20 Beautiful Front Door Colors For A Gray House

Figuring out the right gray house front door colors is important, as it helps decorate your home in a creative, unique manner.

The truth is that when you learn what color door goes with the gray house, you will be very impressed with the wealth of colors to choose from, and the benefits can indeed be incredible every time.

That alone can make a huge difference, and the benefits are among some of the best all the time.

20 Beautiful Front Door Colors For A Gray HousePin

Brown Doors for A Gray House

Generally, gray is a great color since it’s neutral and can be used as a blank canvas. You can easily add colors to your foliage, shutters, trim, windows, and so on, and the approach itself can actually be more than impressive every time.

With that being said, it’s all a matter of adapting everything in a way that really works. The door colors for a gray house that you can see below are great, and you can easily experiment with any of them to see what works for you and what delivers the ultimate value.

1. Invitation Brown

Brown Doors for A Gray HousePin

We like brown and it does fit very well with a color like gray. The idea here is to always try out something new and experiment to see how it works.

And yes, brown does bring in an astonishing value and experience, with the quality being downright amazing all the time.

You just need to manage it appropriately. A darker shade of brown can actually make your home more appealing and inviting, and you can be really creative with the style and visuals if you want. It’s all a matter of knowing how to adapt that and making it your own.

2. Quaint Brown

Quaint Brown - Gray House front Door ColorsPin

What you will like about quaint brown is the fact that it looks amazing, it’s visually imposing, and it also fits gray houses really well.

It brings in the natural warmth that will help push the limits in a creative way while bringing in a better and more exciting perspective.

That’s why it makes sense to use quaint brown often, and the benefits can be really impressive.

3. Wooden Brown

Wooden Brown Door for Gray HousePin

Wooden hues are also very good, and the cool thing about them is that they bring in that sense of style and versatility, while also making it fun and appealing.

It’s definitely something different and creative, and it totally conveys the quality and benefits that you may need.

4. Gothic Brown

brown door color for gray house luxury suburban home with timber doorPin

There are also brown doors that bring in a very distinct, unique gothic aesthetic too.

The idea is to play around with colors and see what works and what you can adapt, and here you do have a multitude of creative options to focus on.

With that in mind, brown does work super nicely with these doors, and you can bring that unique gothic style to life, provided that you also have a home with that style as well.

5. Hardwood Front Door

Hardwood front door for gray housePin

There’s something about old-school brown coloring like this that makes it very special and interesting.

It blends extremely well with gray houses, and it still conveys that unique, amazing appearance you always wanted.

It’s all about pushing the limits and bringing in something creative and engaging.

It’s definitely worth giving it a try if you want something innovative and interesting.

6. Dark Cherry

Grey house exterior with black door and stone wallPin

Dark cherry brown is another clever idea here because it can make it a great focal point for your home, and it does offer some extraordinary results while pushing the limits in a very creative and enjoyable manner.

Use that to your own advantage and you will not have to worry about bringing that sense of warmth and style.

Blue Doors for A Gray House

7. Relaxing Teal Door

Modern house with grey exterior white trim and blue doorPin

A blue door is actually great if you have a gray house. Blue is one of those colors that make you relax, unwind and calm down.

So it makes sense to add some blue to the design, just to spruce things up.

Many enjoy the unique coloring and style, and in the end, you will be very happy with the flow and how it all comes together.

People love this because it’s visually appealing, and blue does allow you to make the home feel more vibrant.

Yellow Door for Gray House

charming yellow front door color for a gray housePin

Yellow is a color that immediately makes a huge impression. It’s a very good idea to check it out and give it a try because it can add a lot of variation and quality.

Yellow doors are definitely an acquired taste, not everyone will like them, just because they are too bright.

But it’s this brightness and difference that really makes them so cool and rewarding.

8. Yellow Pastel Coloring

Pastel Yellow Color - Gray House Front Door ColorsPin

Colors like a soft yellow hue can help quite a bit. You bring that sense of soothing in your home, not to mention this is cheerful and positive, and that alone is certainly something to take into consideration.

