22 Amazing DIY Indoor Water Fountains for Your Home

Bringing natural vibes will surprisingly level up your house in an unexpected way. You will notice that it will make your house feel like a paradise. Adding an indoor water fountain is a simple way to give your house natural vibes. I like this idea because it offers so much more than it seems.    

An indoor water fountain will surely add a natural look to your house. Some DIY indoor water fountain ideas are available for you, and you can easily access them on the internet. I have listed some options you can consider before deciding the fountain style you want for your house. Here are some ideas and tutorials that make DIY projects for indoor water fountain fun.

Amazing DIY Indoor Water Fountains for Your Home

1. DIY New Amazing Waterfalls Water Fountain

The video shows you how to make an amazing waterfall water fountain that will be perfect for your house.

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2. DIY Indoor Water Fountain – Magical Floating Tap

It’s a simple indoor water fountain that will amaze every guest you have in your house. They will be impressed by the magical floating tap in this fountain.

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3. Wine Bottle Fountain

A wine bottle and some artificial plants perfectly combine to create this fountain. The look it offers is worth the try. It would be best if you put these DIY indoor water fountains as your next project.

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4. Table Top Fountain Using Fish Bowl

Do you know that you can create something great from a fish tank instead of using it to keep your fish? Yes, you can create a water fountain from a fish tank that you can easily find in the market.

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5. Terracotta Fountain

This terracotta fountain is the right project for you who like simplicity. The elegant look it offers will make you want to create another similar item.

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6. How To Make A Concrete Rain Fall Fountain Planter Pot

You should check this out if you want functional accessories for your room. You will get an indoor waterfall and a planter pot at the same time. Great idea!

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7. Awesome Beautiful Indoor Tabletop Best Easy Water Fountain

Making water fountains indoors is not always difficult. You can consider this awesome tabletop water fountain. Check the video for a detailed tutorial.

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8. DIY Tabletop Water Fountain Made From Waste Materials At Home

Look at this tabletop water fountain! I bet you would love it the first time you saw it. The combination of some plants, water, and light is just perfect.

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9. Homemade Water Fountain Ideas From Bamboo

Do you have bamboo around your house? If you do, you could consider this homemade bamboo fountain. The steps are easy, and the materials are also not that expensive.

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10. Beautiful Waterfall Fountain

Back to nature! This water fountain creates that impression as it looks real, but you can bring it inside your house. It’s a great idea.

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11. DIY Mini Stone Water Fountain In A Bowl

Having some small decorative rocks and a big stone-looked bowl will give you the idea of making this water fountain. It will beautifully attract your guests.

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12. Bonsai Tree Waterfall Fountain

Bonsai is a plant that can go into any atmosphere in your house, including adding it to your water fountain project. The bonsai will be the center of the fountain that will state your taste.

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13. 3 Tiered Water Fountain

3 Tiered cake is more attractive than a 1-tiered cake. You can take this inspiration to create the water fountain that you want.

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14. Water Fountain With Cement

Cement is a handy material as this can be formed into any shape. There is no doubt about durability and sturdiness. Check this out to give you some inspiration when you are about to start your project with cement.

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15. How to Make Tabletop Indoor Water Fountain

A tabletop water fountain is a great way to elevate your house. You will need professionals to complete this project. And you can do it anytime.

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16. Concrete Barrel Waterfall Fountain Planter

Concrete material is durable. It’s also can be turned into anything, including a water fountain. A concrete barrel will become an awesome design for you.

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17. Amazing Water Fountain With Plastic Bottle And Led

Recycle! It’s one of the choices that we have to save the planet. Plastic bottles are easy to get. The steps to make this water fountain are not complicated at all. Pay attention to the video, and you will get the fountain you want.

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18. Amazing Homemade Water Fountain Using Styrofoam

Since Styrofoam can’t be recycled, you can upcycle this item into an amazing water fountain. The final result of this project will surely give you joy and happiness.

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19. DIY Water Fountain Home Decoration

Decorating your house with a water fountain can be a refresher for you. Just try this DIY water fountain, and you will find that you have always been a creative person.

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20. Beautiful Table Top Fountain From Plastic Pipes

Arranging some plastic pipes to become a water fountain is a great idea. If you already have the pipes, you can start following the steps provided for you in the following.

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21. Clay Pot Water Feature

Some pots and some special plants are awesome when they are together. You can make a water fountain that will look unique and impressive.

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22. DIY Indoor Water Fountain ByHearthandvine

This project can be your inspiration. Hardhandvine has a high taste in creating such water fountains. It looks elegant and gorgeous to be put inside your house.

DIY Indoor Water Fountains
Tutorial: hearthandvine.com


Finally, you can choose one of the DIY indoor water fountain ideas if you want to complete a project. All of those ideas are great. You will find the steps easy, and you might regret not knowing about this from the beginning. A water fountain will always be a great way to enhance and show off your house to people.

diy indoor water fountains

diy indoor water fountains

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