27 DIY Floating Shelf Ideas to Make Your Room Even More Functional

Are you feeling sick of the mess in your rooms? Thus, building your own set of DIY floating shelves is a brilliant way to remove clutter in every corner of your house.

Therefore, say goodbye to all the messy things on your kitchen counter. Also, the collection of your books and magazines will not spread around your living room anymore.

Then, instead of asking for someone to come and build and have it installed for you at a relatively high cost, why don’t you try to make your floating shelf ideas?

Moreover, it is very practical and inexpensive to make, with some simple, easy-to-build materials and tools.

DIY Floating Shelves to make your room even more functional

27 DIY Floating Shelf Ideas: Do It Yourself Easily

Indeed, this is a smooth DIY floating shelf that guides you on how to make a floating shelf by yourself.

So, if you are planning to build a DIY floating shelf, you have come to the right place because we are going to help you figure it out.

1. DIY Floating Shelf for Kitchen

white kitchen floating shelves
Source: Danielle Marchaza

This sweet floating shelf is perfect for your space especially for those of you who have a small kitchen design.

Likewise, its size is small, reachable, and very comfortable for storing your items.

Further, you only have to do three simple steps to build. Initially, you just need wood then adjust to your desired size.

Additionally, prepare long and Kreg jig screws, plus some other supplies.

2. How to Install Stained Wood Floating Shelf

dark wood floating shelf
Source: Tailor + Dwell

Do you need help in installing your floating shelves? First, make a hidden inner frame with a size of 1×2. Then, fasten the frame to the wall posts.

After that, fasten the panels to the frame by using wood screws. When everything is put together, each shelf will look like a thick piece of solid wood.

Furthermore, you can paint the shelves a wood color for a more traditional look.

3. Dark Wood Hallway

Dark Wood Hallway Floating Shelves
Source: Mario Sollecchio

For this DIY floating shelf, what to prepare are plywood, laser level, dado stamps, one-handed clamps, an acid brush, wood glue, and some other tools you probably need.

Moreover, there are four floating shelves (you may add if possible) and they all have the same size mounted on the wall, on top of each other.

4. Tetris-style DIY Floating Ideas

Unique Wooden Floating Shelves
Source: Zoetrope Furniture

The idea for this shelf is taken from the Tetris game which is very popular among children and teenagers.

Likewise, this floating shelf looks amazing in natural wood color when contrasted against the light walls.

In addition, you can use this shelf in any room for an amazing display and storage area.

5. DIY Floating Shelf for Décor

Cheap DIY Floating Shelf
Source: thewonderforest.com

Do you want to have this kind of floating shelf?

If you are building this DIY floating shelf, you have to know that it is meant for decoration purposes only.

Hence, you can use this floating shelf for storing artwork frames, accessories, and other small items you have.

6. Floating Shelf for Easy Storage

Steel Pipe Floating Shelves
Source: DIY Farmhouse Home Decor

Don’t let your empty wall look unattractive. Therefore, place this wooden shelf to make it look fantastic.

The darker wood color blends well with the white tiles and cabinetry. Also, it gives the room a farmhouse and homely feel.

Besides, use this floating shelf in the kitchen for easy access to storage space.

7. White Floating Shelf

white floating shelf ideas
Source: sypsie.com

White floating shelf ideas are a great addition to your house decoration and give you a lot of storage without taking up much space.

Thus, you can put photo frames, mugs, winning trophies, greenery. Interestingly, they are fantastic accessories to have in your home.

8. Floating Shelf on Backsplash

Kitchen Floating Shelves floating shelf on backsplash
Source: Sawdust & Sunburns

Here is what you need to get started; drill machine, pine boards, bench router, sandpaper, stains, paddle bits, drill bit, and some other materials you can buy.

First, cut your board to the size you will be working on(you can custom with your preferred size).

Then, continue the remaining steps to complete the job.

