45 Easy-to-Follow String Art Ideas and Projects (With Tutorials)

Handmade gifts are always exceptional. Then, when you are stuck in deciding what to give to your dearest, a collection of string art ideas will be the absolute solution.

Thus, something crafted out of your hands is very special. So, no one will have the same piece as yours and vice versa.

Furthermore, string arts serve the finest purpose of decor pieces.

Since they are customizable, these crafts can accompany seasonal celebrations, personalize private zones, or complete any room style and setting. Hence, are they not impeccable to present as gifts?

Therefore, today’s page will provide one-of-a-kind string art ideas for you.

45 Fun String Art Ideas and Projects (Easy to Follow)

45 Crafty String Art Ideas (easy-to-follow)

The following list contains plentiful handmade projects which could be valuable enough to give to your dearest ones.

Moreover, among the group, you will find string art ideas for Easter, housewarming parties, animal fans, romanticists, botanists, naturalists, and many others.

1. Easter Complete Set String Art

easter bunny string art
Source: Surviving A Teacher’s Salary

To make this Easter craft, you will require embroidery flosses in any color, lightly sanded old pallet board, printable string art templates, masking tape, tack hammer, and wire nails.

Then, mind the size of printed papers so that they do not exceed the board width or length.

2. Home with Heart

Home Sign From Nail & String
Source: Etsy

Indeed, this design wraps a message that people’s hearts belong to their homes.

Then, materials required to make one of these are nails, string, pinewood of 5.5×12 inches (14×30.5 cm), stain, paint, and sawtooth bracket as the hanging mechanism.

3. Heart in Wisconsin String Art

 Heart in Wisconsin String Art Pattern
Source: Crafts by Amanda

The idea is similar to the previous nail string art, which is to show the origin of people’s hearts.

Further, for this craft, you can nail the heart shape anywhere inside the state design according to where this gift receiver lives in Wisconsin, southeast area, for example.

Then, select colors each for the string and the wood paint that represent the favorite of the gift receiver.

For instance, green and gold are the colors of Green Bay Packer, an American football team from Wisconsin, so it is only right to present this art to a Packer fan.

4. Gallant Stag String Craft

Gallant Stag String Craft
Source: Instagram

It only displays up to the stag’s neck part but strangely, you could feel its valor aura. Likewise, a pair of antlers and geometric patterns hold a massive role to define masculinity.

Thus, the difference between this art and the previous three is in the arrangement of the nails and strings.

5. ‘Little and Loved’ Customized Pet String Sign

‘Little and Loved’ Customized Pet String Sign
Source: Etsy

This craft allows you to personalize the letterings, stain and string color, the dog breed silhouette, including the markings and spots.

Furthermore, the only materials you need are string, wood, nail, and vinyl. For example, shown in the picture is the Golden Pecan stain.

6. Easy String Art Patterns: Colorful Hearts

Easy String Art Patterns
Source: The Homes I Have Made

This idea is sweet, effortless, and friendly to the budget. Hence, you can encourage your kids to make some pieces together.

Then, give them as presents to their grandparents, friends, coaches, teachers, or whomever they like.

7. Spineless Cactus String Art

Spineless Cactus String Art
Source: Make & Takes

Indeed, this craft is perfect to be one of your summer vacation projects.

Therefore, you need to gather scrapbook paper, glue, hammer, nails, embroidery floss, cactus sketch, and local store wood frame.

8. Pink and White Easter Rabbit String Art

Pink and White Easter Rabbit String Art
Source: Happy Bo Lucky Blog

Do you need to make a quick gift for Easter décor? So, in case you can only do it at the last minute before going to the celebration, this craft is just right.

Additionally, it will only take you no longer than two hours to create.

9. Seahorse on the Beach Nail & Sting Craft

Seahorse on the Beach Nail & Sting Craft
Source: Love Our Real Life

Thankfully, stencil, scissors, small hammer, nails, printable seahorse string art pattern, local store wood plaque, and embroidery floss are the only required supplies to make this cute sea creature.

Further, the wood plaque is replaceable with scrap boards or even canvas.

10.  Over the Rainbow – Easy Beginner String Art

Over the Rainbow – Easy Beginner String Art
Source: Sunshine & Munchkins

This rainbow craft that is in a complete set of colors is just what you need to present on St. Patrick’s Day.

Interestingly, the budget is a few dollars only! Zero, if you already have everything at home.

