How to Choose Curtains For Your Bedroom (Complete Guide)

Bedroom curtain ideas – Are you someone who is looking to change the curtains of your bedroom? Have you been thinking about what material to use for your bedroom curtains? If you said yes to both these questions then keep scrolling down because we have just the solution you have been looking for.

Why are Bedroom Curtains So Important?

Curtains help in elevating the overall structure of the room. They give the entire room a personal touch. A bedroom that is set up with the right fabric curtains stands out amongst other rooms in the house.

Here is a list of how to choose curtains for your bedroom:

  1. You should consider privacy as the top priority when scrolling through bedroom curtain ideas.
  2. You need to choose your curtains between something that gives a more casual touch and something more formal.
  3. You need to be mindful of the color of the curtains as well.
  4. You should choose a design that goes with the overall theme of your room.
  5. You need to make sure that the curtains that you are choosing should be washable.
  6. You need to make sure that the curtains you choose to put in your room should represent your style.
  7. You should pick curtains that are trendy yet practical.

Choosing The Right Curtains For Your Bedroom

how to choose curtains for your bedroom

Here is a list of factors that you need to consider when you want to get the right curtains for your bedroom:

1. Privacy

Bedroom curtains are just not used as a decorative statement in the room. Yes, you read that correctly. Curtains are used to make sure that your privacy does not get affected in any way whatsoever. So, when you are choosing bedroom curtains, make sure you keep privacy as the top factor for choosing the right curtains for your room.

2. Fabric

Another factor that you should consider when choosing curtains for your bedroom is the fabric. Make sure that the fabric is nothing too heavy. If you choose something too heavy, the overall look of the room can get out of proportion.

If you choose a fabric that is too light, chances are that it intervenes with your privacy.

3. Washable

Choosing the right fabric for your bedroom curtains is important to make sure that when you choose to wash them, they are easily washable. Whatever fabric you are choosing, make sure that you know from before whether it is machine washable or dry clean only.

Knowing the right way to wash your bedroom curtains is also important to avoid wasting money.

How to Choose the Perfect Color of the Curtains for Your Bedroom?

Bedroom curtain ideas - how to choose bedroom curtains for the bedroom

Choosing the right color for the curtains in your bedroom is important. If you choose a color that does not go with the overall theme of your bedroom, your entire room can look really bad.

To be able to choose the perfect color curtains for your bedroom, make sure you choose a color that is in line with the theme of your room and enhances the overall vibe of your space.

That does not mean that you pick a color that is the same color that your furniture or bed sheet in the bedroom is. Choose a color that compliments your room. So, for instance, if you have a colorful bedroom otherwise, make sure you pick curtains that are a neutral color.

You also need to be mindful of the color of your walls. Make sure that you pick a color of the curtains that are in contrast to what you have on your walls.

If you are choosing a striped fabric for your curtains, make sure that at least one of the colors on the stripes is what you have in your bedroom already. You can also put white curtains and then add another color on top of it to enhance the overall look of the bedroom.

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What Colors are The Best Choice for Your Bedroom?

You do not have to make a haphazard decision of picking a color for the curtains instantly. Start by visualizing different color schemes in your bedroom and what best describes your taste. This means that you can even prepare a mood board of sorts for yourself just to get a fair idea about what you would ideally want in your space.

You also need to make sure what sort of fabric you want to use for the curtains in your bedroom. If you want your window to be the first thing that people notice in your bedroom then make sure that you pick a contrasting color for your space.

Light or Dark Colored Bedroom Curtains

how to choose bedroom curtains for the bedroom

If you are aiming to just play around with one color scheme in your bedroom then you can opt for a darker shade for the curtains. This would be something that is the same color as the rest of the things in your room but a shade darker.

For instance, if your wall color is apricot, you can consider a burnt orange color for the curtains in your bedroom.

If you are someone who would like to add curtains to your bed area, you can do it by adding lighter color curtains. Just make sure you are not playing around with a color scheme that is too different from the overall theme of your bedroom space.

How to Choose The Right Length for Your Bedroom Curtains?

Whether you choose to put full-length curtains in your room or the ones which are a bit shorter, it will entirely depend on how much of your window you want to cover. It also depends on what decor style you prefer for your bedroom space.

Here is a list of the types of curtain lengths that you can pick and choose from:

1. Apron

If you are someone who likes to keep your windows open then you should opt for apron length curtains. This length of curtains does not gather too much dust or dirt.

2. Floor

The floor-length curtains are slightly longer than the apron-style curtains. If you want to hang your curtain rod higher than the size of your window, you can do that. The floor-length curtains help in giving your window ceiling a taller look.

3. Puddle

The puddle-length curtains are the longest style curtains on the list. They are an ideal choice for people who have a master bedroom. Also, you can put them around without any worries if you do not have any kids in the house.

How to drape the floor with the help of the curtains?

Bedroom curtain ideas - How to choose curtains for your bedroomIf you are using puddle curtains in your bedroom, it is ok to let them drape the floor. The puddle-length curtains are the first choice of many people when they are choosing a length of curtains for their bedroom. Drapes give your bedroom a more formal feel than other options.

No matter what fabric you have used for the curtains in your bedroom, they will all look great when draped. You can always add extra fabric to your room to let the curtains drape on the floor. You would be delighted to see the result that you will get by adding more fabric to your curtains.

How to choose the perfect fabric for your bedroom curtains?

bedroom-curtain-ideas - how to choose curtains for the bedroom

There are so many different fabrics that you can choose from based on your preference. However, due to so many available options, choosing the right fabric for your bedroom curtains can get a bit overwhelming for some people.

Here is a list of fabrics that you can pick for your bedroom curtains:

1. Velvet

If you are someone who is looking for some insulation in your space, you should opt for velvet for your bedroom curtains. One thing that you should keep in mind when choosing velvet is that it gathers a lot of dust easily.

2. Silk

If you want to give your space a classy look then you should opt for silk fabric for the curtains. The silk fabric will give your bedroom a delicate feel. The best part about choosing silk is that the material is quite durable.

3. Cotton

If you want to keep things casual in your bedroom space then you should opt for cotton fabric. Cotton curtains are both lightweight and easy to maintain. The best part is that, unlike velvet and silk fabric, they are easily affordable. You can play around with the fabric and give your bedroom whatever look you are trying to give it.

3. Polyester

When it comes to choosing a naturally mold-resistant fabric for your bedroom curtains, you should opt for polyester without a doubt. The fabric is durable and the color of the curtains won’t fade away after washing. If you are new to curtain shopping for your bedroom then you should opt for polyester. The fabric is easy to maintain and you won’t be too bugged if you have kids in the house.


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