9. Floating Bedside Nightstand

DIY Floating Book Bedside Shelf
Source: burkatron.com

Don’t want to do a DIY floating shelf? Hence, buying this ready-made bedside nightstand can be your consideration.

Indeed, this floating bedside nightstand provides sufficient space on top for storing your book collections and other items, too.

10. Laundry Room Floating Shelf

DIY Faux Floating Shelf laundry room floating shelf
Source: cherishedbliss.com

A practical way to give extra storage to your laundry room is to add a floating shelf. Besides, it takes up less wall area than traditional baskets units.

Also, this shelf provides space for frequently used items and even some other supplies.

11. DIY Floating Shelf for Bathroom

diy bathroom floating shelf
Source: brightgreendoor.com

It is always a good idea to have a floating shelf in a bathroom because this item is super easy to store things.

Thereupon, it will save a lot of space in your bath.

Further, if you like to take a quick shower, this floating shelf goes well for you. There are only two steps and you can build everything yourself easily.

12. Large Wood Floating Shelf

Closet Floating Shelves large wood floating shelf
Source: neverskipbrunch.com

Ugly wire shelves that sit in closets are typically unsightly. Also, they do not make you feel like keeping your closets clean and organized.

Thus, that is where this floating wooden shelf comes in.

Additionally, using beautiful, reclaimed wood, create multiple shelves to make room for your clothing needs without taking up too much space.

13. Mountain Floating Shelf

Basement Floating Shelves
Source: Tinkoz Inc

Do you prefer having a mountain floating shelf? It sounds cute and unique that even you can place it in modern houses.

Besides, this floating shelf provides a lot of space for storing anything you want plus this could be additional decoration for your home.

14. DIY Floating Shelf for Living Room

DIY Living Room Floating Shelves
Source: loveandrenovations.com

To start making this floating shelf, you have to prepare materials; pine board, wood glue, painter’s tape, wood filler, sealer, and some others tools.

Further, once you have done measurements, cut the board to the size you desire then complete the remaining steps to get the job finished.

15. Simple Farmhouse Floating Shelf

simple farmhouse floating shelf
Source: thelatinanextdoor.com

This farmhouse floating shelf is more than just a DIY floating shelf project.

If you like the look of a farmhouse, then you are going to love the stencil walls added to the driftwood shelves too.

It is a very easy process, with beautiful results. Put a stencil on the wall, roll paint over it, and there you go!

16. Floating Bookshelf

Long Floating Shelves
Source: Amala Raj Swenson

There is plenty of storage for books; bookshelves, ladders, boxes, or under-desk storage. But have you ever thought of a bookshelf that is more creative than ever?

Yup! The answer is the floating bookshelf. For instance, this light sand-colored shelf covers the entire main wall of your living room.

If you are into this shelf, then this could be the best bookshelf idea you have ever seen before. Otherwise, you can use it for storing anything.

17. Mud Room Floating Shelf

White Floating Shelves mud room floating shelfs
Source: Brick + Elm Interiors

As we know, floating shelves always bring storage and exhibit space without complicated brackets or supports that can distract.

Therefore, this is very important, especially in the mudroom.

In addition, if you would like to install them properly, you must attach the recessed bracket to the wall first.

Use screws to secure the shelf. Furthermore, it is perfect to mount the floating shelf on wall studs to make sure the shelf stays safe.

18. Kitchen Corner Floating Shelf

Live Edge Floating Shelves
Source: diyinpdx.com

Do you like this kitchen corner floating shelf? So, you can make these shelves from the used wood that you have at home.

Then, sand the wood to give it a warm color.

Additionally, this is a great choice for the kitchen, but it would look fantastic in a workspace, study room, or lounge to give it a rustic look.

19. DIY Dining Room Open Shelving

DIY Dining Room Open Shelving
Source: thewoodgraincottage.com

Floating shelves do not only allow you to complete the storage of any room in your home, but they also let you place items where they are needed most.

For example, in this dining area, the open shelves give very practical storage with 5 large wall-to-wall shelves for everyday cutlery.