The color is great, and it does fit a home that brings a more positive, unique vibe into the mix.

Black Doors for A Gray House

9. Moody Black

Modern home with gray brick and black doorPin

Generally, you can go with black when you are wondering what color door goes with a gray house. Black is a dark accent color and it does allow you to make a statement.

On top of that, you can have door handles of another color to further improve the overall style.

Moody black is one of those colors that immediately catch the attention, and the results as a whole are always interesting and immersive.

10. Black Accent

Back Doors for A Gray HousePin

Sometimes you just want to go with less black than normal, just to prevent it from standing out too much.

This is why some doors only have black accents and they are not fully black. It adds to the character of that house, and in the end, it conveys much better results.

11. Traditional Black

Traditional Black Door for A Gray HousePin

If you want to go the old-school route, traditional black can be a very good idea. It’s appealing, it stands out more than you expect, and the quality is great.

You always want to push the limits and try out something new, and this approach is certainly a thing to keep in mind.

We think that pushing the limits and being creative does help and it will convey stellar results in the long run.

Purple Doors for Gray House

12. Regal Purple

Front door in purple plum color with nice landscapePin

What a lot of people love about purple is that it works with a vast range of colors. It does bring in a very distinctive approach and regal purple in particular is a nuance that you do not want to miss.

purple door for a gray housePin

It helps compliment the exterior of your home in a creative manner, and the benefits can indeed be among some of the best. That’s the right idea to focus on, and you will surely appreciate the unique system that it has in place.

Red Doors for A Gray House

13. Bright Red

bright red front door colors for gray housePin

Maybe you want something that really stands out a lot, and a bright red entrance door might be the ideal option to keep in mind.

You just have to adapt and adjust, and if you do it right, the benefits can indeed be really good all the time.

Bright red is one of those colors that immediately pop and stands out quite a lot. But it’s also really cool, creative, and exciting, exactly what you want in a situation like this.

14. Slight Red

Small cute grey New England style home with pink red doorPin

Not everyone needs bright, imposing red. Going with a less bright red hue can still get the job done, enhance that sense of immersion, and the benefits can be incredible.

You just want to ensure that you implement the right red nuance, and you will be very happy with the approach and benefits.

15. Cozy Red

Cozy Red Front Door for Gray HousePin

There’s also cozy red. This color is very cozy and visually appealing. But at the same time, it can also be bold enough to stand out.

So yes, this can be a very good variant for a lot of people, and it definitely delivers on its promise, while conveying a very creative and powerful style, something that certainly makes the process engaging and fun to begin with.

16. Ruby Modern Red

Entrance porch of a modern house with red front doorPin

If you want to find what color door goes with the gray house, you will notice that red is actually one of the better options to keep in mind.

The idea here is to focus on something great, bring in the best value and system, and the benefits can indeed be second to none.

Ruby red is a great color because it brings a spark of color even if you mostly have gray to work with. That adds to the visual appeal and quality, and it definitely delivers on its promise, which is exactly what you need to keep in mind here.

Gray Door for A Gray House

17. Enjoyable Gray Door

Black front door to a gray decorated housePin

Gray works great with itself, so having a gray door with a gray house is definitely an idea to keep in mind. There are different door styles to choose from, and you will find yourself impressed with the multitude of colors and variations.

It doesn’t have to be overly complex, but it definitely brings in something different and enjoyable. This is one of those colors that really shine and stand out, while also doing its job and completing the overall style.

18. Uniform Gray

gray door for gray house - Beautiful upscale grey housePin

The more uniform variant of gray is designed to blend in very well with the property. It’s all about making sure that you retain the amazing, traditional style while bringing a more unique perspective and approach into the mix.


When you are trying to figure out what color door goes with the gray house, there are lots of potential candidates. As you can see, all these colors are extraordinary and they get the job done very nicely.

We recommend giving them a try because these colors are creative, unique, and different, and you do have a lot of great things to consider. All you have to do is to check them out, and the benefits can indeed be some of the best out there!

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