19 Best Green Bedroom Ideas for a Fresh Upgrade

The plan of having green bedroom ideas is so fascinating! The color itself represents optimism and joy. It produces a cheerful atmosphere for everyone who stays there. The concepts below will keep us thrilling while redecorating the room. Let’s spruce it up!

1. Subtle Green Bedroom Ideas

 Subtle Green Bedroom Ideas

You do not have to splash all the green shade to the room. Add the green splash to the elements such as the bedcover and wall. Meanwhile, let the other things stay in white shade.

2. Pops of Green Wall

Pops of Green Wall Bedroom

You can experience a fresh sensation when looking at this subtle wall. It covers up the room perfectly while giving a pop of surprise in the middle of the white color. The wall delivers a green statement without being overpowering.

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3. Cutie Green Bedroom for Kids

Cutie Green Bedroom for Kids

It is such a lovely green bedroom to present in your kids’ bedroom. Add some eco-friendly toys and the clouds wall decal to create the heavenly atmosphere.

4. Modern Comfort Green Bedroom

Modern Comfort Green Bedroom

Even a small touch of green in the bedcover can make your room green and relaxing. The bedcover an ideal combination with the other neutral color presented in the bedroom, such as the white bed and minimalist metal storage in black color.

5. Bottle Green and Beige

Bottle Green and Beige Bedroom

People often avoid bottle green tone because of its dark dullness, but you should not do the same. Infuse beige into the said shade, and you will get a well-balanced toned bedroom.

6. Tropical Green Dream

Tropical Green Dream

The bed features the monstera comforter set, a brilliant start to present the tropical vibe into your room. Then, add an indoor plant, which functions both as the air freshener and as a natural decoration.

Moreover, in the end, you can provide a sage shade in the wall so that the green bedroom concept is not overpowering, and it brings you a warm vibe.

7. Light Green

Light Green Bedroom Paint Color

It is a bedroom with a terrace and the surrounding light green. No wonder you will wake up embracing all the positivity in the world.

8. Yellow and Green

Yellow and Green Bedroom Color Combinations

This green bedroom is dominated by the yellow shade but still features that green shade through the bedcover. What fresh lemonade!

9. Green Bedroom Walls

Green Bedroom Walls

You can create an airy and friendly nuance by choosing the light green for the walls. Then, give a touch of various colors to other parts, such as the comforter set.

Pick some wall decoration and install a large window. The combination of these things makes your room look more tranquil.

10. Mint Green Bedroom Ideas

Mint Green Bedroom Ideas

Everybody wants to wake up in this room because the minty color in the wall and sheet are visual energy that gets you ready to face the day.

The minty green is a modern and minimalist color. It also makes space look more spacious and bright. The shade is exquisite both for the main bedroom and for your kids’ room.

However, note that minty green walls are easy to get dirty. You can choose the waterproof paint materials and of good quality.

11. A Glance of Leafy Green

A Glance of Leafy Green Bedroom

Indoor plants are an excellent expression of luxury and maturity. As you can see in the picture, trees exist in the cabinet and near the bed. Meanwhile, the dominant color is deep green.

However, because the tree possesses an eccentric shape, it can strengthen the green vibes in the room.

12. Green and White

ubtle-Flowers-Green and White Bedroom

This is the way on how to present a green bedroom vibe without being too overrated. The white wall is subtle yet bright that you will feel more energetic when waking up in the morning.

13. Natural Green – Dandelion

Natural Green - Dandelion - Green Bedroom

If you crave the room whose things inside screams for nature, no need to put too many indoor plants. What you require is only an indoor plant and dandelion wallpaper as the center of attention.

14. Dark Emerald


Dark emerald is the best option when you want a warm and glam nuance in the room. Since black color is not that bright, it will allow the other things in the room to spruce up. The shade contrasts with the white comfort set.

15. Sage Green

Brown-Carpeting-age Green-Bedroom

Turn out the idea of ​​using the sage color creates an elegant and subtle look for your room! It is a great home decor for those who want to have an earthy nuance. The bohemian rug and wood flooring add up the calming atmosphere to the room.

16. Compact and Minimalist Green Bedroom

Compact and Minimalist Green Bedroom

The modern-minimalist concept is something you can present through the wood furniture and green shade in the wall. The line patterns in the flooring create a dynamic and modern vibe.

17. Ancient Theme

Ancient Theme Green Bedroom

The medieval bedroom looks more friendly but still subtle with the green wallpaper with a classic pattern. Install a white fire pit and green curtain at the top of the bed; you will wake up feeling like a king or queen.

18. An Elegant Combination of Green Bedroom Ideas

Elegant Combination of Green Bedroom Ideas

Brown and green are a suitable combination to show serenity and calm vibes in the room. The splash of green exists in the pillows, while the bedcover features the brown accent.

19. Green Shabby Chic

Green Shabby Chic - Palms

When thinking about vintage green bedroom ideas, green can also remain a wise option for a calming shabby chic room. We pick the sage green tropical leaves pattern to emphasize a unique shabby chic look to the room.

It also features a glimpse of baby pink shade in the bedcover and the pillow.

Green bedroom ideas are refreshments for your mind, and you will be happy to embrace this change!


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19 Best Green Bedroom Ideas for a Fresh Upgrade

19 Best Green Bedroom Ideas for a Fresh Upgrade