Thus, you can fill this floating shelf with whatever you want.

If it locates in the dining area, then put the plates, coffee cups, cereal bowls, spoons, and small plates ready for a quick breakfast or tackle a late-night hunger.

20. Dark Wood Bathroom Shelves

DIY Floating Box Shelves dark wood bathroom shelves
Source: bobvila.com

Have you ever been tired of hanging towels in the bathroom? It must be very messy and unsightly.

Thereupon, these dark wood bathroom shelves are more than just solving that problem, they are looking incredible in the process.

Thankfully, they have a little stack of three chocolate brown wooden shelves that look so attractive!

Also, the top shelf holds small towels, whereas the middle one is for toothbrushes, toothpaste, or skincare.

Meanwhile, the bottom is for storing others towels (you can also place the other supplies).

21. L-shaped Floating Shelf

L-Shaped Floating Shelf
Source: Lyons Crafted Woodworking

Cover your kitchen corners with floating shelves to make use of free space for more storage.

Different from solid door cabinets, open shelves keep the kitchen from feeling heavy at the top while still providing large storage for kitchen staples and cutlery.

Further, upgrading it by choosing a sloping wedge-shaped shelf, solid wood details, or an L-shaped like the one in the picture is also worth considering.

22. Small Bathroom Floating Shelves

Small Bathroom Floating Shelves
Source: @hollys.hobby

Here is a bathroom floating shelf that is very small yet strong and durable.

This shelf is for easy storage of bath supplies, such as soap, towels, sponges, skincare products, and other accessories like frames, greeneries, and fragrance.

You are possible to choose your dimensions, but the designs in this picture do not make them too long and too high.

23. Corner Open Shelves for Kitchen

Corner Floating Shelves
Source: @reclaimedbyjess

Another wonderful DIY floating shelf project that you can do on a weekend is here! Hence, this beginner’s tutorial guides you on how to build your floating shelf.

They are on a budget, and super easy to make with just some plywood and screws. So, want to try?

24. Kitchen DIY Floating Shelf

Kitchen DIY Floating Shelf
Source: @hannahtyler_home

This matching wooden floating shelf and kitchen countertop look so impressive.

Besides, the lighter wood color goes very well with the decorative white walls, giving the room a homely feel and looking very neat.

Moreover, for easy access, you can use this shelf for the kitchen storage solution.

25. Small Floating Shelves above Toilet

 Small Floating Shelves above Toilet
Source: @paintedsawdust

A floating shelf above the toilet can add a lovely decorative touch and give more storage especially for those of you with a small bathroom.

The picture above is from Paintedsawdust on his Instagram.

He has complete instructions on how to build this cute shelf. This wooden bathroom shelf adds to the comfort of the room and of course, saves the space.

26. Simple Wooden Shelf

Simple Wooden Shelf
Source: @roxfort_home

The lady on her Instagram “Roxfort_home” did a massive job on her small bathroom.

She used a simple wooden shelf to provide the space and interspersed wood color with greenery.

It brings great over toilet depository, but your bath supplies will be out in the open and noticeable unless you place some small baskets.

27. Wall to Wall Shelf Ideas

Wall to Wall Shelf Ideas
Source: @thestonybrookhouse

Stay the mess away from your bathroom sink with these wall-to-wall bathroom floating shelves.

We recommend that you take these simple shelves behind the washbasin or over the toilet.

In addition, these shelving ideas are great for placing big baskets, towels, greeneries, and other bathroom supplies.


As you can see, this post contains a list of DIY floating shelf ideas for your room. There are a lot of floating shelves for your room. Some of them are cheap, some of them are not, some of them are ugly, and some of them are pretty. You can use them in different ways.

You can keep your books, your magazines, and your things in the floating shelves. It is a good idea to have a lot of floating shelves in the room. They can be functional or decorative. Floating shelves are popular these days, but they don’t need to be expensive. You can make your own. It is very easy.