What Color Should I Paint My Brick Fireplace?

Painting your fireplace the right color can change the entire atmosphere of the room. There are endless color options when it comes to painting a brick fireplace. However, it can be overwhelmingly stressful at times as people struggle with “what color should I paint my brick fireplace?”

A bare, and stark brick fireplace may be the look some people are going for. But if you lean more toward painting your fireplace, rest assured that these are some of the best color options for your fireplace.

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Beautiful brick fireplace color ideas

Knowing What Look You’re Aiming For

Before you start, you have to be clear on the final look that you are aiming for. If you want the fireplace to be the center of attention and drama, choose a dark color as it will act as the focal point of the room.

If you desire a more adaptable and well-blended brick fireplace, either choose a light-colored paint or paint it a monochromatic duo to your wall paint.

1. Soft Neutral Look

Soft Neutral Look Brick fireplace Painting

Some paint color options to go for a soft neutral look are beige, cream, light gray, and tan. These are shades of white that you can broadly and richly choose from.

These colors will blend well with contemporary designed rooms.

2. Contrasting Look

Contrasting Look Brick Fireplace

Sometimes a fireplace is more than a fireplace, it is an area of art and creativity. Thus, a contrasting look may appeal very delightful to some people. Paint the brick and the mantel with two contrasting colors such as black and white, or other contrasting colors.

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3. The Blended Look

The Blended Look Fireplace

For a subtly beautiful atmosphere to the room, make sure to have a blended look. Color the fireplace the same or similar shade to your overall room. This will create seamless and calming energy in the living space.

Those are the three basic guides to choosing a color to paint your brick fireplace. It will reflect the personality of the room and beautifully exude your personal style. Furthermore, let’s take a look at some practically painted brick fireplaces for inspiration, from dramatic and bold, to soft and subtle.

Practical Tips about What Color Should I Paint My Brick Fireplace

1. Dramatically Bold

Dramatically Bold Brick Fireplace Painting

A bold and dramatic brick fireplace does not always mean black and white. Many complementary colors can be a choice to paint the bricks such as orange and blue, green and red, and yellow and purple.

Depending on how bold you want to be, the color option is yours to choose. Typically, however, the most elegant-looking brick fireplace is a black accent wall against a white room.

2. Natural, Authentic Brick

Natural Brick Painting

A natural, authentic, and rustic-looking brick fireplace is timeless. It is the original fireplace, especially when the fire cracks and warms up the room with mixes of teal orange and blue-colored fire.

3. Smearing Brick

German Shmear Brick Fireplace Painting

The smearing brick is the perfect timeless-meets-modern look. Splashes of white paint against the natural orange bricks are extremely pleasing to the eye. It creates warmth through its colors.

4. The Blended Fireplace

The Blended Fireplace Painting

A monochromatic space will be an endless joy to the eye of the beholder. A blended fireplace with similar colors to the walls creates a seamless transition to the focal point of the room. With crevices from the brick, the fireplace maintains its delicacy.

5. Whitewashed

Whitewashed Brick Fireplace Painting

A whitewashed brick fireplace against a white wall will create an open and larger space, whereas a whitewashed brick fireplace against a colored wall will create a soft contrast.

6. One-colored Neutrals

One-colored Neutrals Fireplace

A one-colored brick fireplace can never go wrong. Go bold or go soft with your desired paint color.

7. Natural Brick

Natural Brick Painting for fireplace

The color of natural bricks is somewhat endearing to many people. However, for a brick fireplace, it is best to stain the bricks for a brighter and richer color. This will bring attention to the natural texture of the bricks.

Those were the many practical options that hopefully answered the question, “What Color Should I Paint My Brick Fireplace?”

Make sure to have a thorough consideration before choosing the color for your brick fireplace and let it be a source of comfort for your home.

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