How to Repair Mirror Desilvering – Remarkable Solutions

A mirror is functional and decorative at the same time. You can hang it in your bedroom, living room, or even bathroom. However, you lately spot the annoying sight of scratches and blackening development on your bathroom mirror. You remember the term for this phenomenon is called desilvering. It makes you wonder how to repair mirror desilvering.

In this article, you will read more about the causes of mirror desilvering. You will also find several solutions to the above question of how to repair mirror desilvering.

How to Repair Mirror Desilvering

Mirror Desilvering

Regardless of their functional and decorative roles, mirrors are often unconsciously overlooked. As time passes by, the gloss and transparency of your used-to-be new mirror will slowly deteriorate.

All mirrors are vulnerable to desilvering. People also interchangeably call it blackening or mirror rot.

The worst case occurs for those highly exposed to moisture. Mirrors in the bathroom, basement or poorly insulated houses, and other buildings are some examples.

how to repair mirror desilvering

Let’s take a look at the bathroom mirror desilvering. Black spots usually and unnoticeably build up at the edges of your mirror.

The repeated steam accumulation, especially after hot showers, has caused the moisture to infiltrate the silver coating on the rear part of the mirror. As a result, it gets separated from the mirror glass.

Blackening spots begin and continue appearing. Of course, you need the best way out of this problem.

Better Prevent Than Cure

How to Repair Mirror Desilvering

In addition to taking hot showers, other bathroom actions potentially contribute to your mirror desilvering. Several common causes are hand and face washing, tooth brushing, or pet bathing.

You do them mostly in the sink or tub. Therefore, it is essential to take precautions. For example, you need to be more careful while completing those actions. You have to keep the water in the sink or tub since the moisture may lead to desilvering.

Also, you can do regular care and maintenance to your bathroom mirror. For instance, when you notice that water splashes on the mirror edges, quickly dry it off.

Still, bathroom mirrors are highly exposed to moisture, making them prone to persistent blackening and scratches. Likewise, what else you can do for repairing your desilvering mirror?

How to Repair Mirror Desilvering DIY?

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There are a couple of DIY projects you try at home to repair desilvering on your mirror.

First, you can get a desilvering mirror kit. You can buy one that may or may not require you to get an additional paint stripper. You need to follow the instructions carefully.

The second option is using hobby reflective paints. You need to remove the frame to clean the area. Properly shake your touch pen and paint the blackened area afterward. It is better to put on two layers. After the first layer dries, you apply the second layer.

Adding sealant to the mirror edges is the third solution. It can prevent the buildup of black spots. When smearing it onto the rear of your mirror (on the edges), be sure to have sufficient ventilation. Let it dry before putting it back on the wall.

Mirror finish tape and mirror vinyl wrap can be other answers to your blackening bathroom mirror.

What about installing a frame as another simple way to repair mirror desilvering? You can choose a custom or pre-made frame kit with instructions. Be sure to have the right size frame that matches your mirror. It must cover the black stains formed on the edges of your mirror.

Let the Experts Do It

It is ideal for you who do not have time on your hand and skills but more cash in your wallet. The reason is because of re-silvering calls for highly skilled professionals or technical experts. It is also pretty costly.

In doing the re-silvering process, you need to remove the original silver and replace it with a new silver coating. This coating requires genuine silver; that is why you need a professional to finish the job.

In addition to black spots, re-silvering will also remove air bubbles and small ripples built up in the mirrors. As such, the experts apply re-silvering to antique mirrors as well.

Buy a New Mirror

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This last solution is perhaps the easiest thing to repair mirror desilvering – buying a brand new one. The truth is that the complete replacement of your scratched mirror is the most cost-effective way.

It frequently happens to the latest mirrors. They have a glued-in-position design. Therefore, taking the mirror from a wall often causes the glass to be cut off into pieces.

If you have the budget, it is better to go and buy a new one.

Homeowners have run into all sorts of home care and maintenance agonies. Mirror rot or mirror blackening is one of those persistent distresses. Luckily, now you have several ways outs to your how to repair mirror desilvering question.  You can either try them all or pick the most suitable one.

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