32 Beautiful Small Front Porch Ideas & Pictures

Are you someone who has a small house? Are you looking for front porch ideas to enhance the outer look of your small house?

If you said yes to both these questions then you are in for a treat because we have a bunch of ideas waiting for you to be used.

You can make your dull and old porch stand out by adding in some colorful plants, a swing that everyone would want to sit on, or just an elevated staircase to make things less boring.

30 Beautiful Small front porch ideas

32 Front Porch Ideas For Small Houses [Pictures]

Here is a list full of beautiful small front porch ideas for your house:

1. Get All Crafty

Get All Crafty - Small front porch ideas

The thing with traditional styles is that it never goes out of fashion. Play around with those earthy undertones to give your porch that old schools feel.

2. Add Some Color

Add Some Color - Front porch ideas

You know what would be different? If you try adding a pop of color to your front door.

3. Higher Hedge

Higher Hedge - Front porch ideas for small house

To give a proper structure to your small porch, you need to set up a garden hedge somewhere.

4. Get A Swing

Get A Swing - Small front porch ideas

Kids, adults and just about everyone likes to swing. Get a swing in your porch and make it your favorite space in the house.

5. Put Plants

Put Plants - Front Porch Ideas

Who does not like plants? If you are a plant lover then wait no more and fill your porch space with some outdoor plants.

6. Get Patriotic With Flag Holder

Get Patriotic With Flag Holder - Front Porch Ideas

Another great idea to set up your porch space is by putting a flag holder for days you are feeling patriotic.

7. Mowed Lawn

Mowed Lawn Porch

Just like your hands, your porch also needs a manicure every now and then. Make sure you are giving it the care and attention it needs so that it looks appealing.

8. Comfortable Porch

Comfortable Porch

No one likes a sunny porch. You need to cover the sitting area with a shade to make it bearable on most sunny days.

9. Sitting Place

Sitting Place - Small Front Porch ideas

You can always put a piece of outdoor furniture set in your small porch for a family get-together or a tea time to yourself.

10. Add Bricks

Add Bricks to Porch

Why use the same kind of boring tricks to diversify your porch when you can make it all from red bricks and give it that old-school charm it previously lacked.

11. Put Porch Lights

Put Porch Lights

Put some fancy warm lights on the porch for those dark and gloomy nights. Read the meaning behind the different colors of the porch light.

12. Be Creative – Outstanding Small Porch

Be Creative - Outstanding Small Porch

If you are into trying different things then you should definitely give stonework a chance.  It will add that old world’s charm to your small porch area and make it stand out.

13. Surrounded Area

Surrounded Area Front Porch Ideas

A wraparound porch enhances the charm of your small house. It can also help your house appear bigger than it really is.

14. Decorate Your Main Entrance

Decorate Your Porch Main Entrance

Spice up things at your doorway porch by adding statement pieces or plants to your front door.

15. Play Safe

If you are looking to add some furniture to your porch, get a set of white wicker furniture or you can also paint it into any color if it feels too dull.

16. Front Porch with Foliage Arch

Front Porch with Foliage Arch

Give your porch that dreamy look by adding a foliage arch to the doorway.

17. Keep It Simple

Simplicity in the porch area will go a long way. Do not play too much with colors and keep the theme as simple as possible.

18. Cover Up

Covered Up Front Porch

If you want your porch space to appear big on the outside, you need to make sure that the area is covered, either with colorful plants or stones that are put for decoration.

19. Large Porch – Make More Place

Large Porch - Make More Place

Do not be sad if you have a small house. You can always make your outdoors look big if you have a large porch.

20. Get Accent Pieces

Get Accent Pieces to Porch

You need to add accent pieces to your porch to make your small house look beautiful. Add hanging plants, a nice piece of furniture while focusing on the accent pieces as the center of attention.

21. Frame the Foliage

Frame the Foliage Front Porch

Instead of putting wooden frames, you can just use foliage framing for your porch.

22. Elevate The Area

Elevate The Porch Area

All you need is an elevated porch if you looking to add depth and dimension to your porch area.

23. Experiment With The Entrance

Experiment With The Entrance - Front Porch Decor Ideas

Why have boring entrances for your porch when you can beautify it by adding a trendy door? Get a glass door that will make your porch look classy.

24. Two-Seaters

Two-Seaters Front Porch

Ever thought of sitting on your porch and making the most of the monsoon season or a chilly winter night? If you did then set up a porch bench as soon as possible and enjoy the weather now!

25. Make It Wooden

Wooden front Porch

If you are not into plants or stone entrances, try getting a wooden-planked porch. You will love the way the final look appears.

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26. Get More Pots

Get More Pots in Porch

You need to use lots of plants and add colorful pots to your porch to give it a beautiful look.

27. Rocking Chairs

Front Porch Rocking Chairs

All you need is a pair of porch rockers to enjoy the weather while sipping a hot cup of coffee.

28. Add Furniture to Your Front Porch

Add Furniture to Your Front Porch

There is nothing better than setting up your outdoor space with a porch furniture set. Invest in a durable set that won’t require much maintenance.

29. Define The Porch Walkway

Define The Porch Walkway

Everyone likes a green walkway. Make your walkway stand out in your porch.

30. Elevate Your Front Porch Staircase

Elevate Your Front Porch Staircase

Everyone likes a broad staircase that leads to a gorgeous home. Make one in your porch and let it lead you to your dream house.

31. Colorful Seasonal Wreath

Colorful Seasonal Wreath - Front Porch

If you are someone who likes to experiment with the outlook of your porch then you should definitely try adding a seasonal wreath to it. You would be surprised to see what this small addition can do to uplift your porch and how pretty it appears to people.

32. Hang Plants

Hang Plants - Front Porch Ideas

What is better than plant pots in your porch? The answer is hanging plants. Hang a few pots here and there to thank us later.

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