How to Keep Kiddie Pool Water Clean (Brilliant Tricks)

Seeing the kids happy while playing and swimming is a moment that will also make parents smile. However, this usually doesn’t last long especially when the pools start to get dirty. Therefore, you need to grasp how to keep kiddie pool water clean.

Cleaning the kiddie pool water is not a fun job. It needs extra effort and time, especially if you do it on your own. Therefore, the key to making it easy is by making sure it never gets dirty in the first place.

Some parents might be asking, is this possible? Well, try these tips on how to keep kiddie pool water clean and see for yourself.

how to keep kiddie pool water clean

1. Kiddie Pool Cover


The first tip on how to keep the water clean is by using a kiddie pool cover. After your kids are done swimming, close the pool with a wide fabric. This will prevent dirt and insects from coming in.

Kiddie pool covers are available in the market, but you can also make them on your own. Use fabrics that are thick and wide so they can close all the areas.

2. Putting it in the Best Place

How To Keep A Kiddie Pool Clean

Parents often leave kiddie pools outdoor during summer. They could keep it out to days, even weeks, and use it again. Nevertheless, sometimes people do not apprehend that it can lead to a dirty water pool.

Covering the top surface can prevent dirt from entering, but where you keep it outside also affects the water’s cleanness. Putting it under the tree is not quite an option because leaves can fall inside. Or placing it near the sandbox, will make it full of sand.

Therefore, choose a location outside the house that is far from extra dirt. For example, you can put it in the garage or under a canopy. These places will at least help keep the water clean from leaves and sand.

But, bear in mind that you must know how long can water sit in a pool without chlorine. Normally, it will only last for a maximum of seven days. Therefore, after a week, make sure to rinse it and use a new one.

3. Rinsing Feet in Clean Water

One of the easiest tips on how to keep kiddie pool water clean is by making sure it stays that way. Therefore, before entering inside, make sure your kid’s feet are free of dirt.

You can do this by providing a small bucket/dishpan basin with clean water beside the pool. If your kids go barefoot, make sure they rinse their feet first before entering. Don’t forget to change it routinely, especially if it starts to get dirty.

4. Skim the Dirt

How to keep kiddie pool water clean is by providing a small pool skimmer. While playing outside, leaves, insects, and other objects may fall in, making it dirty.

Rather than having to rinse the whole water, just skim the object out using this skimmer. You can this job every time something falls inside. Or to make it easier, clean it after the kids are done playing.

This is a must-have tool if you have a kiddie pool because it can help clean falling objects quickly without getting wet.

5. Use a Pool Cleaner

Keeping the kiddie’s pool clean is not only about preventing objects to enter. Especially because some kids often drink water from the pool during their play without notice.

That is why cleaning the pool thoroughly is an obligation for parents. One of the ways to keep kiddie pool water clean is by using a cleaner (floating dispenser for pool).

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Although it is a bit expensive, a cleaner is proven to work well. Besides, the main function of this tool is to kill bacteria and to stop the growth of algae and bacteria inside.

Keeping kiddie pool water clean with this tool is by turning it on and putting it on the base. After that, this tool will be cleaning the pool simultaneously.

6. Kiddie Pool Filter Pump

Cleaning the pool manually can take some time and be exhausting. To help you with this task, use a kiddie pool filter pump to get rid of the dirt and slimes inside.

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The use of this pump is very easy and safe as it doesn’t need electricity. Just put it inside your pool and use the water pressure from your hose to create a venturi effect. Then, the leaves and other small objects will be sucked into the bag.

7. Insert some Scum Balls

Before playing outside, parents would usually put on sunscreen on their children to prevent sunburn. However, did you know that the cream from the sunblock can go inside the water and make it dangerous for the kids too?

A solution to keeping kiddie pool water clean and safe is by using scum balls. This small item will get rid of excess oil that slimes in.

Simply drop it inside the pool before the kids jump into the water. It usually takes up around 3-5 minutes before it blends.

By knowing the steps on how to keep kiddie pool water clean, your job won’t be so hard anymore. You won’t need to rinse it every day and it won’t take forever to do it.

How to Keep Kiddie Pool Water Clean

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