Can You Buy Benjamin Moore Paint at Lowe’s? (+Guide)

Do you want to transform or renovate your room? It is the critical step that wants accurate decisions to give a perfect look. Choosing the right Paint is one of the essential steps as it provides a massive impression on the room’s interior. However, choosing the right shade from a reliable brand is critical when changing the Paint. Unfortunately, many of us only prefer to choose specific brands.

Benjamin Moore is one of the reliable paint brands. But the most common query regarding is that can you buy the Benjamin Moore paint at Lowe’s?

So you can not get Benjamin Moore to paint at Lowe’s or its competitors. You can only purchase it from their official stores and online site. Lowe’s is also a great place to find other brand paints like HTGV and many more.

But nothing can replace the quality and accuracy of the Benjamin Moore brand. So now if you also want to change the Paint of your place then don’t worry. We are here to hold your back and let you know all about the Benjamin Moore paints. Here we will provide you with a guide on where you can get the original Benjamin Moore to paint and use it for perfect results.

So let’s dive into details.

Can You Buy Benjamin Moore Paint at Lowe's

The Right Place to Get Benjamin Moore Paint

It is essential to know and find the original Benjamin Moore paint for effective and reliable results. So the best place to get it in its original form is through their storefronts. You can also visit their website and purchase Benjamin Moore from there without having any doubt about the quality.

Keep in mind that besides these two places, you can get Benjamin Moore from any other retailer. However, if you choose to shop online, it is convenient for you as it is shipped to your doorstep. So you can save the transportation cost as brand shipping cost is also low.

If you are a regular customer or fan of the Lowe’s, you may not find it appropriate to purchase the Benjamin Moore from some other places. But it is the only option to get the original Benjamin Moore from your home and make it appealing.

Benjamin Moore is one of the reliable brands for paints who strive and maintain their services. So they gain the trust of their customers and provide their best services. It helps them to sell their colors in enough numbers from their storefronts and online stores. However, someday in upcoming times, you may find it at the more giant retailers, but now it is only available at their storefronts and online.

Ordering items online help the customers to order their Benjamin paint with convenience and get the best option for their place. Getting the Benjamin Moore paint is convenient and accessible by ordering from their homes.

Paint Brands Available at Lowe’s

Lowe’s has limited options for interior and exterior paints. Most Lowe’s have the Valspar and HTGV Home. If we talk about Benjamin Moore, Lowes doesn’t have any further plans to put it in their stores. However, Lowe’s offers a great range of paints at the superstores.

Interior stains at Lowe’s is from the Minmax. Similarly, the exterior colors are from the famous Valspar, Cabot, and Thompsons. So many of us are great fans of Lowe’s, and Benjamin Moore paints at a time. You have to choose the best option from Lowe’s or make the direct order for Benjamin Moore from their website and storefronts.

Cost of Benjamin Moore Paint

You may think that Benjamin Moore is expensive than all other paint brands. In general, it is not expensive. It is one cost-effective choice that you can get and use for your place to give it a unique look. The higher quality Paint from Benjamin Moore is its regal line. It is not also so expensive, but you can say it is their budget-friendly range.

A can of Regal Paint from their luxury collection is around $50. It has a sufficient amount of Paint that can give the two coats to ceilings or walls. After performing the two coats with Benjamin Moore, you will get a realistic look once it gets scorched.

Is it necessary to use a primer before Benjamin Moore Paint?

Many of us have confused regarding primers before Benjamin Moore paint. So it is always great to use the primers before paints to get effective results. For example, if walls have stains, a primer is essential to cover them well and get a smooth texture.

Even though Benjamin Moore is excellent quality Paint, using the primer is essential for enhancing the final look. Benjamin Moore has their own primers range that gives adequate coverage to stains. Moreover, you will also feel the difference between the primed and unprimed surface.

Best Color of Benjamin Moore Paint

It is one of the famous brands in paints wide range. It has many trending colors that users love after applying in their places. In addition, they have all the fantastic colors that provide excellent results.

Some best colors of Benjamin Moore’s Paint include.

  • Dinner Party AF-300
  • Peach Parfait 2175-70
  • Pink Damask OC-72
  • Palladian Blue HC-144
  • GuildfordGreen HC-116
  • Rich Cream 2153-60
  • Lily Lavender 2071-60

The above list has excellent colors that provide a great look to your room or other living spaces. You can use it according to your requirement and add a unique touch to your place. Choose the correct option according to your interior and flooring colors. So you can go well with the whole look. Visit the storefront or online site of Benjamin Moore paints and get reliable paint colors in a wide variety.

Different Paint Grades at Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore has four grades that you need to understand before choosing the paint color. Here is a brief guide to understand these grades and make the proper selection.

1. Super Hide

It is the popular and cost-effective line of Benjamin Moore Paint. According to experts, it refers to builder-grade Paint. It means that you can get the quick touch-ups with the Super hide grade of Benjamin Moore. It gives the perfect touch to walls in a cost-effective option.

However, it requires several coats to get significant jobs. Mostly it has tinted color choices that are great for the builders to touch up the new buildings.

2. Super Spec

If you have a low budget, then it is the best option for you. Commonly both super hide and super spec uses in the relevance at commercial scale. On the other hand, if you have a low budget and are ready to compromise on quality, the super spec is for you.

It also comes in tinted shades like semi-gloss and eggshell. So you can use it by yourself and get quality coverage.

3. Ben

Now ben comes in middle-quality paint grade. It lies between the high-quality Regal line and super spec. It is the same as the waterborne colorants that also have some connection with a fantastic high-quality line of Benjamin Moore.

It provides better coverage than super spec and excellent resistance to the fades. However, it has the same quality as the Aura line of Benjamin Moore but comes in a cost-effective option.

4. Regal

Regal Paint is one of the popular grades of Benjamin Moore that provide effective results in almost every aspect. The regal line is not the trusted name of Benjamin Moore in the market. It keeps improving its formula and comes up with better quality work. It is known as the premium quality Paint in the market.

Regal grade or line paint from Benjamin Moore has high gloss, eggshell, flat and tinted colors. It is washable and becomes the better option for the trims and doors to cover the stains and give better resistance.

5. Aura

Now here is the superior quality from Benjamin Moore that replaces the place of Regal. The best thing about Aura is that it doesn’t require any primer and give long-lasting results. If we talk about its features, it doesn’t have any order and is considered an environmentally friendly Paint.

Customers of Aura from Benjamin Moore will get better quality Paint and superb results on walls or ceilings. In addition, by installing Aura on walls, you can save money on repetitive paints.


So, by summing up the above discussion, it is clear that you can not get Benjamin Moore to paint from Lowe’s. It is only available at their storefronts and online website. However, Benjamin Moore is a famous paint brand that provides fantastic and unique color shades to give any space an appealing look. You can visit their storefront and request the swatches. It helps to get the right shade after comparing it with the home interior.

Moreover, the customer support of Benjamin Moore is excellent. For example, suppose you like any color shade from another brand at Lowe’s store but want to get it in Benjamin Moore. Then go to their website and ask for support so they can find the most relevant shade.

So get Benjamin Moore Paint and its primer from their storefront or online website and enjoy the final look of your home with an accuracy of paints.

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