21 Top Driveway Edging Ideas That Will Improve Your Yard

Regardless of the driveway material, it will get smeared due to the torrential downpours and winds. Furthermore, it happens when the material starts cracking. Therefore, driveway edging ideas can maximize your home’s curb appeal.

An excellent driveway edging keeps up the aesthetic value of the house. Moreover, it helps you save some money through affordable maintenance.

Undoubtedly, there are innumerable ways of edging the driveway. It depends on your preferred material and personal style.

If you plan to install edging around your driveway, dive into this article first. The following ideas will not break the bank.

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Driveway Edging Types

There are two common edging types: flat and raised edges. Here are brief explanations of them.

  • Flat Edging
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Source: crescenthomesmaui.com

As the name indicates, it sits flush with the driveway. However, it lends the driveway shape and color contrasts.

  • Raised Edging
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On the other hand, it is higher than the driveway. It works as an attractive border between the lawn and the driveway too.

Furthermore, this type of edging retains any lawn area.

Driveway Edging Benefits

If you are not convinced yet, check out these spectacular benefits of driveway edging. Thus, they will motivate you to outline your driveway for sure.

  • Reduce driveway maintenance costs.
  • Give the driveway protection against chipping and cracking.
  • Boost the home’s value by making the driveway stand out.
  • Protect the lawn while keeping other drivers from backing into it.
  • Make parking easier and increase curb appeal.
  • Inhibit soil erosion in harsh climatic conditions.

21 Best Edging Ideas for Driveways

Now that you have known driveway edging types, it is time to discover remarkable designs. Then, steal one to create your driveway.

Driveway edges can be stately or low-key. However, you can personalize it too. Below are some options to consider.

1. Brick Edging

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Source: pinterest.com

If you need astonishing driveway edging for gravel, choose brick. The gravel driveway is the lowest budget driveway out there.

Likewise, bricks will spruce up the gravel driveway without pouring money down the drain. Apart from creating contrast, they carve a distinguished border.

They are suitable for massive driveways as well.

Dig a bit deep trench. Then, add layers of cement. Finally, pile the red bricks. This brick edging is unusual because it is raised and flat at once.

2. Living Driveway Edges

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Source: obererhomes.com

Plants make impressive driveway borders. In addition, they cost you a few bucks. If your budget is not huge, opt for flowers.

Further, grow flowering plants that produce blooms year-round. Be sure they are also adaptive to different climates.

Here, the lavenders lend density and vibrant colors to the edging. Moreover, they provide a jaw-dropping contrast to the edges.

3. Stone Pavers

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Source: yellowpages.ca

This asphalt driveway appears neat because of the stone pavers. Asphalt itself is a remarkable driveway material.

Edging the asphalt, sloped driveway with pavers is a smart move. Besides, the pavers offer extra grip and traction when the driveway gets slippery.

If you are into stone pavers, consider installing a street drain in them at the base. It will make the driveway edging more ergonomic.

4. Flagstones Meet Pebbles

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Source: pinterest.com

Some people confuse tarmac with blacktop and asphalt. Typically, tarmac driveways belong to English-style homes.

The tarmac driveway and flagstone edging look marvelous together. Hence, this combo instantly jazzes up the front yard of this suburban house.

The homeowner arranged the flagstones horizontally. In addition, a spread of complementary pebbles rounds out the driveway edging.

5. Crushed Concrete

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Source: homestamp.com

If you admire more modern driveway edging options, use long concrete blocks. Likewise, their simplicity goes excellently with the driveway.

Utilize scrap materials like leftover concrete blocks to make raised driveway edges. Next, fill them with crushed concrete.

This raised edging gives the driveway a seamless look. Meanwhile, the simple greenery evokes a modern ambiance.

6. Front Garden Maze

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Source: rivervalleyfinalgrade.ca

Asphalt is incredibly durable. It makes a phenomenal driveway too. Moreover, it is acceptable to pair it with gorgeous green turf.

For instance, this home gives off a cottage vibe that never stops wowing everyone. If you fancy a layered look, transform the driveway into an awe-inspiring garden maze.

In addition to the massive space, this edging idea requires a contoured asphalt driveway. Also, it will put your landscaping skills to good use.

7. Charming Cobblestone

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Source: canpages.ca

Here is a tarmac driveway that guides to the front door. Then, the flat cobblestone edging protects the driveway from a continuous flow.

Cobblestone is one of the most cost-effective driveway edging materials. The edging separates the compact tarmac driveway from the grass and bushes.

Additionally, the cobblestone blocks mingle beautifully with the tarmac driveway. They carve a classic appearance.

8. Bradstone Block Kerbs

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Source: builderdepot.co.uk

This driveway edging is practical. Not only does it keep the vehicle from overrunning, but also it provides a crucial aesthetic function.

