14 Smart Ideas on How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

Arranging food, equipment, and tool in one place to look neat and tidy can be a challenging task to do. There are many things to keep yet minimum space available. Therefore, it is important to know how to organize kitchen cabinets so you can put everything in neatly.

The answer to getting a fresh and neat kitchen is simple. That is to say, you must know how to organize kitchen cabinets. Don’t just put everything in one place because this will just make it look full and crowded.

For those who have problems organizing their belongings, try to check some of these tips on how to organize kitchen cabinets. They are easy to apply, yet very useful too.

1. Keep Needed Items Only

Before organizing the kitchen, the first step you need to do is declutter unused items. Check all your items from the cabinets to the ones in the boxes.

Make sure to choose items that you often use and only need. Get rid of the things that are not useful and throw out expired ingredients or foods that aren’t needed anymore.

2. Arranging the Space

How to organize kitchen cabinet - arranging the space

One of the ways on how to organize kitchen cabinets is by arranging the space based on its type or category. Separate the areas for keeping foods, cooking, and plating. This way, you know where to do your activities and where to get the items.

3. Organizers Inside Cabinets

How to organize kitchen cabinets

Normally, there is no divider inside an upper cabinet. Therefore, to make the spot more useful, add extra racks and organizers. Therefore, you can put many things in but still make them look neat and tidy.

4. Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions

One of the kitchen cabinet storage solutions that come very handy is a shelf organizer. Just like racks, can put them inside a cabinet. Then, you can start putting your seasoning, jars, and other belongings in.

5. Lazy Suzan


If you want to take things out without messing things up, then make use of lazy Susan. Not only will it help get your seasonings easier but also maximize the space inside the cabinet.

These days, there are many kinds of lazy Susan available in the market of various sizes. More importantly, choose one model that precisely match to be coupled with your cabinet perfectly.

6. How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets Pots & Pans

How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets Pots & Pans

A brilliant way on how to organize kitchen cabinet pots and pans is by making sliding shelves. With this design, you can use every space inside and reach things easier.

7. Plate Racks for Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

Plate Racks for Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

One of the kitchen cabinet storage ideas that you can apply is using plate racks. Rather than putting them outside, why not put it inside.

The racks will help organize things based on their type and you can get more space too. However, to maximize the space, use different kinds of designs.

8. Hang Wine Glasses

Hang Wine Glasses - kitchen cabinet organizations

Whoever thought that the space underneath the cabinet could be a storage for your wine glass? Well, believe me, it is possible, because all you need to do is hang a rack under the bottom part. Then slide the object inside to keep them safe.

9. Create additional Cabinet Space

Create additional Cabinet Space

Try thinking outside the cabinet by creating an additional space using a portable rolling island. The great thing about this idea is it is easy to move around, so it won’t make the kitchen crowded or full.

10. Hang Your Spices on the Walls

Hang Your Spices on the Walls - Kitchen Cabinet organizations

If there isn’t enough space inside the cabinet, then use the walls beside it as a storage. Hang on a simple rack where you can put all your seasoning and spice. Putting them outside is also a great idea because it is easier to clean and reach.

11. Separate Containers for Foods

One of the ways on how to organize kitchen cabinets food is by separating them based on their type. If you have a large space, put in some containers inside to separate the foods. This will keep things organized and neat.

12. How to Organize Kitchen Cabinet with Can Holder

Can holder for kitchen cabinet organization

If you are a can food lover, then you should also buy the rack. This organizer is very helpful because it keeps many cans inside without taking too much space.

The great thing about this rack is it is safer to use as it will not fall or roll out easily. You can also adjust the width of the organizer, so it small and big cans will fit in.

13. Small Rectangle Boxes

Small Rectangle Boxes - How to organize kitchen cabinets

Keep your cabinet neat and tidy by using small boxes. Use this to separate your forks, spoons, and stools so you can clean and organize them easily.

14. Hanging Door Rack

Hanging Door Rack-kitchen-cabinets

If your cabinet is full, then maximize the space behind the door by using a hanging rack. Because you don’t have much space, you’ll need a thin organizer to keep things in. Use this spot to put your cookie sheets and thin equipment.

There are many more ways to organize kitchen cabinets, but the tips above are some of the best and easiest to apply. They provide many spaces and can keep your house neat and tidy.

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