How To Clean a Cast Iron Skillet (Helpful Tips)

People have known this cooking tool for a long time. It is considered of high quality and is capable of producing perfect flavors in a variety of dishes. Unfortunately, not many people understand how to clean a cast iron skillet properly.

Cast iron material is very beneficial for the cooks. Apart from its affordable price, its service life is also quite long if cared for properly. Therefore, to provide a longer delicious aroma, try to learn some tips discussed in this review.

1. How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet

How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet

Before knowing how to clean a cast iron skillet, the first thing to understand is the seasoning method. It should be from the first time you buy to prevent rust and to make it easier to clean.

First, apply vegetable oil all over and put the skillet in the oven. Set it to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and bake for an hour. After that, let it cool for a while and then reapply the oil on the surface and wipe it clean with a paper towel.

2. How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

No matter how good the ingredients are, the cookware will be useless without proper care. Washing after use is the best way to maintain it. However, because this equipment is iron-based and easy to rust, maybe you will need a little special treatment.

  • How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet with Soap

How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet with Soap

Like other cooking utensils, you can also use regular soap to clean the remaining food that sticks to it. In some cases, surface dirt is so hard to remove that it can take hours to clean.

If you face a problem like the one above, you can do several ways. First, you can scrub it with a cast iron cleaner in the form of a chain-mail cleaning pad. Rub it on a dirty surface until it is clean with soap, and then rinse with water.

However, the idea of ​​how to clean a cast iron skillet has been thought of for a long time. If stubborn dirt appears, use the cooking utensil to boil the water first. This method will dissolve the used food in it, making the pan easy to clean.

  • Cleaning Cast Iron with Salt and Potato

cleaning cast iron pan

Some people also use salt as an alternative to how to clean a cast iron skillet. First, pour the ingredient into the dirty part. You can wait for it for a minute or simply rub it with a cleaning pad. The salt will help absorb dirt and make it easy to clean.

Cleaning in this way is also accompanied by the use of potatoes. After heating the skillet and pouring the salt on it, use the potato to scrub the stain. You will find your job easier by this way.

3. How to Store a Cast Iron Pan

How to Store a Cast Iron Pan

Besides learning about how to clean and season cast iron, you also need to know the correct storage technique. The reason is, improper placement will have an impact on its durability and quality. Here are some tricks to make your cookware last longer.

The way to store it is easy. You have to avoid locations that are damp or contain water to prevent it from rusting. Moreover, cast iron should be dried in the sun now and then to keep the surface dry and durable.

4. How to Restore Cast Iron Skillet

How to Restore Cast Iron Skillet

Many factors may cause your cast iron skillet to break, rust, or lose its usefulness. Apart from the age factor, the method of storage also has a crucial influence on its durability.

However, damaged objects may no longer be usable. If your cookware starts to malfunction, try to repair it first. Some simple tricks can fix the problems, such as rusty iron or burnt stains. Here are some tips you can do.

  • How to Clean Rusty Cast Iron Skillet

How to Clean Rusty Cast Iron Skillet

The easiest way is to use a detergent scrub that is now available in many stores. Some recommendations to choose from are Bon Ami and Bar Keepers Friends. The acid in it will help get rid of the annoying rust.

You can also make it perfect by boiling the water in it until it boils for 10-15 minutes. Thus, the rust that sticks to it will dissolve in the water. Besides, another way to get rid of the rust is by applying seasoning techniques.

  • How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet With Burnt On

How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet With Burnt On

After learning to clean cast iron skillet with salt and potato, you have started to have an idea of the ingredients that have the power to clean stubborn dirt and stains on cooking utensils. Among the many problems, burn marks are one of the most difficult to treat.

The handling method is the same as the concept to clean a cast iron skillet above. You can use special cleaning agents for iron, salt, potatoes, or apply seasoning techniques. However, generally, burn marks will disappear by dissolving them with water.

The quality and delicacy of food are determined by the cookware used. Dirt stains and various other damages might make it imperfect. That is why we need to learn well how to clean a cast iron skillet as a way of serving delicious dishes.

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