What is the Green Porch Light Deep Meaning? (Explained)

Green Porch Light Meaning – Porch lights are generally known for security purposes. Digital lights can be easily monitored from anywhere in the world. They are accessible in the market. They are available in various colors each of which represents something different. Lately, Color psychology is a most used tool. It is sometimes, used to convey a deeper meaning.

Different colors of porch light are Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Pink, and Green. Today we will focus on the green porch light meaning.

Following is a piece of detailed information on what does a green porch light means?

You are noticing many of your neighbors with green porch lights. And probably thinking and confused about what does a green light bulb means. Green porch lights represent major support to U.S. military veterans.

There are two specific times that you would notice these green porch lights. One is on 11 November and the other is on May. People observe 11 November as Veteran day. But, dedicates May to Memorial Day. Many use the green porch light throughout the year to show solidarity with them.

The Meaning Behind Green Porch Lights

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This Green porch light initiative started for the sake of veterans. Who have served the country all their lives and now are phasing difficulties to move on. From whatever they have suffered during the war. Civilians cannot understand or feel what they have gone through. So this is one of the easiest ways to show support to the veterans. Moving further and forward in life is the green porch light meaning.

This initiative helped to acknowledge their services and efforts. This makes the veterans; feel seen and understood. This green light campaign started in 2013. Where the veterans; were guaranteed a job after they retired from the services.

Walmart’s Veterans Welcome Home Commitment is behind this campaign. That persuaded people to take pictures with their green porch lights. And share on their social media handles with a hashtag representing the campaign i.e. #greenlightavet. It conveys the idea of hopefulness and wellness for the veterans. So that they can feel recognized.

Moreover, there are some other, green porch lights meaning. It is also used on St. Patrick’s Day and for the representation of advocating Lyme disease awareness month.

Green porch lights are also used to create growth hormones in the plants. Another green porch light meaning is Healing.

Best Colors for Outdoor Lighting

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One should select colors for outdoor lighting by checking their temperature. Light and warm colors represent low temperature and cool colors represent higher temperature.

A preferable option for outdoor lighting is warm colors in particular, the use of warm lights at night time. The main benefit is it makes the passage and entrance visible. It gives a warm feeling to anybody coming home.

It is said that many experts endorse the use of colors. That is approximately 2000-3000K for outdoors like gardens, Porches, etc.

Moreover, you can also use warm lights to make your favorite part of the house visible. Like any particular pattern design or any fountain.

The use of Cool colors is for certain purposes. Use of 3000-4000K color range is for outdoor stairs or an outdoor shed. Moreover, the use of4600-5000K is for security purposes. It helps in keeping the robbers stay away from the property.

The Brightness of Outdoor Lights

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Lumen is the unit that is used to measure the brightness of the light. Soft or warm lights are used outdoors. The most effective brightness for warm lights ranges from 200-250 lumens. But if you have only one source of light then it should be brighter.

The use of different brightness is for different goals. You can make your walking path visible by using 100-200 lumens of warm light. While the light of 500-1300 lumens is used for security.

Hence, it shows how important is the brightness of the light.

The Appropriate Time to Turn on The Porch lights

It is not likable to keep your porch lights on the whole day whether you want to show your willingness to support US military veterans with the green porch light. Still, you don’t have to turn it on for the whole day.

If the light used is bright. Then people would feel frustrated rather than appreciative about your contribution towards the vet. So the most desirable time to show your support is the evening. You can turn it off after the evening when going to sleep.

Because in case the lights are on the whole day it indirectly sends a signal to the burglars that there is nobody at home to manage the lights. The risk of robbery increases.

Backup When Not at Home During Vacations

You are somebody who tries to support every cause and shows solidarity where it has the most need. But unfortunately, there are times when you cannot be at home at a particular time when you need to show support. So you might be wondering, how can anyone show his stand in such scenarios?

You don’t have to worry. You can show your stand. Through smart LED light bulbs. The Kasa Smart KL110 outdoor LED light bulb is the relevant purchase. Voice control is its dominant feature and it is also dimmable. One can sync all their porch lights and other lights at home with their gadgets with the use of home automation technology. So they can control the porch lights from anywhere.

One can also use solar sensor bulbs that automatically turn off when the sun sets and turns on when the sun rises. You do not even have to remember operating it on some gadgets.

It not only helps to save energy and money when you are away for vacations. It also helps with security. Any porch light, that is on 24/7. It conveys a message to the robbers that there is no one at home to manage the lights. So Led Light bulbs are the most beneficial option.

Other than the technical solutions most people recommend having a good relationship with the neighborhood as they will keep your house protected in your absence.

Where to Find Green Light Bulbs?


You do not have to worry. Greenlight bulbs are accessible in every retail store. That caters to home improvement products. Home Depot and Walmart are a few of the famous names where you can find these bulbs. You can also purchase them from Amazon. There is a huge variety of led bulbs.

Led bulbs from Sunlite are also very famous. It is known to be an energy-efficient option. It does not need many changes as it can be used for a total of 25000 hours.

Values and Protection

Porch lights not only help you convey your support to US military Veterans. But also helps to keep your property safe from robbers. Porch lights help to give that welcoming feeling. To anybody who comes home whether it is family, relatives, or any friend.

In this article, we have mentioned how green porch lights hold such a deep meaning. And we have also discussed some factors to be taken care of about the porch lights. We have also discussed how brightness plays an important role in the impact of the porch lights.

If you enjoyed reading this informative article about what does a green porch light means. Then do read the other articles related to porch lights.

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