How to Organize a Small Kitchen Without a Pantry

How to organize a small kitchen without a pantry? Many people have small kitchens and must contend with the minimum space that they have to work with inside their kitchen.

This small space requires some creativity and ingenuity on the part of the homeowner. There are many different ways to create a more open and less cramped space with some easy-to-implement ideas to try.

How to Organize a Small Kitchen Without a Pantry

15 Easy Organizational Tips For Small Kitchens Without A Pantry

1. Buy a roll-up drying rack

This will give you more counter space. You can use the drying rack to dry your dishes, and when you get done, you roll it up and put it away. You can also use it to wash fruits and vegetables.

2. You can even use the smallest of spaces

Narrow Home Organizer Rack 4 Tiers Slim Home - How to Organize a Small Kitchen Without a Pantry

Buy a super slim storage rack that can fit into tight and narrow spaces. They make thin racks, some with wheels that you can use to add storage space to your kitchen. These racks can hold a lot of items without taking up too much space.

3. Add extra cabinet space with pull-outs

Custom Designed pull out shelves and sliding shelves

You can buy and install pull-out shelves with your existing cabinet space. This will double your space. You can even make these yourself and get plans for them online.

4. Use the whole corner cabinet

Lazy Susan Cabinet - Rotating Tray Storage
Orono residence CliqStudios Cabinetry, ©Karen Melvin Photography

You can make good use of your corner cabinets by installing a lazy Susan that rotates. Use tall containers to hold cereal and dry goods. You can buy them at the dollars store. You can get quite a few containers standing up on the Lazy Susan.

5. Keep storage containers on the counter

Organize Your Kitchen Using Dollar Store

If you have the counter space, you can buy dollar store containers, and store your cereals and dry goods inside. They can be decorative to give character to your kitchen.

6. Use a kitchen cart

Rolling Kitchen Cart - How to Organize a Small Kitchen Without a Pantry

You can buy a kitchen cart with wheels. You can store a lot of items on the cart, and it can get moved around as needed. It can be kept in a corner when not required.

7. Use organizers in your drawers

kitchen Drawer Starter Kit

Finding and using organizers can give you more space in the drawers and will help you find things faster. You’ll have something right at hand, and they’ll be less time searching while you are cooking.

8. Use a wall-mounted magnetic strip

Magnetic Knife Stand Wall Mount

You can store your knives while taking up no space. This strip will leave more room in your drawers, and your knives will be right where they are needed.

9. Place a magnetic spice rack on your fridge

Store cooking spices on the refrigerator. Plate Magnetic

You can buy magnetic spice racks that get used on your fridge. This rack will give you extra storage space, and your spices will be right there when you need them.

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10. Make use of any available space on your walls

ceiling hanging rack for small kitchen

You can create extra space by adding shelves and racks to store things. You can find hanging frames to go over doors, and this will give you much added space. A ceiling hanging rack can hold cookware too. This rack will free up cabinet space for other things.

11. Borrow space from another room

You can set up shells anywhere there is space. Using fabric, you can create pretty curtains that will hide the items on your shelves.

12. Use baskets for deep cabinets

Kitchen Storage with baskets

Putting baskets in deep cabinets can maximize space. You can get baskets cheaply at the dollar store. You can store items in them, and they get pulled out as needed.

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13. Go in between the studs in the wall.

Making use of space between studs for a spice and condiment

You can open up a wall and create shallow shelves or cabinets between the studs in the wall. This extra space will give you instant storage where there was unused space before.

14. Transform a coat closet

white country-style coat rack - How to Organize a Small Kitchen Without a Pantry

You can get a coat rack and over-the-door shoe holders. Doing this will give you an instant pantry. Just add some shelves, and then you are all set.

15. Install pull out drawers or put shelves on the inside of doors

The Back Of A Closet Door For Storage

Installing doors that fold out will give you a lot of extra storage space. Building shelves on the back of doors is easy, and that too will provide you with more space. You also will have easy access to the stored items.


Having a small kitchen is hard, but there are many tricks to make it seem larger. Using these techniques will give you more storage space and more convenient access to your items. You can make a small kitchen look much more significant, and it will hold many more things.

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