How Much Does Sherwin Williams Paint Cost? (Explained)

Sherwin Williams is one of the long-lasting top-rated paint options in the market. If you also want to renovate your house or any other property, you can choose the Sherwin Williams as a good option. It gives a long-lasting and friendly look.

Usually, it’s pretty hectic when we visit the market to purchase paint. We all know that there is a lot of saturation in the market that demands deep research to collect relevant information. It helps to compare different paint options according to requirements. In addition, many of us have a fixed budget, so we want to know about the cost of paint before choosing.

How Much Does Sherwin Williams Paint Cost (Explained)

So here we will share the cost of Sherwin Williams paint, including all its types. You can compare their paint prices and decide your appropriate option.

How Much Does Sherwin Williams Paint Cost?

sherwin williams paint cost

The average cost of Sherwin Williams paint is around $40 to $100 per gallon. Keep in mind that every paint type by Sherwin Williams is different. These paints also vary according to these types and their featured material. It’s essential to know which kind of Sherwin Williams you want to purchase for your home. Some are good for drywalls, and the other is for the wet walls to give the long-lasting paint look.

Here are the prices of different paint types by Sherwin Williams. Their prices are average, which helps you estimate your budget-friendly option.

  • Superpaint cost ranges between $65 to $70 per gallon
  • Duration cost ranges between $70 to $76 per gallon
  • Emerald cost is around $95 to $102 per gallon
  • Captivate cost ranges between $39 to $43 per gallon
  • Cashmere cost ranges between $61 to $65 per gallon
  • Harmony cost ranges between $60 to $65 per gallon

Again it is necessary to clarify that these are the standard prices. You may get some discount prices during the sale days or with coupons. It’s always a happy moment to get the Sherwin Williams paint at a special discount and enjoy new home looks.

Different Types of Sherwin Williams Paint

Purchasing paint for the first time or even after several times is tricky. It takes some time to select the budget-friendly color, and Sherwin Williams is the best option. It is a famous brand with many types to choose from and enjoy your dream house look.

So here are the famous types of Sherwin Williams paint that give you additional guidance to choose the relevant color for your home.

1. SuperPaint

price of sherwin williams paint

As we already share, the SuperPaint by Sherwin Williams costs $65 to $70 per gallon. Now, this price also varies according to the color selection. In addition, it also has two different kinds.

One kind of superpaint has latex bases that have sanitizing properties. The other type is acrylic-based paint that offers air purifying technology. Both these kinds are incredible so you can choose according to your choice. The superpaint is available with the satin, semi-glossy, and flat sheen.

Moreover, the superpaint offers fantastic results with an incredible look.

2. Duration

how much does sherwin williams paint cost

The Duration is also an excellent paint type by Sherwin Williams’. Its cost ranges between $70 to $75 per gallon.

This price varies according to your color selection. It has two in one primer and paint combination. So you can achieve both benefits of having a primer and protector with one coat. You don’t need to prime your walls before applying the paint. Now, if you are looking for an easy-to-use color without getting professional service help, then it’s a great option. The Duration by Sherwin Williams is also a budget-friendly option.

3. Emerald

sherwin williams paint price

Emerald is one of the famous paint lines by Sherwin Williams. You can get emerald paint ranging between $95 to $102 per gallon. As we already said that this price might vary according to color selections. However, it is one of the top lines of Sherwin Williams to get a luxurious look. It offers a high-end look at a hefty price. But it is also a price-worthy paint to enhance the beauty of walls.

The emerald has a latex option, urethane trim enamel, acrylic latex hybrid. All these options collectively have more than 200 color options. It takes some time to choose a suitable color from so many options. If you have a moderate or high-end budget, then you should select the emerald paint by Sherwin Williams. It will give an incredible look and enhance the quality of your walls.

4. Captivate

how much is a gallon of sherwin williams paint

Captivate is an excellent paint type by Sherwin Williams with a cost-effective price tag. If you have a tight budget, then captivate is a perfect option that ranges from $39 to $42 per gallon. Sherwin Williams developed it amazingly for ordinary personals to enhance the look of your house. It also has the two in one combination, like the Duration paint type. So it also saves the cost of primers. Moreover, it has more than 1700 colors, and every color is incredible.

If you choose the best but most affordable, cost-effective option, select to captivate type paint by Sherwin Williams.

5. Cashmere

sherwin williams paint cost

Cashmere is also a great cost-effective option with incredible results. The cost of cashmere ranges between $60 to $65 per gallon. Again cashmere by the Sherwin Williams paints has two combination qualities, including primer and paint. It will make your painting easy with a quick application method as you don’t need to apply the primer. It gives a smooth, silky look that dries quickly.

So if you also want to get the affordable Sherwin Williams paint with plenty of color options, choose cashmere for your house walls.

6. Harmony

how much does sherwin williams paint cost

Harmony is one of the famous Sherwin Williams paint types that are cost-effective and budget-friendly. The cost of Harmony ranges between $60 to $65 per gallon. If you want to improve your room’s air quality and atmosphere, choose Harmony. It has a specific composition that lowers the VOC levels. So if you’re going to enhance the room or home interior for changing your mind, then Harmony is a great option.

You can elevate your mood with budget-friendly but durable paint and shiny results.

Now you can compare all these paint types by Sherwin Williams according to their capacities, cost, and colors. Every paint type has excellent quality and gives incredible results. Sherwin Williams is famous for its long-lasting effects and for enhancing the wall’s appearance after drying.

A most popular type of Sherwin Williams paint

Many of you want to know about the most popular and best type of Sherwin Williams paint. Every painting by Sherwin Williams is the best and has an incredible look that you can choose according to your desired color and budget.

According to experts, many other users prefer choosing the Emerald paint by Sherwin Williams. It is one of the finest and high-quality paints that give it an incredible look. You can use it through your DIY ways and get a professional look.

As we already say, the emerald has two properties containing primer and paint. So it is an incredible combination that makes it easy to use. You can get the desired results with one coat. Usually, colors demand two or more coats to give good results. Therefore it is clear that an emerald is a perfect option that sets quickly on walls and provides the ideal paint look.

Moreover, it is also an eco-friendly paint with low VOC. Many users prefer choosing the Emerald paint by Sherwin Williams due to its tendency to improve the air condition and not harm the environment. In addition, it is highly durable and lasts long with good and bad environmental conditions like rain or extremes of the hot sun.

The capacity of Sherwin Williams paint per gallon to cover the walls

Sherwin Williams paint gives a great covering to walls that last longer than usual. According to surveys and reviews, it is clear that Sherwin Williams’s color lasts for 10 to 15 years. However, if you use the old can, its durability may vary. Before applying, you can take the professional assistant and follow the instructions for better results.

A gallon of Sherwin Williams paint can cover 225 to 400 square feet. But this capacity depends on the wall condition and the coats you are applying to a particular area. You can also check the estimated coverage at the side of Sherwin Williams paint cans. It helps you calculate the required amount of cans for your room or home renovation. You can also check the paint calculator at the Sherwin Williams website and determine your required gallons.

Final words

By summing up the guide, you have compelling information about the cost of Sherwin Williams paint. Every paint type has a specific cost range. Keep in mind that these average prices may have some ups and downs. You can also check the official Sherwin Williams website for sales, discount coupons, and special day discounts. It helps you get the best paint at less cost and change the look of your home.

We hope this guide helps you compare the prices of Sherwin Williams paints according to their capabilities compositional properties and choose the best option.

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