Meaning Behind Different Colors of The Porch Light

The porch light normally emits a yellow radiance. That is very standard and usual. However, other color choices can convey different messages.

The shade of your patio light can reflect a lot of different things. So, let’s talk about the meaning behind your porch light color.

Our findings of research show the different meanings of various colors of the porch light, continue reading to find out.

These are the different colors of the porch lights and what they mean:

Furthermore, we will discuss in detail the above-mentioned porch light tones, so you realize the correct time to turn them on and the meaning of it when you do. This is going to be very informative, hold tight!

The meaning of a Blue Porch Light

If you turn the light of your porch blue, it can indicate a few things. It is claimed by the Enlightened Landscape Lights, that the blue lights advocate the awareness for autism.

This was started back in 2007 when the United Nations General Assembly officially announced April 2nd as the World Autism Awareness Day.

Later after about three years Autism Speaks started a campaign known as Light-It-Up-Blue to increase awareness about World Day of Autism Awareness.

The month of April is devoted to Autism Awareness Month and thus, people usually turn on their blue lights in the month of April, particularly on the 2nd of April to show their autism support. Now that you know, you can also turn your blue porch light on to show support.

The second thing that the blue porch light represents is the respect for police force and their family and loved ones. This was stated in an ABC 10 article in 2017 in placer country, California.

The meaning of a Green Porch Light

The meaning of a Green Porch Light

On November 11th every year, people in the US honor the veterans of the nation on Veterans Day. Other than taking part in festivals, people also show their support and respect by turning on their green light of the porch on November 11th or for the rest of the month as well.

Additionally, people also turn on their green porch light in March for the celebration of St.Patrick’s Day.

Enlightened Landscape Lights also states that the green lights also might just represent the awareness of Lyme disease in the month of May.

Not to forget the Light up Green campaign is recognized worldwide and not just nationwide. Read green porch light deep meaning here.

The meaning of a Red Porch Light

The red porch light gets turned on a couple of times over the year you can turn it on in the month of October for Halloween and in February, not really for Valentine’s Day decor, but also the month of American Heart.

The American Heart Association requests the community to turn their porch light red on every February for the awareness of a healthy heart, you can either decorate your house with shades of red or change the color of your porch light, you have a few choices.

There is also a myth related to red lights on the porch and gun reform that we would like to tell you about.

WUSA9 in Washington, D.C. eliminates a rumor that if there was a red light turned on it implied that your house has no guns.

When an article was issued in 2018, the WUSA9 states that there was a meme was circulating online, mentioning how the red lights on the porch were alleged to portray gun reform. This meme was in the presence since 2016.

With some research, WUSA9 revealed that the meme is not true. So, if a home has its red light on the porch, it is not anything related to guns without a doubt.

Instead, the light must probably be on to support American Heart Month.

The meaning of a Purple Porch Light

Another shade of color that you have is to turn the porch light purple. This might be one of the most important indications and hidden messages that a porch light can give; it is for the awareness of domestic violence.

The trend was started back in 2007 by the Domestic Violence Task Force in Covington, Washington, states Enlightened Landscape Lights. The Domestic Violence Task Force wanted to inform people about domestic violence by launching a campaign known as Purple Light Nights.

The month, October is known as the Domestic Violence Awareness Month; thus, people usually switch the porch light to purple this month.

This Not only spread awareness about the tragedies of domestic violence, and it is also a reminder of those who lost their love ones due to this, in addition to that it honors the survivors.

Reasons for a Blinking Porch Light

Usually, when we see a porch light blinking, we believe that the light needs a replacement.

Even though that is the reason sometimes, a flashing light is also perceived as an emergency signal. Somebody can flash the light of their porch while trying to get a firefighter, police, or an ambulance to their house.

This can be a great help for emergency services to find the location faster. Usually, the emergency vans are driving fast, which makes it quite difficult to read the address.

If the porch light is flashing light, emergency services will know where the location is.

Additionally, on Halloween, a few people like to decorate the porch with flickering lights.

Or you can also use a light that looks a lot like a flame, like the one below to generate the effect of flickering.

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The porch light colors blue, red, green, and purple indicate a lot of significant matters. Like heart health to honor veterans, domestic violence awareness, etc.

If you see these colors in your neighborhood you would know what it represents.

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