20 Simple & Creative DIY Lampshade Makeover Ideas

Light is an important element in the house. It is even more beautiful by adding a lampshade on it. Maybe you never notice this; the decorative lampshade can give different light effects. Think about how to beautify your room by decorating it. A little revamp taken from various lampshade makeover ideas can make a huge difference to a room.

Some ideas highlight their design with materials. Things like fabric, wire, paper and even ribbon are just some of it. Other ideas take things that you do not need anymore and being very creative with it.

You can recycle items and make bottle shades, drum shade and many more. Cheap and even free items are equally useful to be transformed into a unique lampshade. How about making a lampshade made from twigs, dried leaves, sands, and stone?

The homeowner’s personality inspires some lampshade ideas. If you love bright colors, use that on your lampshades. If you are romantic at heart, there are sequins, feathers, soft material that fit that theme. A modern person will choose something timeless like paper, a piece of plain fabric or wood.

Creative Lampshade Makeover Ideas

Find an idea that suits your home, personality with materials. Things that you know you can get it done. We have gathered some lampshade makeover ideas as inspiration below.

DIY Ruffled Burlap Shade – Taking Care of Monkey Business

DIY Lampshade Makeover Ideas - Ruffle Lamp

Pom-Pom Lamp Makeover – Delicious and DIY

Pom-Pom Lamp Makeover

Balsa Wood Lamp Shade – C.R.A.F.T.

Balsa Wood Lamp Shade

Chevron Pattern Lamp Shade – Pomp and Circumstance

Chevron Lamp Shade

Vintage Map Lampshade – Pretty Handy Girl

Vintage Map Lampshade

DIY Floral Lampshade – The Heathered Nest

Floral Lampshade

DIY Glitter Lamp Shade – Stars for Streetlights

Glitter Lamp Shade - DIY Lampshade Makeover Ideas

DIY Sweater Lamp Shade – Amber Oliver

Sweater Lamp Shade - DIY Lampshade Makeover Ideas

DIY Photo Lamp Shade – A Million Moments

Instagram Photo Lamp Shade

Seagrass Lamp Shade – The Country Chic Cottage

Seagrass Lamp Shade

DIY Ribbon Lamp Shade – The Craft Tutor

Ribbon Lamp Shade

Doily Covered Lamp Shade – A Beautiful Mess

Doily Covered Lamp Shade - lampshade makeover ideas

So what can you do with those ideas mentioned above? Get crafty by taking them according to your ability. An old lampshade can have little redecorated or a full makeover. Checkout these makeover ideas; they are super easy to follow.

Turn it into a DIY project for you to try yourself. Plus, it is way better than buying a new one. So, what are you waiting for? Save money by choosing one or two from lampshade makeover ideas above. Then, share your ideas with others. So, the next time you decided to remodel your lampshades, there are more ideas for it.

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