20 Brilliant Fridge Organization Hacks You Need to Try

Have you ever felt stressed up seeing your refrigerator full and all messed up with snacks and foods? If so, then it is time to learn some fridge organization hacks that will make the inside look neat and clean.

Try these tricks out and see how they can make it look nice and tidy:

20 Brilliant Fridge Organization Hacks You Need to Try

Clever Ways to Organize Your Fridge

What happens if you organize your refrigerator just the way you like it? You get a beautiful fridge with no mess at all! And you’ll probably have more room for groceries, too.

1. Lazy Suzan

10 Awesome And Cheap Ways To Organize Your Fridge And Freezer. Genius fridge organization ideas that can be made DIY with items from the dollar store. These hacks and tips are perfect for small spaces. Storage solutions for every refrigerator. Find out how to organize your fridge today! #organisation #organization #fridge #kitchenideas
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Use a lazy Suzan to take things out without having to take everything out. Put the swinging circle inside the fridge and place small jars on top of it. Then, when you need one of the jams, swing to the one you want to take.

2. Bins for Small Fridge Organization

Source: simplyorganized.me

A Multi-purpose bin is effective and handy equipment when it comes to small fridge organization. By putting them inside, people can maximize the limited space inside but also make them look organized.

3. Binder Clips to Hold Bottles

Source: homehacks.com

Did you ever realize that binder clips could be useful to organize bottles inside a fridge? Just clip them on the sides of the racks and put them in a pyramid shape. We guarantee they will not roll down and will stay in place.

4. Magnet Bottle Holders

- 10 Awesome And Cheap Ways To Organize Your Fridge And Freezer. Genius fridge organization ideas that can be made DIY with items from the dollar store. These hacks and tips are perfect for small spaces. Storage solutions for every refrigerator. Find out how to organize your fridge today! #organisation #organization #fridge #kitchenideas

Another brilliant fridge organization hack is using magnet holders. Stick them onto the ceiling and hang your bottles on them. This way, you can utilize every little space inside and still make it look neat.

5. Turntable

Source: buzzfeed.com

Use a turntable to organize and get the sauces in the fridge with ease. Just arrange the bottles above the table and spin it to the item you need. This equipment will help get the required bottle without having to take it out.

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6. DIY Drink Dispenser

Source: wrappedinrust.com

Make a DIY drink dispenser to save some energy. Using a container or a bottle, you could modify the edge with a faucet to open and close it. Once you need a cold drink, turn the crane around.

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7. Magnet Tins

Source: tatertotsandjello.com

One of the IKEA fridge organization equipment that is useful is the magnet tins. Despite using them for decoration, stick it on to your small food containers. Then, you can hang the storages on the refrigerator door.

8. Labels and Refrigerator Organization Chart

Source: organizinghomelife.com

Keep the foods organized by sticking labels to the container and bins you have in your fridge. Also, make a refrigerator organization chart to identify the places. This way, when other people want to take things out, they know the location.

9. Slide Out Holder

Source: odditymall.com

Another IKEA fridge organization that is very helpful is the slide-out holder. This equipment will help organize the seasonings and clip them tightly, so they last longer. Just take it out when you require one of them and push in if you are finished.

10. Magazine Holders

Source: Reddit

Divide the area inside the freezer using a magazine holder. Choose a short size so it can fit inside. Then, based on their use or type, separate the foods and put them in their places. This way, your fridge can be more organized.

11. Bottle Holders

Source: Quirky

Bottle holders are necessary to hold onto glass bottles. This small equipment will prevent them from rolling away or falling out of the fridge.

12. Plastic Wrap

Source: the36thavenue.com

Put on a plastic wrap on each base of your fridge. It will prevent each rack from getting dirty directly from the food and drinks. To clean it up, take out the sheets and change it with a new one. It is practical and saves you plenty of time from cleaning.

13. Small Baskets

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Organize your foods and drinks using small baskets based on their type. When you need something, pull out the basket that contains the object. Despite the size, no one will mess up the other area.

14. Sealed Bags

Source: Pinterest

Put sauces or seasonings into small sealed bags before putting them in the fridge. They will not only make things more organized but also save more space. It can also prevent people from wasting them and reusing it later.

15. Food Safety Fridge Organization Containers

Source: Instagram

Prepare the foods that you will be eating or cooking soon in a food-safe container. It will help prevent extra mess, and it is safer than using plastic.

16. Editable Labels

Source: moneysavingmom.com

Use editable labels for plastics that are reusable. Therefore, you do not need to stick to new ones every time the food is changed. Just wash the writing off and write down the new one.

17. Can Organizer

ChasBete Portable Soda Can Organizer for Refrigerator Shelf, Beer Can Holder, Fridge Storage Sliding Rack, Clear Plastic 2 PackSource: amazon.com

One of the amazing fridge organizers is the can holder. By having this tool, the bottles will not be able to roll off and will make the fridge look neat.

18. Corner Shelf

Source: unclutterer.com

A corner shelf can help organize foods and plates that you put in the fridge. Put the high bottles or objects on the top rack, whereas the small ones in the middle and the bottom part.

19. Clip Hangers

Source: countryliving.com

Use a clip hanger as a fridge organization to hold onto your snacks. It will make the food stay as it is and crunchy throughout time.

20. Seasonal Cooking and Produce Storage Tips

Source: theintentionalminimalist.com


Try these fridge organization tips to make your refrigerator stay neat and tidy. From all the tricks above, plastic wrap is one of the most useful to prevent stains. By applying this, you will not need to worry about cleaning anymore.

20 Brilliant Fridge Organization Hacks You Need to Try

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