15 Creative DIY Furniture Projects Made of Wooden Crates

What can you do with wood crates? There is plenty of stuff you can make from this humble material! The wood crate is not a frivolous thing to have in your home. On the contrary, wood crate furniture projects are great and practical.

DIY wood crate furniture projects give you enough space to explore your creativity, repurpose unused stuff, and make them brand new.

There are so many inventive ways to re-envision wood crates into wonderful home furniture and decoration. Let’s see these magnificent ideas you can make by yourself at home.

DIY wooden crate furniture projects

Stunning & Creative DIY Wooden Crates Furniture Projects

1. Lavish Wood Crate

Lavish Wood Crate
Tutorial: Anything & Everything

You can recreate a repurposed wood crate into a piece with lavish farmhouse flair with a few touches. Disguise its cheap atmosphere using dark shade and lacquer.

2. Simple Colorful Bookcase

Simple Wood Crate Colorful Bookcase 
Tutorial: whatdoesshedoallday.com

Stack wood crates vertically, and you get an elegant bookcase! Moreover, the crates painted in colorful shades can create a joyful nuance to your children’s room! The idea of stacking the crates in vertical order makes the room more spacious.

3. Crate Bench

Crate Bench
Tutorial: Operation Home

The red shade is the best option to develop bolts at home. This cheery redwood steals attention and doesn’t require great construction skills.

4. Wood Crate Rolling Cart

Wood Crate Rolling Cart
Tutorial: Greco Design Company

You can turn an ordinary wood crate into a useful cart only by a functional upgrade. Directly install some tiny wheels and it is ready to move anywhere.

5. Toybox on Wheels

Toybox on Wheels
Tutorial: The DIY Dreamer

Not only useful to store your children’s collection, but this toybox also features a calming combination of white and sky blue shades. Besides, you can turn them into rolling boxes. Hence the children can bring their toys with them everywhere.

6. Storage Ottoman

Storage Ottoman
Tutorial: Mon Makes Things

The purpose of this DIY project is to turn a regular crate into a luxurious ottoman. To create this comfortable piece, install a pad and modify the crate into a bookrack.

7. DIY Cabinet with Sliding Crate Drawers

DIY Cabinet with Sliding Crate Drawers
Tutorial: Sweet Pea

Let these reclaimed wood crates unpainted to add a rustic charm to your house. The sliding crate drawers are a simple technology you can add to make this piece storage.

8. Wooden Crate Storage Locker

Wooden Crate Storage Locker
Tutorial: Little House of Four

The wonderful thing we can see from this DIY wood crate furniture project is that it resembles some minimalist apartment units. Turn out that you can keep small things inside, make your house tidier, and look fabulous.

9. Industrial Pipe and Wood Crate End Table

Industrial Pipe and Wood Crate End Table
Tutorial: Brepurposed

Wood crate and industrial pipe are matched to create a rustic and old nuance to your house. Add a dazzling sensation with golden accessories. They pop up and make this end table more stunning.

10. Crate Furniture Pet Bed

Crate Furniture Pet Bed
Tutorial: The Inspired Hive

Your pet deserves a relieving space, and you can create the affordable one with a white pad and a wood crate. They will love this concept and find a profound sleep.

11. Kids Crate Table Workstation

Kids Crate Table Workstation
Tutorial: Petticoat Junktion

The kids’ world does not only involve colorful wall decor or cute playmat. Crate and shabby chic theme also suit your toddler well. Enhance their creativity through these table workstations made up of stacks of the wood crate.

12. Bathroom Shelves Organizer

Bathroom Shelves Organizer
Tutorial: The Beauty Dojo

A laundry room or bathroom won’t look that stuffy if you put nice storage. Moreover, these shelf organizers are made up of wood and add a farmhouse flair to the places.

13. DIY Outdoor Bar

DIY Outdoor Bar
Tutorial: Torie Jayne

Provide a more inviting atmosphere with the outdoor bar made up of crates. This humble outdoor bar is a simple task to create, and the result is more than amazing. Attract more guests with colorful bottles and glasses, and you get a garden party.

14. Crate TV Stand

Crate TV Stand
Tutorial: Cashmere and Plaid

A TV stand from wood crates has double function both as the storage and as a decorative piece. Let this TV stand unpainted, and it will scream the rustic at its best.

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15. DIY Crate Storage Coffee Table and Tools

DIY Crate Storage Coffee Table and Tools
Tutorial: Her Tool Belt

Welcome guests with a pleasant surprise through a coffee table from wooden crates. This piece defines a friendly atmosphere many people need when enjoying their spare time.


Wood crate furniture project is an inexpensive thing to make a change at your house! So, which one is your most favorite piece?