Also, the edging boasts a softer surface. Moreover, it features rounded edges that boost the weathered look instantly.

Apart from offering various laying options, the Bradstone Block Kerbs come in three sizes and three shades.

9. Stay Minimalistic

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Source: pinterest.com

Here is a stylish take on a driveway edging for gravel. The concept is similar to that of a raised bed or flower box.

Besides, the dark gray driveway edging generates a notable border. Meanwhile, the clean white pebbles complement the simple greenery.

10. Wondrous Wood

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Source: twitter.com/thuyhomesteader

If you love low-budget driveway edges, copy this wood edging. Just gather the scrap wood. Then, smoothen them up.

Utilize wood to outline the rustic gravel driveway. Further, this edging is a cross between flat and raised edges.

It matches lush green turfs and trees, too.

11. Gray Gravel

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Source: trees.com

This gray gravel edging enhances the look of the concrete or flagstone driveway. It offsets the nearby green grassy lawn.

The gravel edging is not only neat but also maintains the lawn grass. Just dig a shallow trench before filling it with gray gravel stones.

12. Modern Driveway Edging

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Source: shuotui.com

Here is a driveway employing modern slabs. This stylish edging meets the driveway seamlessly while making the space cohesive.

Raising the driveway edging is a brilliant idea. It enables you to create a stylish driveway edge. Meanwhile, the matching pebbles segment the two levels nicely.

13. Magnificent Metal

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Source: improveoutdoors.com

Metal is one of the best driveway edging materials. Since the metal is vaguely visible, the concrete slab driveway appears seamless.

The quality slabs ask for a slick finish. Here, the sturdy metal edging does that job well. Also, it accentuates the grass turf and clean white pebbles.

14. Go Vertical

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Source: hieronimi.de

If flat driveway edges are not right up your alley, you should choose a different route. This edging features vertical pavers.

Thus, the stylish driveway and edging look splendid together. Moreover, the edge itself matches the driveway in color and style.

15. Resin Meets Concrete

Source: improveoutdoors.com

Don’t you admire this long resin driveway? The pattern imprinted concrete edging goes perfectly with it.

Also, the combo is gaining popularity.

Here, the imprinted driveway lends the edging ambiance. Moreover, the driveway distinguishes the resin driveway gorgeously.

16. No Border, No Problem

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Source: pavingplatform.com

Who needs a border when you have a lawn? As you see, the living edging softens the appearance of the driveway.

The grass border complements the driveway perfectly. Furthermore, the juxtaposition of the colors never disappoints you, right?

17. Straight Scallop Concrete Edger

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Source: walmart.com

These concrete blocks come with rounded edges. Then, they will work excellently on more traditional driveways.

The scalloped edging matches the driveway seamlessly. In addition, the gray rounded edge blocks highlight the garden crotons.

18. Creative Edging

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Source: tuacasa.com.br

I love the creative design of this patterned driveway. The red blocks trick the eye into thinking they are the border. However, the narrow blocks become an actual driveway edging.

Moreover, the edging picks up the light gray shade of driveway blocks for a seamless finish.

19. Ancestry Edging

Source: lsd.co.uk

The Old Riven Edging above is a carved block. Likewise, it may fool the eye into thinking that edging comprises ten stones.

In addition, this driveway edging offers easy laying. Also, it delivers rustic charm to the country garden.

20. Rope Top Border

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Source: pavingdirect.com

This rope top edging is ideal for more traditional driveways. The red concrete edging introduces a contrast.

Besides, the edge allows you to create raised flower beds as well. Furthermore, its warm hue matches the nearby front garden plants.

21. River Stones

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Source: onekindesign.com

The homeowner uses natural river stones to outline his brick driveway. Then, this stone edging complements the plants nearby.

Additionally, it produces an impression of a rustic yet layered driveway.

Frequently Asked Questions

After discovering the ideas, let’s read up on some crucial FAQs. Hence, they will surely help you in your upcoming driveway projects.

How do you edge around a driveway?

You can install driveway edging using a no-dig method. Likewise, simply make the trenches with the help of stakes.

This method does not require anglers, grinders, and mortar too.

What is the best edging for a gravel driveway?

A gravel driveway is versatile and low-budget. However, outlining it with wood chips or stones is recommended.

Wood logs/chips make the most affordable gravel driveway edging. The stones create a rustic vibe, though.

What can I use for driveway edging?

The edging materials for driveways greatly vary. Usually, people use blocks, pebbles, brick pavers, cobblestones, concrete, or wood to edge their driveways.

Final Thoughts

Above all, driveway edging is worth installing. It helps you meet your aesthetic needs. Also, it reduces the cost of curb maintenance and prevents soil erosion.

Therefore, since you have numerous driveway edging ideas to select from, be sure you opt for the best edging material and design.

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