25 Cool Attic Bedroom Design Ideas (Pictures)

Attic bedroom ideas might be an option to take advantage of the top part of your house. Instead of being left empty and unkempt, why not try to do a little renovation and turn it into a comfortable spot to enjoy your time.

Here are some ideas for turning the upper space into a fun place.

25 Cool Attic Bedroom Design Ideas (Pictures)

25 Most Epic Attic Bedroom Ideas & Designs (Photos)

1. Feel as Luxurious

Luxurious Attic Bedroom Ideas

Luxurious and classy nuances do not always depend on the size or shape of the room. You can even give a touch of glamour in the attic space of your house through sparkling colors like gold, gray, or maroon. Besides, the selection of furniture can also support the beauty of your private spot.

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2. Apply Rustic Concept

Rustic Attic Bedroom

For the fans of rustic design, an attic will be a pampering paradise. A wooden roof that is left as it is will match perfectly with the same material furniture.

With the appropriate arrangement, you will feel a priceless natural atmosphere.

3. Ideas for Babies

Attic Bedroom Ideas for Babies

Designing the attic as a baby room is a smart idea. You do not need to put too many knick-knacks in it, but use multi-purpose furniture that can accommodate your little one’s needs.

You can add bright and warm colors to make it fun and beautiful.

4. Attic Bedroom Paint Ideas

Attic Bedroom Paint Ideas

Color selection is one important thing to make a room feel comfortable. Even though most attic bedrooms get adequate lighting from the sun, there is nothing wrong if you also provide bright colors that make it comfortable.

5. Low Ceiling Tricks

Low Ceiling Attic Bedroom Ideas

Low ceilings may make it difficult for some people to place the furniture. If you are facing this kind of problem, then choose items that are not too tall or take up space.

The higher part of the room can be the center of activity.

6. Make it Simple

Simple Attic Bedroom Ideas

One of the advantages of using the attic is adequate lighting in common. After that, you need to put the appropriate furniture to make it comfortable.

Given that the size of the room is generally not too wide, you should use efficient furniture and then beautify it with colors that suit your taste.

7. Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Design Ideas

Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Design Ideas

Do not rush to conclude that attic rooms with sloped ceilings are useless spots. With the right setup, you can even turn them into extraordinary places.

The choice of furniture and paint color is a crucial part of creating it.

8. Very Small Attic Bedroom Know-How

Very Small Attic Bedroom Ideas

Limited space is one problem in designing attic bedroom ideas. However, you can create a comfortable atmosphere in it. For this problem, choose furniture that is not too large but multifunctional. Also, do not put too much stuff inside.

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9. Futuristic is Also Capable

Futuristic Attic Bedroom Ideas

Using the attic as a bedroom means that you have to be smart in arranging. In addition to the space-friendly furniture, you can also play with colors.

If bright themes are impossible, then try the futuristic that generally appears from gray or silver tints.

10. Ideas for Attic Master Bedroom

If you have a large enough attic, why not try turning it into a master bedroom. With a strategic arrangement, you can create a comfortable atmosphere with various complete facilities in it, starting from the bathroom, lounge, bed, and others.

11. Infuse Modernism

Modern Attic Bedroom

One characteristic of the modern concept is using furniture as efficiently as possible inside the space. It will give the bedroom a more spacious and pleasant feel.

To make it attractive, you can add bright colors that will make the room feel more comfortable.

12. Cozy Attic Bedroom Ideas

Cozy Attic Bedroom

Having a cozy bedroom is easy to achieve, even when you use the attic. One way is to use furniture that is simple but has a high use value.

After that, you can add decorations with a warm and comfortable theme.

13. When Modern Meets Rustic

Previously, most people consider these two concepts contradicting. However, lately, many people have begun to incorporate them into room settings.

The use of natural elements combined with modern-based furniture can provide a comfortable feel in a room.

14. Ideas for Children

Attic Bedroom Ideas for Children

The attic can also be an option for a children’s room. You need to design it with bright colors and a variety of furniture that attracts attention and can support their development.

Need not to place many things, but provide a simple playing and learning spot so that they feel at home in it.

15. Ideas for Teenager

Attic Bedroom Ideas for Teenager

Teenage bedrooms are generally full of colors and typical knick-knacks of young people. They do not mind placing a lot of stuff as long as it suits their hobbies and needs.

Placing a bed without a bed can be an option so that there is more space to explore their preferences.

Those are some recommendations that you can choose to take advantage of at the top of your house. If you have not found a suitable design, try checking attic bedroom ideas Pinterest shown on their page.

Of course, there are various examples that you can adapt according to your taste and room conditions.

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2 thoughts on “25 Cool Attic Bedroom Design Ideas (Pictures)”

  1. I used my attic to create another bedroom, I honestly didn’t think it was that cool. After finishing it, it is quiet to my satisfaction, a quiet and relaxing space after a long day of work. I love plants so much, that I planted a Boston fern in a small pot in the corner of the room, adding the tree to the roof not only gives life force to the room but also provides fresher air. Thanks to that, the roof space feels much less stuffy.

    • Your ideas for the attic are great and beautiful. I show my wife these ideas.
      Thanks for the article, it was very helpful. I hope you will post more articles in the future.
      Your ideas for the attic are great and beautiful. I show my wife these ideas.
      Thanks for the article, it was very helpful. I hope you will post more articles in the future.


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