How to Take Apart a Soap Dispenser Pump and Repair It

An essential aspect of your family’s hygiene depends on the mini soap dispenser you’re using at home. For some families, its importance in their home is very crucial.

If you have kids in your home, the soap dispenser helps keep their hands clean as they get to wash them frequently. Nevertheless, circumstances happen to the soap dispenser, and it stops working. Once it stops working, two things are involved; buying another one or fixing it, depending on what the situation requires.

If you decide to fix it, some kitchen soap dispenser means you can try to repair your dispenser. That’s what we’re discussing in this write-up; read on for more insight.

How to Take Apart a Soap Dispenser Pump (3)

How to Repair Soap Dispenser – Right Way to Take Apart & Repair

A fast method is staying beside your kitchen sink, then using one of your fingers to aid soap dispensation very quickly. It has become a traditional method used by many families to ensure soap dispenser keeps functioning in their home.

It can be frustrating if you wake up one morning and discover that your pump is faulty and cannot dispense. It is a usual thing that happens if there is a strained spring or a clog occurrence. To get it working again, you’ll need to open the dispenser to find out where there is a technical problem. All you need to do is read these simple solutions made easy I’m going to discuss.

1. Disassembling the Dispenser

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  • The first to unscrew the dispenser is to start the pump first. It is straightforward and effortless to do; get a small screwdriver that fits into the screw head.
  • After then, use a little bit of your energy to force out the nozzle.
  • You will need your whole body to have complete control of the force necessary to pull out the ring. I need to let you know that the ring is sticky and oily; ensure you’re putting on durable gloves to keep your hands from contacting stains.
  • Another reason to lock up the dispenser is the soapy goop. You will need to put in lots of effort on your part. Lastly, detach the middle part by twisting, pulling, and wiggling. As you do this, it will open.
  • Once this is done, you’ll see a ball bearing at the lower part of the air chamber. Ensure to keep it safe because it is a vital part that makes the dispenser function well.

2. Repairing the Solidification (General Process)

  • Begin with getting the basin filled with hot water. If your sink is that of a farmhouse, fill it with warm water. After then, pour into the water a tablespoon of bleach, use it to rub and clean the pump.
  • During the cleaning, the pump is screwed to the pump, unscrew so you can remove the pump slowly from the dispenser to avoid damage. Put the removed pump into the water for up to fifteen minutes. After some time, remove the soaked pump from the water to empty the sink.
  • The next thing is to turn on the water to the sink and hold the pump beneath the water for a couple of minutes.
  • Still holding it, push the nozzle for as long as you can to remove the previous soap. If clean water begins to pour out from the pump, then stop rinsing; it means there is no soap content hiding inside the pump again.
  • Grab a pipe cleaner and use it to clean leftover logs the water couldn’t remove, do it diligently.
  • To begin with, put the pipe into the pump to clear off the tube. Rinse the pump again inside water by shaking the nozzle countless times until it is clean.
  • Now, fix the dispenser to its default settings by screwing and tightening the screw to avoid mishaps during usage. Nevertheless, do not over-tighten.

3. Jammed Pump Trigger

There are some situations whereby the pump trigger does not move or low down even after pressing it correctly. A lot of factors could be responsible for such a case. Sometimes, the fault could be from the spring of the soap dispenser machine.

Technical fault from another angle might have also occurred. Nevertheless, you will need to access the spring. Check to see if the spring maintains the accurate position; if not, the solution is to get another pump.

4. Blockage of Soap Discharging

At times, they are enough liquid in the soap dispenser, yet it won’t discharge. Not even a single drop will come out even no matter how much you press the trigger. Mostly, it is due to the accumulation of soap inside the tube. The solution is to lose the pump screw with the right screwdriver to check inside.

Check to see if the tube is correctly connected to the top. It could be due to improper fittings causing the tube to allow a regular flow of the soap. The damaged tube could be a significant issue in some rare cases. It leaves a hole or split, causing a blockage. If that’s the case, you will need to replace the tube or the whole pump.

5. Weak Trigger Problem

In some situations, the soap dispenser tends to stay beneath if it doesn’t position back to it correct spot after pressing it. The cause is usually damage inside the machine in which the spring doesn’t get the required tension. Another reason is the spring getting hooked in an unusual position.

What you should do is unscrew the dispenser pump and check to see the situation. Press the spring for few minutes to bring back the regular tension. However, if there is no change after doing it, the only option is to change the spring.

6. Unstable Pump

The problem here is the pump dispenser moving from its spot when pushed. It is a result of faulty installation. To get the correct installation requires it to be in a straight position.

Get your screwdriver and screw appropriately to the right place. However, it would be best if you unscrewed it before you need to set it properly before getting the proper position. If your dispenser is that of a liquid bottle, you need to fix the case rightly. It is enough to fix the fault.


The steps mentioned above are the suitable method to open your soap dispenser and do your repair. However, what you should be focused on is finding where the fault lies.

If the method mentioned above cannot repair, the solution is to buy a new one not to halt the use of a soap dispenser in your home. Nevertheless, these simple tricks mentioned here should get it solved for you.

Best of luck!

How to Take Apart a Soap Dispenser Pump & Repair

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