17 Luxury Masculine Bedding Sets for A Man Cave

Luxury Masculine Bedding Sets – What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the phrase, “It is a bachelor’s room”? We can bet that that most people instantly think about the space being all about mismatched pieces of furniture, piles of unwashed laundry, a game station and zero taste with regards to the interior of the room. However, contrary to popular belief, this should not be the case, especially when you can give your room an instant makeover with a nice masculine bedding set.

Things to look for in bachelor’s bedding sets

When looking for luxury masculine bedding sets for a man, you need to keep a few things in mind. Know exactly what the guy likes. Do not keep guessing, you can ask him directly or take hints from the color themes he usually likes playing around with. Most men would prefer earthy rich undertones to go with the overall scheme of the room. You can even experiment with different patterns.

Here are 17 luxury masculine bedding sets for you to check out to up your man cave set up:

1. Navy Blue Duvet Bedding Set

Some guys are so predictable. Get him a navy blue and white bedding set and he will happy. This bedding set is also made out of 100% Egyptian cotton-linen. You get the option of either ordering it in a King or Queen Size, depending on the size of your bed and mattress. The complete set comes with two matching navy blue and white lined up pillow covers that give it that elegant look. The cotton material of the sheets makes it the ultimate sleeping option to get you through those dark and gloomy nights.

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2. Velvet Bedding Set

If you want to play safe with the picky guy, you can choose velvet any day, anytime. The solid velvety texture of the complete bedding set makes it stand out in the room. We can bet that the bedding will catch anyone’s eye, the moment they walk into your man cave. The best thing about this velvet bedding set is that it comes in color tones good for both summers and winters. This luxury masculine bedding set also has a quilt as an added luxury to it.

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3. Geometric Duvet Bedding Set

If you are someone who is looking for safer bedding options for your room then there is no better option than this geometric duvet bedding set. The bedding set is available in multiple sizes, including twin or single. The covers are wrinkle free, appropriate for the carefree man. The good news is that the bedding material is also stain free and fade resistant.

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4. Double Yarn Bedding Set

There is no better bedding material than a double yarn fabric. The bedding set in itself is an instant mood lifter. If you do not believe us, try sleeping in these sheets or taking a nap between long working shifts. You would not have had better sleep in ages, that is for sure. It comes in colors that are bright yet neutral toned. It is also available in different sizes. Make sure that you get the right color that goes well with the theme of your room.

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5. Eddie Bauer Bedding Set

When we talk about patterns and prints, plaid is a safe option because it looks good with most room interiors, especially with men’s. The bedding set is a combination of white and grey plaids that keep the overall look of your room quite simple. The comforter is filled with polyester that makes it both soft and warm. You can also reverse the comforter cover when you get bored of the plaids for a light grey option.

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6. Egyptian Bedding Set

An Egyptian cotton duvet cover can instantly become a man’s favorite because it is soft in the inside and sober on the outside when laid down on the bed. The sateen look of this luxury masculine bedding gives it a silk like texture in front of others when they see it from afar.

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7. Corduroy Comforter and Bedding Set

The Corduroy Comforter bedding set is a luxury in the form of sheets. If you do not believe us, you can check out the reviews online and then order. The fabric is exactly what a man needs. It is stain and wrinkle free. So, if you are a guy who does not like changing or washing the bedding too often, worry no more; corduroy is here to the rescue. You can easily get this bedding set in Queen, King and California King Sizes, depending on the size of your mattress.

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8. Leather Bedding Set

Get you a man who is into leather. This bedding set is as masculine as it gets. No man will say no to this bedding set. After all, it is faux leather which also comes with a comforter. Now that is a great deal. There are two size options available. One is an oversized King and the other is a Queen bed set.

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9. Ashbury Bedding and Comforter Set

This bedding set comes in dark neutral tones, appropriate for men with a taste for solid colors. The material of the bedding and the comforter that comes along with it comes in 80% cotton. The entire set has a soft and warm comforter, a King size bed sheet, two pillow covers and an extra pillow for people who would like another one. There is only one thing though, the bedding set is only available for King sized beds. So, only order if yours is the size of a King.

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10. Sherpa Bedding Set

The Sherpa bedding set gives your room the perfect warmth and coziness it lacks. This micro suede bedding set comes in a dark chocolate color, easily any guy’s favorite color. The best part about this bedding set is its mix of different textures and undertones. You can get this micro suede and Sherpa bedding set in a King size easily. So, order yours right away.

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11. Madison Bedding Set

The Madison bedding set comes in a navy blue and grey color, such an ideal choice for a man’s room or space. The bed sheet gives the entire room a more relaxed and laid back vibe. The bedding set comes with 7 pieces, including a bed sheet, two pillow covers, three extra pillows and a comforter that no one would want to get out of. The size options are limited though, between a Queen, King and a California King.

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12. Chambray Quilt Bedding Set

Some men are not into dark and solid colors. Yes, that is true. For a guy who likes light and simple tones in his room, this Chambray bedding set is ideal. It also comes with a quilt which is made from 100% cotton, making it both soft and warm for you. It is only available in a Queen size though.

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13. Faux Fur Bedding Set

The faux fur bedding set is for the guy who is a little wild. The complete set comes with four pieces, including a comforter, two pillow covers and a pillow especially made out of faux fur. The best part about getting this bedding set is that you can always flip the comforter to give you a more solid brown feel.

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14. Microfiber Paisley Bedding Set

This microfiber paisley is a 12 piece bedding set for a man who likes more pillows and cushions on his bed. It is made of 100% cotton that makes you feel good just by looking at it. It comes in a dark chocolate color with a contrast of blue paisley on the comforter to make it the perfect bedding choice for a man who likes warm hues. The best part about this masculine bedding set is that it comes with both a flat lay and a fitted sheet so that your mattress stays protected even if you are a clumsy man who would spill something on his bed sheet.

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15. Teal Bedding Set

You know what is better than 12 piece bedding set? A double teal duvet bedding set. Yes, you read that correct. This bedding set is ideal for a man who likes patterns and a mix of different shades. The bedding is made from super soft microfiber that would make you snuggle for long on a cold winter morning. There are matching curtain ties in the bedding set to go with your room interior which are also changeable. How cool is that?

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16. Tribal Bedding Set

This bedding set is a complete winner when it comes to bed sheet options in patterns and prints. The tribal prints make this bedding set an ideal choice for a man’s space. The material is made of 100% cotton and is available in a Queen size only. Something interesting about this bedding set is that you actually get two in the price of one. Yes, you read that correct. You can easily flip the bed sheet when you get bored of the tribal print for a solid dark grey option.

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17. Goose-down Bedding Set

Most men would prefer comfort over style. This goose-down masculine bedding set is made from mink fabric that gives him exactly what he might be looking for. The bedding set comes in dark and rich color tones for men who like solids. The comforter that comes along with the bedding is full of hypoallergenic alternatives to make sure you are warm throughout the year.

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Looks like a nice and comfortable luxury masculine bedding set for a man is not too hard to find after all.

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