26 Easy Dremel Projects To Begin Right Now

Dremel projects are something you can do to make a beautifully handcrafted piece for yourself or as a gift.

Also, Dremel is a tool that functions to carve, sand, and etch small items. Besides, it comes with different tips which you can mix and match based on the materials, rocks, wood, and others.

So, if you are interested in making some handcrafted things with it, try some of these Dremel projects and have some fun.

26 Easy Dremel Projects To Begin Right Now

1. Wooden Leaf Sconces

Wooden Leaf Sconces-leaf-sconce-LEAD - dremel craft ideas
Tutorial: woodworkersjournal.com

One of the things you can do with a Dremel is Woodworking. Likewise, it is just the best thing about the project.

Further, the fancy leaf panel makes a great background to the lights. Meanwhile, the candle on a little shelf creates an outstanding ambiance for the night.

2. DIY Etched Glass

DIY Etched Glass - DIY-Embrossed-Handwritten-Dremel-Tumblers
Tutorial: monsterscircus.com

Thankfully, if you are skillful enough, try to begin etching glasses. Moreover, this Dremel project is a great way to show people that you are great with the tool.

Besides, it makes a cool custom-made gift with an artistic look. Then, simply start etching a name on the glass.

3. Custom Easter Egg

Custom Easter Egg - dremel craft ideas
Tutorial: zwoste.de

When the easter season is coming, you may get ready to prepare the decoration. Hence, with these Dremel project ideas, there is no need to buy the eggs from the stores.

Additionally, you can utilize the Dremel tool to carve an intricate pattern on the eggs. Then, let it be in its real color.

Otherwise, paint it with a new one. After that, display the patterned eggs to celebrate Easter.

4. Etched Wooden Spatula

Etched Wooden Spatula - dremel projects
Tutorial: designmom.com

By using a thin tip for the Dremel tool, you can make attractive wooden spoons for kitchen decoration.

Additionally, with some creativity, you can etch it around and make a perfect gift for friends and relatives. Therefore, this is one of the easiest Dremel projects for beginners and it only needs a few minutes.

5. Feather Wind Chime from Coffee Can

Feather Wind Chime from Coffee Can
Tutorial: home-dzine.co.za

Interestingly, the delicate aluminum feathers would not make any noise that could annoy the neighbors. Thus, it is a great Dremel project for Mother’s Day.

6. Carved Rocks

Carved Rocks - immortalized-in-stone - dremel craft ideas
Tutorial: www.lilblueboo.com

This is certainly a very simple project to start right now. Indeed, it could be great additional decorations, especially the potted plants. Moreover, turning them into a necklace could be a good idea too.

7. Wooden Coasters

Wooden Coasters - dremel projects
Tutorial: makinglemonadeblog.com

Looking for ideas for a wedding gift? Hence, make a simple and meaningful one with Dremel. So, check out this wooden coaster. Likewise, this piece is easy to make and everyone would love it.

8. Copper and Leather Bracelet

Copper and Leather Bracelet - dremel projects
Tutorial: thesawguy.com

This creation is a combination of copper and leather material. Also, it makes great accessories for the hand. Thereupon, make this craft using Dremel and surprise your friend with this wonderful gift.

9. Engraved Candles

Engraved Candles - dremel craft ideas
Tutorial: scutoutandkeep.net

This one is the most recommended Dremel project for everyone. Indeed, wax is the easiest material to deal with.

10. Spoon Pendant

Spoon Pendant - dremel projects
Tutorial: craftster.org

If you have several bits in your set of Dremel, it would be ready to make these creative pendants. Besides, the heart would be an easy shape to carve out.

Watch this video:

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11. Big Wooden Letters

Big Wooden Letters - carved-name
Tutorial: kasiasdreamhome.blogspot.com

With a Dremel, you can carve almost anything to make everything as desired. Try making a wooden name like this one, for example. Further, it is a fun decoration for the nursery room.

12. Rock Necklace

Rock Necklace - dremel craft ideas
Tutorial: jennyhoople.com

One of the coolest Dremel project ideas is carving rocks. Also, you can turn an ugly stone into a unique pendant.

13. Sea Glass Earrings

Sea Glass Earrings - dremel projects
Tutorial: marthastewart.com

Interestingly, this is another one of Dremel craft ideas for accessories. Hence, turn sea glass into stylish jewelry with the tiny drill bit you have.

Furthermore, these customized earrings would go well with anything you wear.

14. Carved Jack-O-Lantern

Dremel Project Ideas - Carved Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin
Tutorial: madincrafts.com

Get ready for Halloween with this Dremel project, for instance. So, instead of an ordinary carving of Jack-O-Lantern, you can make the entire neighborhood envious of your decoration.

15. Carved Nightstand

Carved Nightstand - dremel craft ideas
Tutorial: lucydesignsonline.com

If you have an old piece of furniture to get rid of, check it out once again. Then, bring new life to the piece by using the Dremel tool.

Initially, just carve its surfaces. After that, you will have a new element for your bedroom.

16. Wooden Constellation Box

Wooden Constellation Box - how-to-use-dremel-tools-carve-wood
Tutorial: makinglemonadeblog.com

This Dremel project would certainly make your tiny wooden box more interesting. Therefore, you can keep your small trinkets, coins, or jewelry in style.

17. Leather Bracelet

Leather Bracelet - dremel craft ideas
Tutorial: instructables.com

Apply some meaningful words on a strip of leather by carving it with the Dremel. Thus, it would make a nice and stylish bracelet.

18. Farmhouse Sign

wooden-farmhouse-sign - dremel projects
Tutorial: hertoolbelt.com

For instance, this farmhouse sign is one of the perfect Dremel crafts for entryway. The piece looks like a chalkboard but it is actually carved letters.

19. Cheese Boards

Cheese Boards - dremel craft ideas
Tutorial: home-dzine.co.za

Indeed, the cheese board can be a blank canvas for your sense of art. So, carve some parts of the board to make it more attractive.

20. Engraved Metal

Engraved Metal - dremel craft ideas
Tutorial: ehow.com

It is quite similar to the previous Dremel project. Likewise, this one is applied to a piece of metal, small or large. Then, make something out of your creativity.

21. Ruler Box

ruler-box - Dremel Projects
Tutorial: aspoonfulofsugardesigns.com

22. Wood Phone Charger

phone-charger - Dremel Projects
Tutorial: scarletwords.com

23. Ring Holders

ring-holder - Dremel Projects
Tutorial: thesawguy.com

24. State Sign

state-sign - Dremel Projects
Tutorial: spoonfulofimagination.com

25. CD Backsplash

CD-backsplash - Dremel Projects
Tutorial: home-dzine.co.za

26. Yard Dice

yard-dice - Dremel Projects
Tutorial: favdiycrafty.blogspot.com


If you are interested in Dremel projects, those ideas would be very helpful to make your own craft.

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