How to Soundproof a Floor in an Apartment

Noise is one issue that can interfere with your peace of mind when relaxing in your home. Noise pollution has always been an issue where people live in apartments close to each other.

This type of noise from neighbors is referred to as airborne noise. This type of noise can pass through one family house to another through doors, holes, and floors. Noise pollution is a terrible distraction, especially when you work or study from home and need some serenity to concentrate.

One easy way to eliminate this type of noise is to learn how to soundproof your floors. Noise pollution may come from people’s footsteps, from kids playing in the house and other household activities.

Noise pollution has the ability to reduce your productivity and affect your mental health. In this post, we will discuss the effective techniques you can adopt to help you soundproof the floors in your apartment.

Soundproofing your floor will help you enjoy more privacy in your home and increase your productivity. Soundproofing your apartment floor will also help improve the acoustics of your home.

There are several methods you can use to suppress noise in your home. However, some methods are more expensive than the others so you will have to choose the options that suit your budget. Let’s see some of these soundproofing methods here:

The Best Ways to Soundproof a Floor

1. Invest in Floor Mats

How to Soundproof the Floor in an Apartment with floor mats

A thick floor mat is another great noise insulator you can use to soundproof the floor of your apartment. A heavy carpet on your floor is enough to suppress the noise. However, you may add some rubber mats to further enhance the results. Rubber is a preferred material for soundproofing your floor due to the minimal number of holes it contains. Airborne noise relies on holes to get into your apartment.

You can find different types of these floor mats in the market. One very popular option is Rubber-Cal which is produced from recycled rubber and provides good shock-absorbing benefits. Rubber-Cal keeps your floors firm enough to prevent slipping.

2. Use Acoustic Floor Underlayment

The Best Ways to Soundproof a Floor - Underlayment

Another very effective technique you can adopt for soundproofing your floor is using acoustic floor underlayment. This underlayment will help create an effective barrier that will inhibit the movement of sound in and out of your home.

One popular underlayment option is the laminate underlayment. To install this underlayment, simply unroll it to cover all your floor surfaces. You can attach the underlayment to the edges of your floor with nails.

3. Keep a dense carpet on the floor

floor soundproofing

Placing a heavy carpet on your floor is a cheap way to soundproof your floor. Any dense carpet can handle the issue of noise pollution in your apartment. It is impossible for the noise to penetrate through the dense carpet on the floor and get into your apartment. Grip rug pads are ideal for soundproofing your floor. They are durable and slip-resistant carpets that you can easily attach with glues or nails.

4. Install Mass Loaded Vinyl

Soundproofing the Floor in an Apartment with Mass Loaded Vinyl

A mass loaded vinyl can help you achieve a soundproofed apartment. This insulator reduces every noise people in surrounding apartments generate. Start the installation by laying down the mass loaded vinyl, place rubber on the MLV, then add your carpet on top of the two materials to soundproof your floor. A thick carpet is most suitable for this task.

The three layers are able to reduce noise in your apartment because the rubber already has a sense of nature with the thick carpet’s woven fibers absorbing every extra noise. You can fasten the mass loaded vinyl material to your floor with a nail.

5. Use The Green Glue Method

Soundproofing a Floor with green glue method

The green glue method employs the use of an adhesive soundproofing material known as green glue. When you apply the green glue between two soundproofing materials, it deadens every sound due to its polymeric nature. Green glue is mold resistant and eco-friendly.

green glue


There are several ways to soundproof your apartment. However, these methods differ in their effectiveness, cost, and method of installation. The cheapest methods of soundproofing your apartment floor include the use of thick carpets and a rubber mat.

Soundproofing the floor of your apartment can help you enjoy more privacy at home, increase your comfort and ensure you don’t suffer the effects of noise pollution.

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