11.  A Sprig of Leaves

DIY String Art Pin
Source: Joyful Derivatives

Striking, effortless, and reasonably priced are the words that best describe this string art idea.

Besides the materials that you already knew, tools like foam brush and chop saw are also on the requirement list to craft this easy art.

12.  A Jar of Blooms

DIY Mason Jar String Art Tutorial
Source: Chaotically Yours

It is an elaborative piece of craft. Likewise, the crafter combines string art techniques with paper flowers. Thus, all beginners can create one with these easy string art patterns.

13.  A Butterfly in Bold Colors

 A Butterfly in Bold Colors - String Art Pattern
Source: @hilonautaperu

This craft proves to you that string art ideas are countless. Also, it neither limits you in color selections nor shapes to recreate.

Furthermore, the crafter picks a butterfly to symbolize transformations and positive changes.

14.  Courteous Bald Eagle

Courteous Bald Eagle String Art Tutorials
Source: @a.bra.it.is

The crafter of this bald eagle art piece is very thorough in detail. She was not sure about it, but we cannot agree with what she said.

15.  G for Green Bay Packer

G for Green Bay Packer String Art
Source: @kreationsbykac

It calls all the fans of Green Bay Packer. Also, similar to the previous string art idea of Wisconsin state, this Packer logo uses a combination of green and gold.

Hence, nothing would beat this as a present for Packer fans.

16.  Trio String Art Idea

Trio String Art Idea
Source: @handmadecardsoftheday 

It screams perfection and professionalism all over. Also, the sketch, work, and proportion are so pleasing to the eye.

17.  Christmas Elements

Christmas Elements String Art for Beginner
Source: @stringartbykaly

Please, do not pick only one of them since they are gorgeous as a pack. Thus, a gift set like this would make anyone’s Christmas a blast.

18.  Disney’s Signature

Disney’s Signature - Mickey Mouse String Art
Source: @crafts_by_milene

Indeed, Mickey Mouse has been around for almost a century and became everyone’s favorite since its first appearance.

Thus, this craft could be a present for anyone no matter how old they are.

19.  Llama in Epic Details

Llama in Epic Details String Art Pattern
Source: @mozestringart Instagram

Craftily speaking, the pandemic has its good side. Therefore, it got us craftier to kill the boredom. For instance, one of the pandemic products from crafty persons is this llama string art.

20.  A Steamy Cup of Coffee

Coffee Nail & String Wall Art
Source: @kcuadrosdecorativos Instagram

It is coffee time! This string art could be a thoughtful present for any caffeine devotees you know. So, it will complete the setup of their coffee bar or station.

21.  Layered Circles

Circle Pattern String Craft
Source: @sonoranessentials Instagram

Yes, it must be illegal to say it is beginner’s work. Then, when you reach an advanced level in string art, a high-quality product like this might be in your collections.

22.  Chevron Nail and String Craft

Chevron Nail and String Craft
Source: Sometimes Homemade

The crafter of this project claimed that this craft was as effortless as anyone could imagine. Hence, its simple shape is a blessing!

23.  Sunflower Craft Comes to Life

Sunflower String Craft Project
Source: @stringartstudio Instagram

This string art brings a message that sunflower could be as gorgeous as it is because it always follows the sun.

Thus, people have to rediscover a light source of their own to be outstanding.

24.  A Set of Succulents

DIY Succulent Nail & String Signs
Source: @barredrockcustoms Instagram

For botanists or succulent admirers, this gift pack will be like a treasure chest. Besides, the wooden board selection is the key to the gorgeous visuals.

25.  Vertical Home Décor

Vertical String Art Signs
Source: @greenhand_ss Instagram

The Vertical signs in this idea are not common since people are used to scan something from left to right. Yet, it appears to break the stereotype.

26.  Reachable Cloud

Little Cloud String Craft
Source: @fadenlie.b.e Instagram

This cloud string art is recommendable for kids around ten years old. Likewise, it uses a few nails and has a simple pattern.

27.  Attractive Daisies in Nature

Daisy String Art Design - flower string art template
Source: @tastefullytangled Instagram

The crafter uses a barn board to be the base and lets it as its original look without sanding. Besides, it even has an uneven side and a hole, but that is what makes this craft attractive.

