage spaces as possible. This means that you get everything in just one TV console.

11. Cane door TV console

Cane Storage Cabinet
Cane Storage Cabinet by The Lonefox Journal

Have you thought about getting a TV console from IKEA? If you have, you should just try this DIY TV stand idea and use the hack instead of spending money. This one will make everyone wonder that you probably got the TV stand from IKEA. You know what? Let them keep thinking that.

12. Mid-century TV console

Mid-Century Modern TV Stand
Mid-Century Modern TV Stand by Lazy Guy DIY

If you are someone who likes mid-century designs then you should probably consider this DIY TV stand idea for your space. You would not be disappointed by how it turns out to be in the end.

13. Built-in TV console

Built-In Media Center
Built-In Media Center by The Lived-In Look

If you are into open shelves and want hidden storage spaces in your TV console then this one is for you. You can easily DIY a TV stand by adding built-in sconces. You would be amazed at how professional it turns out to be. This is a project that you would also utterly enjoy doing on your own.

14. Walnut TV console

Modern Sliding Door Entertainment Center
Modern Sliding Door Entertainment Center by Jen Woodhouse

A walnut TV console is all you need to add a sleek touch to your living space. This DIY TV stand idea is one with which you can explore and experiment as much as possible. Something that you should know about this TV console is that it will give your TV a feel that it is hidden. Yes, you read that correctly.

15. Hidden TV

DIY Credenza with Hidden TV Lift
DIY Credenza with Hidden TV Lift by Crafted by the Hunts

Now that we have mentioned TV consoles that help hide your TV, there is a TV console that you can DIY if you are deliberately looking to hide your TV. You can easily add a push button to this TV console and the TV will go inside, making it look like there was no TV at all, ever.

The best part about this TV console is that you can save as much space as possible.

16. Striped TV console

Striped TV Stand
Striped TV Stand by Grillo Designs

If you are someone who loves experimenting with TV consoles and want your space to stand out then you should consider this DIY TV stand idea. You can experiment with color and play with different colors as much as you want.

17. Cost-friendly TV console

Long Modern Media Cabinet
Long Modern Media Cabinet by Ana White

If you want to DIY a TV stand then you should try making one with wood. You can try some other materials too if you want.


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