13 Best Front Door Paint Colors for A Blue House

Opting for the right front door color for a blue house is an important task to do. This is the main entrance of the building; therefore, this will be the place people will get their first impression.

To get a good impression, it is important to choose the right front door color for a blue house that can blend well. This may be a neutral hue, but not all will look good with it.

front door color ideas for blue house

Now, for those who are planning to build a house, here are some front door colors for the blue house and the design:

1. Brown Door for A Blue House

Just like white, brown is a color that will never go wrong when it is combined with blue. Whether the hue is stained or painted, it can bring a warm and cozy atmosphere.

2. Glass Panel Door

If you have a summer house on the beach, one of the designs of doors you can use is a glass panel. The main material used is still wood, however, add some wide clear area in the middle.

This design will welcome more natural light inside and brighten the whole house.

3. Natural Wood

As for those who want to make their home look cooler, then try out the natural wood color. It becomes a perfect choice for those who want to make their house look like a cabin in the forest.

For the door design, you can choose full wood or add some glass ornaments on the top part. This design also allows the natural light to brighten the house.

4. Speakeasy Door

The next front door color for a blue house is a brown speakeasy. Although the design is simple it can make the house look elegant. Normally, people use this model for villas in the mountain.

Same as natural wood doors, you can add some elements to the top part. Therefore, it does not appear too solid or boring.

White Doors for A Blue House

One of the front door colors for a blue house that will make the exterior look classic is white. The only challenge of using this hue is keeping it clean from any kind of dirt.

5. Plain White

Blue house white door is one of the most popular color schemes you might see on the beach. The combination of these colors is just fresh like the sea, even though it is simple.

6. White Trim

A front door color for a blue house that will give a classical look is the white trim design. Paint the sides of your windows with the same painting as the main entrance.

You can also add some small windows beside the main door. This will not only let nature in but also work as an element or decoration to the house.

7. White Wood Panel

If you like Craftsman style, then try combining navy, white trims, a wood panel with horizontal lines. These elements’ combinationwould create a classic but luxurious house.

Blue Door for A Blue House

If blue is a calming hue, why not use it as a front door color too? Just choose different types of tones to make the combination blend.

8. Monochromatic Door

There is nothing wrong with choosing the same color door as the painting of your house. However, it is still important to highlight the exterior so, it does not just look all blue.

One of the things you can do is making trims on each side of the elements. Other than the windows, highlight the wood panels or poles.

9. Two Different Tones of Blue

Those who do not prefer to use the same color as their exterior can change the tone. Try lightening or darken the actual hue, so it can make the door or building stand out more.

Most people use a lighter tone for their door because it will make their house stand out.

Red Door Color A Blue House

A front door color for a blue house that many people rarely use is red. It is a bold choice but can make your home pop out compared to the others.

10. Shining Red

Be a little different and adventurous by combining shining red with blue. To make it pop out, make sure to choose both the monochromatic tone.

If you decide to use this front door color for a blue house, then lower the tone of the house by using simple elements.

11. Ruby Red

Ruby red blends well with navy because they are both dark colors. However, you can always combine it with the monochromatic tone, so it does not get too dull.

A Yellow Door for A Blue House

Blue house yellow door is also a unique combination that blends very well. Both colors are very contrast, but they work together as a design.

12. Soft-Pale Yellow

Try using soft-pale yellow for your front door if you want something soft. As for the main painting of the house, it is best to use light blue.

13. Bold Yellow

Make a summer house by using the bold yellow door and blue painting in one design. It will sure be eye-catching but do not worry because they look very good together.

If you have a hard time finding the right front door color for a blue house, try putting them side by side first. This way, people can get some ideas and a picture of how the exterior will be.

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