Do You Tip Window Installers? Factors You Need To Consider First

Generally, it is not necessary to tip window installers because they are getting paid for their work. Window installers are not like wait-staff or hair stylists who usually rely on tips. But it’s not against the code to tip them. If you like their work, you can spend a small amount of money to appreciate them.

But the question is whether you should tip when, how much, and how. Let’s discuss some factors, pros, and cons of giving tips to window installers. By reading this, you can better decide whether you should tip window installers or not.

do you tip window installers

Do You Tip Window Installers?

There is no specific answer to this question; it depends on you whatever you decide.

Usually, window installers are hired by a company that pays them by the hour. They are not like waiters or hair stylists who rely on tips. So it’s unnecessary, but if you want to spend a small amount apart from paying for their work, this can be a good way to appreciate their work. But we would suggest that you should consider some factors before tipping.

How Much a Window Installer Earn

Window installers’ earnings vary from country to country.

  • In the United States, window installers earn $20 to $30 per hour.
  • In Canada, window installers earn an average of $22.51 per hour.
  • In the UK, window installers average £15 per hour.
  • In Australia, window installers make an average of $33 per hour.

When you should consider Tip Window Installers

Here are a few factors you should consider before giving a tip to them. If you see the below-mentioned factors in their work, you can consider tipping them.

Installation Quality

If the Windows Installer has done an overly good job and did not skimp on installing windows. You can consider giving him a tip for his appreciable work.

Installation Cost

If the installation cost was lower than expected, you should consider spending some money in the form of a tip.

Installation Time

If the window installer has finished his work early and provided you with quality installation in less time. Then you can think about tipping.

Your Budget

Last but the most important thing is your budget. If you have no problem with spending money and have found the factors mentioned above in their work, you should give the installer some bucks as a tip.

Window installers usually don’t expect tips from customers. If you gave them, it would be a nice gesture.

When you shouldn’t consider tipping window installers

do you tip window installers - factors you need to consider first

If the installation quality is poor and the installer has taken too much time. And you are engaged with them and giving dictation over and over again. Then there is no point in tipping them. Besides, if the company has a policy against tipping, you shouldn’t tip them.

How much should you Tip to window installers?

There are no rules for tipping window installers. Usually, it is not required, but it is appreciated if you still give a tip. But if you decide to tip, you can decide the amount according to your level of satisfaction with their work.

Generally, it is appropriate to tip up to 20% of the total cost of your project. But it’s totally up to you to decide the tip amount.

Advantages of giving a tip to Window Installers

Following are a few advantages of giving a tip to window installers.

  • It is a very nice way to appreciate their work.
  • It is a good way to motivate them to do well in the next project.
  • It is a good way to build a connection with window installers. In this way, they will also perform well in your next project.

Disadvantages of giving a tip to Window Installers

Following are a few disadvantages of giving a tip to window installers

  • Some window installation companies have a no-tipping policy, so it can create an awkward situation when you try to give a tip to window installers.
  • The installer may think you are trying to buy some favor from him
  • Tipping might be unnecessary because the window installers are already getting paid by the company. You can spend this money elsewhere.

Alternative Ways to appreciate their work

If you liked the work of the window installer but are tight on budget, there are some alternatives to show appreciation to the window installers. You can also appreciate their work without spending money.

  • You can write a positive review about the company on their website or social media. It will promote the company’s business, and the people will also be able to benefit from their services. You can write good remarks by mentioning the name of that window installer. This will convey to the company’s management that the installer is doing an outstanding job and the customers are very happy with this installer.
  • You can offer some snacks and drinks after work.
  • You can say thank you with a smile with a warm handshake. This gesture can go a long way.
  • You can recommend the company and the installer who did your project well to someone in your friend circle.


So, tipping window installers is totally up to you. It is not necessary, but you can give them to appreciate their work. If the installer has done a great job and all your expectations have been met by seeing the result, then you can tip them according to your budget.

However, some companies have a policy against tips; you can choose any alternative to appreciate their work. But, if they have taken a lot of time on a simple job and you are not satisfied, it shows they are not professionals, and you should not consider tipping them.

do you tip window installers?

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