28.  This House Runs On Favorite Things

This House Runs On Favorite Things - String Art Wall Decor
Source: @unstitcheddesigns Instagram

Another housewarming gift idea is coming through! This string art is very personal. Also, it indicates someone’s favorite things that they cannot live without.

29.  Apple Teacher String Art Sign

Apple Teacher String Art Sign
Source: @britton_custom_designs Instagram

You must be very grateful for your kid’s favorite teachers. Therefore, this string art idea could represent that gratitude.

30.  Pine Tree Ornaments

handmade small string craft ornaments
Source: A Beautifull Mess

String art ornaments are not new but not commonly used either.

Thus, instead of last year’s decorations, you can use a pack of these little pine trees to have different celebration vibes.

31.  Initial String Art on A Corkboard

Initial String Art on A Corkboard
Source: Tater Tots & Jello

It feels kind of new with pushpins and corkboard instead of nails and wooden board. However, these alternatives free you from nail-and-hammer tasks to get the craft done.

32.  The Oldest Air Vehicle (Air Ballon String Art)

The Oldest Air Vehicle - hot air ballon string art sign
Source: @amart_stringart Instagram

Yes, long before someone invented the airplane, a hot air balloon happened first. Indeed, it represents people’s dream that can soar up as high as the sky.

33.  A Heart for Desert Landscape

Heart Shaped String Art - mountain range nail and string craft
Source: @aflingwithstring Instagram

It is the perfect way to portray the view of the desert. So, whoever is a fan of such a landscape would be ecstatic to receive it as a gift.

34.  Halloween Highlight

diy halloween string craft
Source: Eighteen25

What you will need to make the spooktacular string art are pumpkin orange paint, square wood, printable Jack-O-Lantern, nails, hammer, paintbrush, scissors, and black string.

Moreover, you could say that the selection of orange-painted wood is astute.

35.  Monstera Leaf

Plant String Art Sign - plant design for string craft
Source: @craftystringsart on Instagram

If you know someone fond of plants life but poor at keeping them alive, give this string art idea! Hence, it is the fittest solution to their funny problem.

36.  Classic Home, Sweet Home String Art

Classic Home, Sweet Home String Art
Source: Infarrantly Creative

You know the basic supplies to make execute string art ideas. Furthermore, add Classic Grey stain, pre-wood conditioner, drill bit, drill, vinyl, and Silhouette Cameo to create this one.

37.  For the Most Dedicated Woman

For the Most Dedicated Woman - String Art Gift
Source: Lily Ardor

Does your mom is the type of person who smiles when receiving a gift from her children?

So, let us know if she still smiles instead of bursting a happy cry when you give this string art idea as a present for Mother’s Day.

38.  Ireland’s National Emblem (Shamrock)

st pattys day string art
Source: The Kim Six Fix

For people who celebrate March 17th, this string art is a worthy idea to decorate the festive. Then, you can get the shape of the leaves by tracing three hearts.

39.  Forever Promise String Art Valentine

Forever Promise String Art Valentine - Red heart nail string art
Source: Oh Savvy Mom

The promise lettered here is classic yet reassuring. Thus, anyone who is in love might have made this kind of pledge at least once.

40.  Aesthetical Peach

nail and string peach sign
Source: @tatarstrings Instagram

This piece will look very good above the dinner table or on the wall of the pantry. Also, it arouses people’s appetite, so it is nice to be around the picky eaters.

42.  Love Never Fails – Inspirational Quote String Craft

Love Never Fails – Inspirational Quote String Craft
Source: @craftsbysecky on Instagram

How does string art look like a lamp sign on the street? It bewitches you into thinking that it goes blinking.

43.  Pouring Wine

DIY String Art Craft Kit
Source: Etsy

A wonderful swirl is possible to make with embroidery flosses and nails. Further, the string art kit along with the instruction on how to craft it is available for purchase.

44.  Personal Kids’ String Art Sign with Character

Personal Kids’ String Art Sign with Character
Source: Etsy

This cute fox character fits the nursery theme. Therefore, whether hung on the wall or displayed standing, it will complete the scene of your little ones’.

45.  Favorite Town Ever Nail String Art

Hometown Nail & String Craft
Source: Etsy

The idea is similar to point number three, where you create a shape of someone’s hometown or favorite region.

Moreover, add a heart in the middle or wherever side he/she lived in.


Finally, which one(s) among the forty-five string art ideas above that you fond of and will be on your next project list? Please, tell us in the comment section below!

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