25+ Stunning Red Brick and Siding Color Combinations

Brick homes are beautiful on their own, but there are occasions when siding is preferable. Looking to add some panache to your abode? Perhaps you’ve reached a point where you’re sick of your appearance being unchanged.

Want some more insulation? Whatever the case may be, matching red brick with siding colors can be a hit or miss. To that end, I’ve penned this piece to help you choose siding colors that complement your brick home’s existing hues.

25+ Stunning Red Brick and Siding Color Combinations

25 Ideas of Red Brick and Siding Color Combinations

Opt for a Sage Choice

The key to choosing siding that complements red brick is to consider the brick’s shade and your own preference. Try a more subdued color scheme if you’re not looking for the glitzy Malibu beach home look.

With its sage green paneling and weathered brick chimney, this home exudes an air of refined sophistication. It all comes together with the choice of brick-red shingles.

A Sage Darker

The darker the siding, the more serious and intimidating your brick home will appear.

This deeper sage siding calls to mind oak-studded mossy woodlands. Even if you live on a cul-de-sac, the combination of this color with a woodland backdrop will make you feel like you’re in a secluded cabin.

White trim typically helps to tone down a dark hue, but that is not the case here. It can’t take away from the eerie feel of the woods at night.

Warm Sienna

Choosing the right siding to compliment your brick depends on a number of factors, including the architectural style of your home. The house in this example is reminiscent of a Dutch cottage.

The combination of the soft peach siding, deep red brick, and nearly black trim makes it feel more inviting than imposing.

This is due to the porch overhang’s graceful, asymmetrical movement. The subterranean foyer adds a touch of magic. Thus, the house’s overall nostalgic vibe is a result of the darker hues accenting the brighter peach.

Choose Two

Give muted coral a try if you’re trying for a more contemporary, minimalist look. Pairs nicely with white accents and looks great with lighter tones of red brick.

If you want to finish off the look and provide some sort of boundary around the coral siding, use some white siding to do so. It will brighten up the interior by bringing out the duller pink tint.

Two In One

Having the brick on the first floor of the house be seen and the siding on the second might help define the outside of the property. In duplexes, this is a fantastic way to create privacy.

This homeowner chose a pale gray for the siding of their new addition. In addition to setting the ground level apart visually, this also highlights the brick’s natural charm.

Colonial Prestige

This home exemplifies the transformative power of high-quality siding. This brick house would be bare without the gray-brown cladding. All of its impressiveness would be diminished.

The white four seasons room and its matching porch wouldn’t stick out as much if they were painted a darker color. The siding’s muted tones serve to both update the house and preserve its beauty.

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Heart Of The Home

brick house with siding
Source: 110 Builders

Although brick itself is attractive, it is typically highlighted when contrasts and highlights are added. Siding in a hue near to brick is a safe option if you don’t want to go overboard with accents.

Visitors’ attention will be drawn to the region due to the modest contrast in textures.

The homeowners here went with a warm fawn color for the foyer. They’re trying to sell this area of the house as the focal point.

A Hint of Blue

A Dash Of Blue
Source: Drees Homes

Do you want to give your house more depth and personality? This homeowner painted their house’s exterior a pale blue to draw attention to the roof’s several peaks.

Their home will look more three-dimensional and the attention of passers-by will be directed upward. Both the blue siding and the red brick provide a striking contrast to one another, yet they work well together.

Without the siding, this home’s architectural style would be lost in a sea of monotony.

Beachy Vibes

dark red brick house
Image Source: Bowers Design Build

For some reason, when I look at this home, I can’t help but think of a beach in South Carolina. Choosing the right paint color for your brick home is essential.

These pale bricks compliment the siding’s sandy tones beautifully. The homeowner wisely avoided stark contrast by not using white. Tan looks great against brick and really brings out the white window frames.


compliment to brick red
Image Source: Mel Dias Designs

The siding on this house is unusual. Only in the basement can you see any brick at all, making it practically invisible. In contrast, the tan second-story siding is laid above the gray-brown first-story siding.

When I initially saw it, the delectable dessert Tiramisu was the first thing that came to mind.

The siding on this brick house was a great choice of color because it really improved the home’s aesthetic. If it were made entirely of brick, much of its appeal would be lost.

Check Out My Window!

The lighter siding in this example not only makes the house more welcoming, but also serves to highlight the prettiest window. Use siding to highlight an ornate dormer window.

The homeowner here kept the aesthetic continuity by siding the next wall as well. If you have a bay window, bow window, or stained glass that you want to show off, this is the way to go.

Black Chic

If your home is mostly made of red brick but has some black ones mixed in, black siding would look great.

The homeowner has made a tasteful decision to highlight the natural brick rather than the siding.

The white window sashes and fascia provide just enough illumination to prevent the building’s exterior from seeming too dreary. A strong layer of black shingles serves as the final touch.

Gift Box Feels

Homes might appear either like a dollhouse or a haunted house at times. The delicate gray sheathing wraps around its precise square frame like gift wrap, making me think of a box ready to be filled with presents.

