How to Remove Kitchen Cabinets (Complete Guide)

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen interior design? You can start the initial step by changing the position of the kitchen cabinets. Some kitchen cabinets are attached to the wall so it may be difficult to remove them.

If you follow these following steps on how to remove kitchen cabinets as instructed, you can take them easily without breaking the wall.

1. Preparing Materials and Tools

Before starting to do the first step, you need to prepare some materials and tools.

  • Current detector pen
  • Electric drill or driver
  • Head screwdriver
  • A helping hand

2. Empty All the Items in the Cabinets

how to remove kitchen cabinets

After preparing all the materials and tools, make sure you empty up all the items in the cabinets. Remove all the silverware, pots, plates, pans, and whatever items you keep in the cabinets. Those items are fragile and may break during the removing process.

Remove the kitchen tools and equipment and put them into a different room so they won’t get your way during the removal work. Don’t forget to cover them with the plastic sheets to prevent them from debris and dust attached.

3. Get Rid of the Countertop and Cabinet Lighting

Empty All the Items in the Cabinets - How to Remove a Kitchen Cabinet

Another step to do on how to remove kitchen cabinets is by getting rid of the countertop and cabinet lighting. Remove the countertop or the upper part of the cabinet, including the cabinet lighting. If you have the cabinet lighting, separate it before taking the removal process into action. Turn off the switch from the circuit panel box. Do the double-check on the switch by using a voltage detector pen to keep yourself safe.

When you find no power to the lighting, try to find and get rid of the screws inside the light by holding on it in place. You may detach the supply line as well as the copper ground wire and unscrew the wire nuts if you prefer taking off the lighting completely.

Later, look inside the base cabinets and find out the screws that connect the cabinets to the countertop. Unscrew each one to take off the countertop.

4. Separate a Cabinet from Others

Separate a Cabinet from Others

After removing all the kitchen tools, countertop, and cabinet lighting from the kitchen, you need to separate a cabinet from the others. Cabinets are attached and hung on the walls. First, separate the cabinets from each other by locating and unscrewing the screws on the inside wall. Use a driver or electric drill to loosen the screws and remove them on each cabinet side.

5. Remove the Cabinets from the Wall

Remove the Cabinets from the Wall - How to Remove a Kitchen Cabinet

The next step to do is to remove the cabinets from the wall. Once you detach a cabinet from others, you may take them off the wall. Find out the screws attaching the top of the cabinet and unscrew them from the wall by using a driver.

Later, unscrew the screws on the underside and the inside of the cabinets. If you find more than two screws in the bottom of the cabinet, loosen the screws on the sides first. Leave the screws in the middle and unscrew them for the last. Ask for a helping hand to help you to hold the cabinets to keep you safe.

6. Unscrew the Last Screws

Remove the Final Screw

The last step to do is to unscrew the last screws. Ask for a buddy to hold the cabinet when you want to get rid of the last screws from the bottom of the cabinet. Once you loosen the top and side screws and remove them, the cabinet may fall easily. Make sure your buddy holds the cabinet tightly so it may not fall and break apart.

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These are the following steps on how to remove kitchen cabinets. Read all the instructions carefully before doing it by yourself. If you are not sure, it is recommended to call a professional for removing the kitchen cabinet.

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