How Much Does A Bath Fitter Tub Cost? (Explained)

To get a bath fitter tub cost, you need to first start by doing your initial research. This research is needed to make sure that you choose the right bath fitter tub for your bathroom.

You would need to know a lot of things before getting a bathtub. You also need to have a fair idea about the bath fitter tub cost.

A bath fitter tub cost can vary somewhere between $600 to $1500. This cost is without the installation charges. If you decide to get a professional on board, the entire project can cost you something between $3,500 to $7,500.

How Much Does A Bath Fitter Tub Cost

What Is Bath Fitter?

Before we discuss the bath fitter tub cost, it is essential to know what a bath fitter is. Bath Fitter is a Canadian professional company that started in 1984. Brian Cotton is the founder of the company. He closely worked with his brothers Glenn and Wayne Cotton to form the company.

Bath Fitter makes sure that your bathtubs are installed properly in the bathrooms. The company first takes your bathtub’s faucets and then puts up the wall panels that you opt for. The team of professionals also adds protection to the walls to keep them in good condition.

After the walls are protected properly, the bathtub is then installed. You need to keep in mind that the bathtub that is being installed is not a new one. The bathtub is old but it is installed properly to give it a new life. Apart from the bathtub, if there are any other bathroom accessories that you need to put in, you can do that as well.

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How Much Is A Bathtub Overlay?

Now that you know what Bath Fitter is, you must know how much a bath fitter costs. You can scroll through Bath Fitter’s website to check for the cost.

If you go to Bath Fitter’s website, here is what you would find:

  1. All the services that they provide are customized according to the customer’s needs.
  2. They make sure that no two bathrooms look alike.
  3. They take a look at the bathrooms first and then quote a price, based on all the changes that the bathroom needs.

It is essential that you first get an estimate before getting any changes made to the bathroom. When you contact the team, you get an estimate of all the changes that would be required in your bathroom and the bath fitter tub cost.

When Bath Fitter quotes a price to you, they mention that the price of the bath fitter tub cost is decided by what the client has chosen.

Bath Fitter is a renowned company. The company will get the job done for you without any hassle. All you have to do is give them a call and they will send their team of professionals to take care of your bathroom. They make sure that they install the liners in your bathroom. The liners are made of acrylic. They also have some liners that are available in PVC vinyl. It is more expensive than the acrylic ones that are available.

PVC vinyl liners might be more expensive but, they are not as long-lasting as acrylic liners. They also do not look as good as the acrylic liners once installed. One disadvantage of installing acrylic liners is that they can get brittle over time.

All of this is fine till you have a budget figured out. At the end of the day, you must manage everything on a set budget. So, you should keep the bath fitter tub cost in mind while deciding what you want to install in your bathroom. The starting cost of a liner is $600 and can go up to $1,500. The cost can exceed based on what other accessories you are looking to add to your bathroom.

Can You Install A Bath Overlay Yourself?

Once you have sorted out the bath fitter tub cost, you must estimate the other costs involved in the process such as the installation cost and getting a professional on board. As much as you want, paying a professional $7,500 for installing a bathtub overlay is a lot of money at the end of the day. Thus, it is essential that you first decide if you can spend that kind of money or not.

It is also essential that you look at the prospects of getting the job done all by yourself. After all, it is always better to save money and spend it on installing other accessories in the bathroom instead of just paying for it.

You need to keep in mind that you might think that installing a bathtub overlay is an easy job. However, it is quite the opposite due to the technicalities involved in the process. That is exactly why the professional team is charging such a hefty amount for the job. They know where to fit the bathtub liner and attach it accordingly.

With installing a bathtub overlay, one should also have some plumbing experience to avoid leaks or any damage to the bathroom pipes. If an amateur is doing the job, chances are that they might end up doing more damage than good which can further result in you having to pay more money. So, it is essential that you only hire a professional to get the job done.

One thing you should also know is that DIY is not a route you should take with such sensitive tasks.

How Long Does Bath Fitter Last?

How Much Does A Bath Fitter Tub Cost? (Things You Need To Know)

When you are spending so much money, it is only fair that you want to know how long will the Bath Fitter last. According to Bath Fitter, they come with a lifetime warranty. Yes, you read that correctly.

According to the details mentioned on Bath Fitter’s website, they produce the entire adhesive as well as the acrylic liners in-house. This means that they do not import their stuff from any foreign country. Everything they sell to you is made in Canada.

One disadvantage of installing an acrylic liner is that it will turn brittle over time. The time of the acrylic liner turning brittle is not established though. It means that it will depend on various other factors and vary from person to person. However, with Bath Fitter’s acrylic liners, the chances of it going brittle are comparatively less than other options available. If in case it does go brittle, you can always make use of the lifetime warranty they offer.

Bath Fitter Alternatives

how much does a bath fitter tub cost

Many people might want to know about alternatives and a list of options they can explore just in case they do not want to opt for Bath Fitter.

Here is a list of Bath Fitter alternatives:

1. Miracle Method

The first one to make it to the list of Bath Fitter alternatives is Miracle Method. This company is known for ceramic tiles, countertops, and bathtub refinishing. The liners that you can get your hands on from here are made from both acrylic and PVC plastic. They are attached with glue.

2. Liners Direct

At Liners Direct, you would easily find Bath Wraps, showers, and an overall bathroom remodeling solution. They give a guarantee for their Bath Wraps and claim that they are barrier-free as well as won’t fade over time.

3. Custom Bath Liners

If you are someone who is looking for custom bath liners then this is the place for you.

Here is a list of their services along with the cost:

  • Walkthrough state installation charges are $859
  • Tub liner and wall system remodeling charges are $2,999
  • Tub to shower conversion installation charges are $3,999
  • Handheld shower installation, including lamination on the bathroom floor with under-mount sink installation and granite, overtop charges are $6,999
  • Walk-in bathtub overlay installation charges are $7,999

4. Bath Planet

Last but not the least, there is Bath Planet which is on the list as a Bath Fitter alternative. They are a renowned BCI acrylic company. It means that all the bathtub liners that you will get there are made of acrylic.


You need to make sure that whatever company you go to and whichever bathtub liner you choose to install should fall under your budget. We have shared a list of bath fitter tub costs with you to help you decide better.

The acrylic bathtub liners are a far better choice in terms of their everyday usage and convenience. You should also consider Bath Fitter due to its lifetime warranty feature, unlike any other alternative on the list.

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