7 Aesthetic Porch Lattice Alternatives to Consider

Here are some alternatives for the traditional wood-lattice design, including some which may appeal to your personal style.

You’re probably familiar with the traditional design of a porch lattice. You can see it in many of our most popular porch designs. While lattices have a certain style and charm to them, if you’re looking to freshen up your porch, it’s time to explore some other options.

Here’s an overview of what the most popular choices are in terms of porch lattice design alternatives. The benefit of these alternatives is that they add value to the whole look and the style of your porch.

7 Aesthetic Porch lattice Alternatives You Wish to Have (1)

Porch Lattice Alternatives To The Traditional Wood-Lattice Design

1. Classic Vertical Wooden Plank

Classic Vertical wooden Plank - Porch lattice arternatives

A vertical wooden plank gives the deck a taller look. It not only compliments your porch but also makes it weatherproof. This option is the classic style. People who love to add a touch of class to their homes would prefer this alternative instead of lattice under the deck.

2. Stunning Horizontal Wooden Planks

Stunning Horizontal Wooden Planks - Porch lattice arternatives

In this porch lattice alternative, you can use in different ways. One can fix them. Like layers over one another, or they can use this in any other pattern they want. Even though, they have an almost similar process. But the aesthetics are on some other level as it gives a natural look to the deck. Moreover, you can make the color of horizontal wooden planks complement your porch color.

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3. The simplicity of patterned Wooden Plank

The simplicity of patterned Wooden Plank - porch lattice arternatives

This porch lattice alternative is not used much. But it is worth mentioning because of its simple and elegant look. The use of this alternative wood; makes it resistant to any weather damage. The wood can turn into different shapes by cutting. Like circles, triangles, and any geometrical pattern.

Then one can arrange them differently either with space between them or with no space or in a vertical manner, etc. That enhances the complete look of a rather dull porch.

4. The creativity of Rock Skirting

The creativity of Rock Skirting - Porch lattice alternatives

This porch lattice alternative is creative. Rock skirting adds so much style to the whole look of the porch. Rock used here is sometimes artificial and is bought in the form of sections. This option is time-saving as it is easy to install.

5. Professional Use of Bricks and stones

Professional Use of Bricks and stones - Porch lattice alternatives

Bricks and stones are used for this alternative. One should consider the porch structure and color theme of the house while selecting the type of stone/ brick and its color. The type of stone or brick and its color should be perfectly coordinated.

There is a need for a professional for this alternative. As for some types of stone and bricks, there is a need of using some bonding agent. Like mortar, etc. It can be used perfectly by a professional.

6. The elegance of Patterned Vinyl Lattice

The elegance of Patterned Vinyl Lattice

This alternative is easy to install. It is not the same as a wooden lattice. It is a much more stylish alternative. The colors and patterns of the Vinyl lattice add elegance to the porch.

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7. The enclosure of Storage space

The enclosure of Storage space - porch lattice alternatives

People who have big space under the deck can opt for this porch lattice alternative. One can invest some more and make a whole storage space under the deck. It looks more inclusive and professional usage of space under the porch. Other such options for enclosing the area under the deck are; building a play area for kids or building a quiet workspace.

Additions to the Bottom of The Porch

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People use porch lattice alternatives at the bottom of the porch for many reasons. One is for hiding the ground. The second reason is to hide the tool kits. The third reason is the most prominent one which is to add aesthetics.

Now analyze which porch lattice alternative is relevant to you. For increasing the whole look of your house.

Things to add to the ground space of the Porch

If you are thinking to use the area around your porch rather than the area under it then the most relevant alternative is to put plants. This option proves to be very beneficial if the soil around the porch is favorable for planting.

Moreover, another alternative in case the soil is such that grass cannot be grown there. Then you should opt for using the pavers. It gives a stylish and formal look to the porch. It will also help to protect your grass. You can get these pavers from any store of hardware. Or you can also construct them yourself by using a mold.

Addition of Flowers Around the Porch

You are someone who loves gardening and adding flowers to your place. Then this alternative is the best you can select. One should make sure that they select flowers or plants that survive in half sunlight because the area around the porch is half under the shade.

Moreover, another plant-based option is the ivy plant. That can decorate your base by growing on the lattice. But the disadvantage of this option is this is not a yearly or long-term solution. Ivy plants can negatively impact the location it is in.

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Protection of Ground under the deck

The alternative you choose will most probably decide what you can do for the ground under the deck. In case you are using any lattice alternative that is allowing weed growth. Then you have to avoid weed growth by using the landscaping cloth along with pavers and gravels. It will not only help to keep that ground space clean. But also provide a space for storing tools and equipment.


Thus, there are various porch lattice alternatives one can opt for. It only depends, on the person’s taste, preferences, budget, and factors like these. That helps them in reaching the most viable option for them. I hope this list would help you in reaching a final decision about what creative alternative you have to go for.

So what are you waiting for? Go and do the analysis and start using the area under your deck. Be as creative as you can. Creativity is one thing that is highly pleasing to the eyes and worth appreciation and effort.

Moreover, I also hope this list reaches those people who are in dire need to check options.

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