How to Open a Toilet Paper Dispenser Without a Key

It can be very annoying for more prominent companies when they have to open toilet paper dispensers to change the toilet paper, and they won’t find the key.

The reason for that is the key is taken home by the employees, or it is misplaced. It can be quite a headache for the worker to open the dispenser without the key.

How to Open a Toilet Paper Dispenser Without a Key

Ways to Unlock Toilet Paper Dispenser

There are several hacks for such situations when the key is not available, and you have to open the toilet paper dispenser. Have a look at the following ways to do it:

1. Paper Clip

This method requires you to get a metal paper clip. If you can’t get a pure metallic paper clip and the paper clip that Is available around you is with color coating, you need to remove the color coating to be left with a metallic portion of the paper clip. Take this clip and straight one part of it.

Now you have one straight part, and one part is curled. This procedure will be easier to carry out if you have a big paper clip; it can be a little hard to do this for small-sized paper clips.

The next step is to insert the straight part of the key in the keyhole of the dispenser. Avoid pushing the key too much inside the keyhole, and try to work slowly with this process.

Move the paper clip right-left and up-down gently, keep on repeating this motion of the paper clip and wait for the click, which will indicate that the lock is opened.

2. Screwdriver

The screwdriver will come in handy if your dispenser is fixed with screws to the toilet paper holder. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the dispenser cover and place the toilet paper inside.

After replacing the toilet paper, put the dispenser cover back on and tighten the screws. This process is time-consuming yet effective.

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3. Using Nail

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Toilet paper dispensers that have keyholes at the end of rolls can be unlocked with nails and clips. You need to insert a nail of the same diameter as of key inside the keyhole.

Now push the nail in different directions and keep moving it until the dispenser is unlocked.

4. Copy the Key

In case none of the above-mentioned methods works, you are left with the option of getting the new key. You can find the new keys for your dispenser from your local stores.

Contact your local stores and ask them if they have the keys for the dispenser that you are using and if they have, then get one. If they don’t, go online to the manufacturer’s official stores and get the key from there.

Why Do Toilet Dispensers Have Locks?

It may not seem like a convenient option to put locks on toiler dispensers, but the number factor is requiring companies to have locks on toiler dispensers is stealing the toilet.

Shockingly, a lot of people steal toilet paper from the toilets of big companies and restaurants. This may seem small, but it causes companies a considerable loss that they cover by increasing their products or products’ prices.

How to Open a Toilet Paper Dispenser Without a Key

The other major factor for putting locks on the toilet dispenser is the hygiene factor. A locked toilet dispenser only keeps a small portion of toilet papers exposed, allowing fewer germs on the toilet paper. It prevents the transfer of germs and bacteria to the next person that will use the toilet.


The best way to prevent any problematic situations to open toilet dispensers in case of loss of key is to keep a spare key safe somewhere. If you are working in a company, recommend your boss to hold a spare key for toilet dispensers’ locks.

Still, if you experience such a scenario, you can use a paper clip, screwdriver, or nail to open your toilet dispenser. It depends on the type of dispenser you are using that which tool will be suitable for you to unlock the dispenser. You can also get a duplicate key for your toilet dispenser from your local market or online stores.

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