The owners painted the basement and porch to match the outside siding but left an exposed brick strip on the first floor. Ingenious, don’t you think, that the block may serve as the ribbon?

Lighten Up!

blue siding with brick
Image Source: Group3

Large windows are a standout feature of this home, and the owner has no trouble drawing our attention to them. The first-floor walls are a cheery soft yellow, a color choice that works well for any house.

The color is a fine addition to the bottom floor’s bright red brick and thick white mortar. It’s like a little ray of brightness in the heart of a residential area.

Be Bold

how to choose roof color for red brick house
Image Source: Elizabeth Harlow

Few homeowners today use bold primary hues, opting instead for more muted or conventional palettes. On the other hand, this homeowner demonstrates that matte red siding may very well be attractive.

This risky decision is salvaged by the use of high-quality materials for the roofing and molding.

It has the typical look of a red barn from a distance. Close up, it appears to be a simple, modern farmhouse. Artistically, the decision to leave the brick chimneys exposed benefits the entire structure.

Red, White, & Brick

brick and siding color combinations
Image Source: Jagoe Homes Inc.

Perhaps it’s tough to find an exact match for the red brick. It’s not black enough to pair well with darker siding colors, but it’s also not bright enough to look good with white.

Dual-siding applications are often successful. This homeowner painted the roof of his garage red and the dormer behind his garage white. The brick’s shade is somewhere in the center, thanks to the extremes created by the clashing hues.

Give Tri-Tone a Go

what color siding goes with red brick
Image Source: Jagoe Homes Inc.

Is it necessary that you pick only two colors for your siding? You are the owner, after all! Try all three and see which one you like most!

Siding in shades of deep red, tan, and dark brown, like that of this home, produces striking results. Because they are working on the dormers, the interior of the house is wide open as they work.

After being attracted in by the red, and then the other dormers, the exposed brick of this home serves to refocus the viewer’s attention.

Shake Things Up

red brick house with gray siding
Image Source: Acme Brick Birmingham

This home’s brickwork and architectural style are both quite classy. The siding was expertly installed, however, because the homeowners understood what they were doing.

The gray shake siding draws attention to the impressive front door. As it does so, it avoids messing up the home’s aesthetic by preserving the existing balance.

Cool as a Cucumber

This home’s brickwork and architectural style are both quite classy. The siding was expertly installed, however, because the homeowners understood what they were doing.

The gray shake siding draws attention to the impressive front door. As it does so, it avoids messing up the home’s aesthetic by preserving the existing balance.

How You Doin’?

red brick houses with siding
Image Source: Dwellings

Why do pastel colors conjure images of old money? Or maybe little mansions. In contrast, you may give this a try if the red bricks on your house have faded and are starting to look pink.

Adding white siding will further reflect light, making the drab hue appear intentional. Something about white against pink or salmon makes it seem crisp, clean, and perhaps even luxurious.

The Darker the Brick

what color siding with red brick
Image Source: Tucker Homes

Darker brick calls for darker siding. Keep it less contemporary and more classical, as that is the rule.

There are regular sections of red brick that range in color from medium to dark red throughout this home. There aren’t any contrasting white or black bricks everywhere.

The homeowner’s choice of a solid, dark green for the siding was therefore a perfect match. My favorite detail is the stained cedar shake neatly tucked away under the eave. It’s a lovely touch that elevates the overall design.

Brick Oasis

The color blue has a relaxing effect. Except for neon, of course. The owners opted for blue cladding that virtually fits the blue pool around the brick home.

This calming blue is perfect for homes with red bricks that range from mild to dark in hue. If you want to meditate by the pool in peace, this is the best option.

Washed Out

paint colors that go with red brick
Image Source: Sage Homes LLC

White siding gives off a clean impression but can be glaring if utilized excessively. The mortar between the red bricks on this house is also white.

This gives the impression that water is dripping down the side of the building between the bricks. Though I find the look intriguing, I am relieved that they went with a muted gray for the roof. All this white works because of the deeper red of the brickwork.

Upstanding Siding

house with brick and siding
Image Source: Whiting Architects

The mortar in this house is disintegrating and the bricks are getting on in years. That’s why this type of siding is so fantastic. The homeowner went for a timeless black siding color.

The vertical installation and “barn door” X gave the building so much more personality. It has the feel of a company from the West.

In Twos

To accentuate the light gray, the usage of tan seems to have been a brilliant move, and their use of texture has left me in awe. They used a variety of colors and textures to break up the long, somewhat flat facade of the home.

The illusion of depth is created. To keep things uniform, they also sided the garage. Their porch is distinct from the rest of the home because of the exposed brick at the doorway. It makes a quiet retreat in the middle of a bustling house.

Wrapping Up

How did you feel about this list? We had a great time detailing the many siding options available for sprucing up a brick home.

Brick looks great on its own, but it may also benefit from a few finishing touches. How did you feel about some of these homes? Which items on this list do you like best? What do you think? Discuss it below! If you liked this list, please spread the word.

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