15 Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Designs

How about having a picnic every day while enjoying the fresh air around the house? If so, then make this idea possible by coming up with outdoor kitchen ideas. Here are some great examples for your reference.

1. Sea Sight Kitchen Idea

Sea Sight Kitchen Idea

If you are lucky enough to live near the sea, then why not see the view every day by making an outdoor kitchen. Build your oven and other cooking equipment in an open area in the back of the house. To match the environment, use white and blue colors.

2. Brick Theme Kitchen Idea

Brick Theme Kitchen Idea

Those who are looking for outdoor kitchen ideas on a budget can try out the brick theme design. Choose light color bricks for the patio and the place for the sink or stove. Then, to make it look pretty, add some plants on the side of the area.

Brick Theme Outdoor Kitchen Idea

Brick Theme Outdoor Kitchen Idea

3. Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

One of the simple outdoor kitchen ideas that you can build is by making an L shape design. The long side of the letter will be used as the dining area. On the other hand, the shorter place is where the cooking and cleaning is done.

4. Kitchen Bar

Outdoor Kitchen Bar

Enjoy watching others prepare and cook for your meals by having a bar design kitchen. To make this happen, build a counter in the middle of the room. This will be used as the preparation and dining area for the guests. Complete the look by adding a mini-fridge to put ice and drinks.

5. Yellow Wood Theme Kitchen

Yellow Wood Theme Outdoor Kitchen

One of the country outdoor kitchen ideas that you can make is a yellowish-wood theme. Use the same material and color for the settings of the equipment and the dining area.

Those who want to give it a bit of a modern touch can use black marble for the top of the tables and kitchen set.

6. Blue Theme Kitchen

Blue Theme Outdoor Kitchen

Use blue tiles for the kitchen set equipment, whereas you can choose steel material for the oven and grilling area. As for the dining area, combine the same color with white to make a beach atmosphere in your house.

7. Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Those looking for modern kitchen outdoor ideas can combine marble materials, wood, and light tone for the theme, such as white and grey.

Choose white or other light colors for the main color of the kitchen. Then, combine the tone with other materials such as grey marbles for the flooring and wood for the upper walls.

8. Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

If you prefer more space for hanging out, then use small outdoor kitchen ideas like this simple design. The only thing needed here is a grilling set that is installed above the storage.

For the dining area, you can build some benches on the sides of the garden. With this design, people can still cook outside while enjoying the fresh air.

9. Small End Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Create a small cooking area in the back of the house for those with limited space. Design it with grey and metal colors, so it does not look small or narrow. To get some fresh air, you do not need to build a wall between the kitchen and the backyard.

10. Metal and Wood

DIY Outdoor Kitchen from metal and wood
Source: yardsurfer.com

One of the outdoor kitchen ideas DIY that you can build is from metal and wood. Install the logs and make it look like a minibar. Then, between them, insert the metals so that they close the gaps between the poles. Add some light bulbs on top to brighten the area at night.

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11. Classic Barbeque Grill

Classic Barbeque Grill
Source: jmarvinhandyman.com

Build a classic barbeque grill spot using steel equipment combined with grey and black countertops. To secure your cooking, build an open wooden canopy around the kitchen. As for the dining set, choose soft colors like brown for the tone.

12. Warm-Colorful Kitchen Area

Warm-Colorful Kitchen Area
Source: gardeningschool.org

Create a warm atmosphere in the kitchen by using wood and some simple bricks for the main material. Then, hang on some bars on the upper backside for some extra storage. To make it more comfortable, add some flowers, plant around it, and set some small light bulbs.

13. Rustic Wood Theme

Rustic Wood Theme
Source: recyclart.org

Install light color woods on the walls to get a unique rustic theme for the kitchen. You could also utilize similar type of material for the storage doors and wardrobe. As for the countertops, it is best to opt for a bright and neutral tone like white. Then, install a metal canopy above it to secure the area.

14. Complete Stonework Kitchen

Complete Stonework Kitchen
Source: flcreativeoutdoorkitchens.com

Make a natural theme look by using stonework as the main material for the whole kitchen. Do not forget to install the sinks, oven, and bring in the fridge to complete the area. To match the theme, use brown steel for the tones of the equipment.

15. White Rustic Kitchen

White Rustic Outdoor Kitchen
Source: urbangardensweb.com

This white rustic theme kitchen is a great idea for those who like something vintage. The main and based color used is plain-dusty white, making it look a bit old. As for storage, you can hang on a piece of wood on top of the cabinetry.

Choose the best outdoor kitchen ideas that suit your style and space. For reference, white rustic and complete stonework is the most favorite design.

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15 Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and designs

15 Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and designs

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