How to Arrange Two Sofas in Living Room (Quick Guide)

Trying to plan your living room’s looks? If you are, then you probably have some questions. For starters, where do you position your couches?

Are you adding tables in your living room? And how’s the furniture going to look with wall and floor aesthetics?

Today, we’ll help you answer some of those questions. We’ll look at sofas – your living room’s largest components.

While most opt for a single sofa, you might want to add an extra one. You’ll need to plan how to position them together, both for looks and maximum comfort.

How to Arrange Two Sofas in Living Room

3 Great Ways to Arrange Two Sofas In Your Living Room

As to how, here are three ways to arrange two sofas in a living room:

  • Wide-angle
  • L-shape arrangement
  • Two opposite side couches

With that, there are some basics to consider when laying out two couches in a living room. They are:

  • Living Room Size and Shape. Set a goal, whether that be maximizing space, or filling out with furniture.
  • Furniture Choices. You may have to forego some furniture options in favor of your sofa. This may be due to space constraints, or mismatching designs!

As for sofa arrangements, we’ll get started with the first…

#1 – Wide Angle Arrangements

two couches in living room

This is an excellent idea for rooms that are irregular in shape. That is, if your living room isn’t squared by design, this is for you.

Wide-angle positioning works well for large living rooms and open concepts. You can even add other seating pieces into the mix too!

With wide-angle styles, adding a recliner or armchair is possible. And you may even fit in a third sofa!

How it Works

Here, couches are positioned far from another. They aren’t stuck next to each other, with a good amount of room in between.

But, beware of a problem.

If you pick this layout with a square-shaped floor plan, you’ll cut out some of your room’s corners, which will reduce the usable space available.

So here, you’ll use the design to keep sofas at the widest angles possible. Just ensure that you create enough proper space that’s organized

The final look shouldn’t be disjointed. With a wide-angle, you essentially “pepper” sofas around a living room for a beautiful pattern.

An Idea to Try

two sofas in living room

This’ll work well only if you have a large floor plan.

Position your two sofas apart from each other, creating a wide-open look. Add in-between an armchair or a small table.

Even a rug will fit. With a rug, you actually create the illusion of more space, as opposed to adding a table or armchair!

Make the angles of the sofas symmetrical. If there’s a window nearby, that’ll be an added bonus to the look!

#2 – L Shape Arrangement

how to arrange two sofas in living room

Want a unique idea on how to arrange two sofas in a small living room? This it!

Let’s say you don’t like symmetry. Even more so, let’s say your living room isn’t square-shaped, and you need a compatible layout.

To those ends, an L-Shape arrangement is sufficient. You can position your two couches for a sectional view, and you’ll never need a third couch!

Pros and Cons:

This arrangement has some interesting pros. For starters, you don’t have to position your couches in front of each other.

This makes an L shape layout perfect for casual living room use – such as media entertainment, movie watching, or group gaming.

In fact, you’ll find the experience of watching a movie much better, with everyone being able to view content without neck pains.

With that, do note that L Shape arrangements aren’t perfect for a conversational vibe.

That’ll make this arrangement unsuitable for guest rooms, or living rooms that are often used for professional reasons.

Also, an L-shape layout can give your room a cramped look. So keep that in mind when selecting this arrangement!

how to arrange two sofas in small living room

If you have a fireplace, you can add some grey sofas nearby in an L-shape.

If the fireplace is in the wall’s center, you can position your sofa to keep everyone comfortable and entertained simultaneously.

This lets you add a TV at an easy angle, allowing both fireplace use and easy media view!

how to arrange two sofas in small living room

Position your two sofas at the room’s corner to create lots of space.

You can do this if your living room has multiple sofas. Position them all throughout the walls of your living room, creating a horse shoe look.

This creates an open space in the center of the living room. You can then add a table and a TV to the open wall of your room!

#3 – Two Opposite Side Couches

two sofas in living room

This is the most standard of the previous layouts. You’ll place both couches to face one another.

Being standard, it does have a lot of pros. For starters, you create a large space that works with family and friends.

It also gives your room a symmetrical look. But position couches on opposite sides, and you create a mirror image.

Because of that, you get a layout that looks excellent in rectangular and square rooms. Though it can work in irregular-shaped rooms too.

To get the best out of this layout, you can either position couches close to one another (for a casual conversation), or very far apart.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to cover the space in between, either through a rug, or a coffee table!

What About Disadvantages?

living room with two couches

Opposite side layouts are the opposite of L-shape arrangements. So expect their pros and cons to flip.

For example, opposite-side couches make it difficult to enjoy media. Not all can sit down and enjoy a TV across the room without a neck ache.

So if you are planning on a living room for media use, this isn’t the option for you.

Excess open space is another con. If you’re living room is already spacious, you’ll want to cover the center with more couches.

There’s an exception though. Opposite side couches may work with open spaces if you have a fireplace. In that case, you can layer your furniture around that component.

Otherwise, an opposite-side layout is quite inviting. It works especially well in rooms with large windows, and no space for media!

Do Living Rooms Even Require Sofas?

Most do, but you can choose not to add one at all.

With that, it’s recommended that you add sitting furniture for guests. Otherwise, your living room won’t be that useful.

In fact, consider sofas the key component on why anyone would choose to sit in a living room.

But if you don’t want a sofa, you can swap it out for a chair, daybed, ottoman, or bench. You can go further with bean bag chairs.

There are also fashionable options you can try. For example, a few chairs may be enough in a small apartment or for a couple.

A bench may even do the trick! It’ll supply sitting space, won’t take up as much room as a sofa, and possibly look better!

Just keep in mind – what you pick to add should make your living room more functional.

If you pick the prior options, you might find yourself saving up more. You won’t have to fork out a lot of money for a new sofa!

Couches in Living Rooms – How Many Do You Need?

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As with anything else, how many couches your living room has is up to you.

Just note that room size is your only constraint. If your living room’s small, then just a single couch should be enough, maybe two if it’ll look good.

Sometimes though, getting a single sectional couch is better than getting two separate ones.

If you don’t want double couches, you can try one sofa plus a chair. It’ll provide sitting space without overcrowding the room.

But if your room’s large, you can go as far as three couches! You can add one to each wall and keep a single open side.

Whatever layout you choose though, before sure to shuffle sofas around and test before setting on a final look.

Can My Living Room Have Two Different Couches?

By different, we mean non-matching designed couches – in color, aesthetics, and possibly shape and comfort.

You can add two couches that don’t match. What you choose to put in your living room is up to you. It’s personal preference and taste reliant.

However, if you do want two mismatched couches, then prepare for a mismatched living room.

You’ll have to embrace the new look. With that, you should look for two couches that share a common element, and use that as a basis for living room design.

For example, this can be matching blankets and pillows. You can add those to your couches, bringing them closer to each other aesthetically.

Also, keep in mind that it’s just cheaper to buy matching sofas. Matching sofas come in sets, and usually from the same showroom or manufacturer.

So it’s easier to ask for a bulk discount, or negotiate better prices!


When creating a living room, you have a ton of options at your disposal.

Sofa choices are just the beginning. Take the time to plan your layout, and buy the sofas that match your vision!